10+ Long Distance Valentine’s Date Ideas are All Virtual (But Still Romantic!)

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Can’t celebrate with your valentine in person this year?

Don’t worry – a long distance Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be sad! In fact, with a bit of creativity, there are plenty of fun, virtual ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day together… even if you’re not physically together.

We’ve previously published a lengthy list of lockdown-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas here, but if you’re looking for activities that work virtually too, here are some adaptions and ideas to help you out.


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1. Plan a themed date night over Zoom

If you’re currently doing long distance, odds are you video chat each other frequently, so what are some ways to ensure your virtual Valentine’s Day date is romantic and special?

The answer: add a twist or theme!

Here are some ideas for a fun long distance Valentine’s Date over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime:

  • A “surprise me” dinner night where you both are in charge of ordering delivery for the other person and it’s a complete surprise
  • Recreating an iconic date of yours (down to the outfits) – order the same kind of food, do the same activities virtually, etc. and take a nice walk down memory lane
  • Having a wine/paint night where you both follow a painting tutorial on YouTube and mail each other the creations afterwards
  • Having a cook-off or bake-off where you choose the special recipe you’ll both be making, and video chatting while you compete and then eat
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2. Have a Netflix (romantic movie) watch party together

Simulate the experience of cuddling up to a good movie by watching one together online! You can use Netflix Party for example to watch something at the same time while video chatting, all the better if it’s something romantic (perfect for your virtual Valentine’s Day).

BONUS ROMANCE TIP: Ensure you’re both fully stocked with your favorite movie snacks for the ultimate at-home theatre experience.

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3. Do the “4 course meal challenge” virtually

The 4 course meal challenge is a fun date idea that has gone viral on TikTok lately. Here’s how it works: you and your SO play rock paper scissors 4 times for each of the following courses: drinks, appetizers, main course and dessert. Whoever wins rock paper scissors gets to choose that specific course.

To make this date idea long distance friendly, you could play your rounds of Rock Paper Scissors a few days before so you have time to collect the goodies that the winner has chosen, then enjoy them together on Valentine’s Day virtually.

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4. Make “I love you because” jars and then mail them to each other

Picture this: it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re video chatting, you’ve got a nice romantic playlist going, some candles lit, and you’re both scribbling away about reasons why you love the other. If you’re in a long distance relationship, odds are you already video chat quite often, so doing an activity together (although mostly in silence) might be a refreshing yet romantic change of pace.

During your date, have a bunch of strips of paper available on which you write down reasons you love your significant other, then put them in a jar and mail it off to them so they can read what you wrote whenever they need a pick-me-up.

All you need to make this happen is a mason jar each, some paper, and a pen!

5. Have a dorky Valentine themed Powerpoint presentation evening

If you love to laugh with your partner, here’s a super fun long distance Valentine’s Day idea: put together one presentation each about a topic in your relationship (complete with photos, transitions, and animations, of course!) then take turns delivering your presentation over Zoom or Skype. This will give you something unique to discuss, and break the routine of your regular video calls.

Here are some funny Valentine’s Day PPT ideas you can steal:

  • The top 5 dates we’ve ever had
  • The top 5 destinations we’ve ever visited
  • The weirdest things you’ve ever said to me
  • Reasons why your family loves me more than you
  • 5 moments I knew I truly was in love with you
  • The top 5 names for our future kids and why
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6. Enjoy a “sunrise” or “sunset” virtual date

Sure – time differences can suck, but even if only one of you drives out somewhere for a scenic sunset/sunrise, the other can play pretend with a virtual background, or just enjoy vicariously.

This would be a nice way to have a change of scenery and enjoy a quintessentially romantic thing together… all the better if you both share the same wine or drink.

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7. Have a corny romantic poem night and turn it into a drinking game

Want to be mushy but still have a good laugh? Well, why not pick out excruciatingly romantic love poems to read out loud to each other via Zoom, but create some rules for a drinking game beforehand? This allows you to indulge the lovey dovey pretenses of Valentine’s Day while still getting a chance to laugh and knock back some drinks.

Here are some ideas for turning your poetry night into a drinking game:

  • Take a drink every time they use a cliched word (e.g. rose, love, etc.)
  • Take a drink when the rhyme isn’t quite right
  • Take two drinks when the author uses a smilie or metaphor involving a flower
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8. Go out for a walk together, but your long distance valentine decides where you go

This one is perfect if you’re looking for a long distance Valentine’s date that involves going outside. While video chatting with your valentine, let them choose where you go (e.g. at every intersection, ask them left or right and show them what the options look like).

This creates a much more interactive experience and puts a twist on a regular video date!

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9. Plan out your next in-person date together in detail

This could be a really fun and romantic activity if you really get into it. Sit down and have a planning date about what exactly you’re going to do the next time you get to see each other in person. Make sure to write it down and get as specific as possible (down to outfits, activities, etc.)

This would be a great way to imagine you’re going on a date, plus it encourages you to dream a little and gives you a concrete action plan when you do finally get to see each other again.

10. Write out a couples’ bucket list together

Long distance isn’t forever, and creating a joint couples’ bucket list with your long distance valentine is a great way to remind yourselves of that.

So, sit down for a virtual date, but give it a purpose: use the time to plan out all the awesome things you’d love to do together in the next few years… promise it’ll get you two dreaming up how awesome life will be once you’re reunited again!

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We hope you enjoyed this list of Long Distance Valentine’s Day date ideas!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more ideas we should add. Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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