Thoughtful Gifts for Beer Lovers: The Best Beer Related Gifts (for Every Budget!)

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Beer’s a special drink that has established itself as the lynchpin for many of our weekends. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a cold beer, and if we’re being honest, even polishing off an opened beer from the night before can work magic.

It’s such a beloved beverage that there are, naturally, people who turn it into their lifestyle. If you’re shopping for one of these saints, then it’s not a bad idea to get beer related gifts. And, luckily, presents for beer drinkers aren’t exactly scarce.

Whether you’re looking for beer related gift ideas, sweating bullets scouring the Internet for gifts for beer snobs, or looking for gift ideas for craft beer lovers, there are loads of presents for beer lovers for you to choose from!

So, without further ado, here are the best gifts for beer drinkers!

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Best Beer Related Gifts Under $20

Maybe you’re shopping for someone who you go out with a lot and your main gift to them has been a few too many (unreciprocated) rounds, or maybe all those nights out have depleted your bank account. Whatever the case may be, we have you covered with cool gifts for beer lovers and affordable beer related gift ideas… all under twenty bucks.

Beer Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking for beer related presents that are perfect for outdoorsmen—then this is among the best gifts for beer drinkers for you to choose from. After all, a consummate beer lover will indulge regardless of their environment!

These great beer sleeping bags come with a soft nylon exterior and an interior lined with insulating fabric to keep the beer cold. It even has a clip for them to attach it to their bag or belt loop. Plus, it’s sure to get a laugh.

This is a great gift to ensure that, while they’re snug and warm in their bag, their one true companion out in the wilderness isn’t being neglected. Drinking beer’s never been cozier!

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IPA Beer Shampoo and Conditioner

This craft beer shampoo and craft beer conditioner are great gifts for craft beer lovers because it’ll allow them to finally bathe in beer without smelling like a brewery (or rub out the smell of last night’s brewery before heading to work).

Apparently, beer is great for hair, though that doesn’t mean that every night out should include dousing yourself in the stuff. The point is: it’s supposed to work wonders for your mane’s overall health.

No one wants to smell just like beer (in my experience, that doesn’t typically go well). So this is one of the best gift ideas for craft beer lovers  to help them enjoy every phase and facet of their beloved drink!

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Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

These state shaped wall mounted bottle openers are great gifts for beer drinkers who are partial to either the East or the West Coast. You can have them fashioned into the shape of California or New York.

These beautifully handmade pieces are cut from birch plywood and stained a warm chestnut brown—blending in seamlessly to virtually any home. It comes with cast iron hardware with a rustic patina.

These are good gifts for beer lovers because, as we all certainly know, after a few too many, even finding the bottle opener can turn into an endeavor. This is a great security blanket for when their beloved beverage starts working against them!

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Shower Beer Holder

Let me be clear: these are definitely not gifts for beer snobs because beer snobs aren’t cool enough to drink beer in the shower. And, honestly, anyone who’s started their day absolutely right with a beer in the shower won’t need convincing.

These great shower beer holders stick to any glossy tile or surface, and it’s definitely preferable to showering with one hand while the other one tries to keep your beer from slipping out of your grip. You can specify the color on checkout.

Beer related presents like this are great because you’re giving them something they’ll use. And, maybe when they’re reflecting on their enhanced shower thoughts that morning, they’ll think about you facilitating it and cut you in on their plans.

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Best Beer Related Gifts Under $50

Maybe none the presents for beer drinkers we’ve listed have cut it because you’re not just shopping for beer drinkers—you’re looking for gifts for beer enthusiasts! If that’s the case, we definitely feel your pain. But don’t worry—there’s still plenty for you to choose from! Here are cool gifts for beer lovers that’ll definitely make their day!

Beer Chilling Coasters

These are great and unique gifts for beer lovers they’ll certainly enjoy because this isn’t the kind of thing they’ll think to get for themselves. Beer drinkers aren’t typically this boujee, after all.

These great stone chilling coasters just need to be put in the fridge to get cold, and then they can be used to keep cans, glasses, or bottles of beer cold until they’re finished. It’s worth noting that warm flat beer tastes like pooled up sweat.

These coasters are perfect presents for beer lovers. It’s great for people who hate having coasters stick to their drinks, and it’s particularly great for slovenly beer drinkers (like most of us are) who are constantly reminded to use a coaster.

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Beer has spawned a baffling amount of game outgrowths. Whether we’re talking about beer pong, flip cup, or even quarters, drinking beer is constantly turned competitive. And some beer drinkers love this aspect of beer drinking.

That’s who this game of beeropoly is perfect for because it’s one of the few beer related gifts that not only pays homage to their love of the sport, but it gives them a new game entirely to play!

The game centers around a number of beer challenges that they have to endure. They roll dice and move their bottle cap pieces. Along the way, players are eliminated. These are some of the most unique gifts for beer lovers out there!

So give them the gift that keeps on giving: a great night, either spent home playing this game or spent bar hopping after pre-gaming with, well, this game. And, if you’re like me, just hope that they don’t try to convince you to play with them.

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Bike Beer Holder

These are great beer present ideas for two very different beer lovers. The first is a guy who cycles for exercise and enjoys stopping for a beer while out in nature. And the second is a guy who rides a bike everywhere and never wants to be ill-equipped.

Regardless who you’re shopping for—or why the latter’s primary mode of transport is a bike but they can drink beer—this great bike beer holder is one of the perfect gifts for beer enthusiasts. Besides, both enthusiasts deserve happiness, do they not?

These handmade holders are made from reclaimed tube material and upcycled tent fabric. It’s insulating, carries six bottles, and even has a handle to carry it. Why not give the bike rider some edge when zipping around? It’s no secret they need it!

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State Shaped Beer Cap Collection Holder

Everyone collects something—some of us collect cards and some of us collect vinyls and some of us collect books while most of us collect dust. And, as every collector knows, your collection’s display enshrines the collection itself.

That’s what makes these great state shaped beer cap collection holders such great gifts for beer drinkers who keep keepsakes from the special bottles. These are made from Baltic birch plywood and you can have any state shape made.

These are particularly good gifts for craft beer lovers because, as everyone knows (because they don’t shut up about it), they definitely believe in the sanctity of their IPA.

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Best Beer Related Gifts Under $100

If none of the beer present ideas we’ve listed have quite done it for you, or if you’re simply shopping for someone with expensive tastes, then we feel for you. But, more importantly, we also have plenty more ideas. So here are some good gifts for beer lovers that are a little expensive definitely worth it!

Mini Beer Pong

If you’re shopping for a nascent beer lover then this might be just what you’re looking for! It’s perfect for students or young people in general. And, for some people, the spectacle and theatre of something is what makes it worth doing.

This great mini beer pong set is crafted with wood and has a custom cup layout. A magnetic bottle cap in the center keeps the balls tethered in place. So, if you’re shopping for someone who’s always equipped to party—this is perfect!

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Lightweight Outdoor Keg

If you’re shopping for someone who spends a lot of time drinking and outdoors, then this is the perfect gift. And, it should also be noted, that the person this will be perfect for will most likely be at least a little high maintenance.

This lightweight outdoor keg holds 64 ounces and keeps the beer fresh and fizzy. It’s perfect for a multitude of situations, like for going to the beach (or for sneaking beer into a movie theater). It’s sure to come in handy at some point!

So give them the gift of a portable party. Whether they want to take it into the forest or to the beach, this is a gift that they’ll definitely appreciate. And maybe you’ll be invited to the brunt of them and it’ll earn you a few free cold ones!

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Lambeau Field Wooden Bottle Opener

If you’re shopping for the kind of person who still wears their Green Bay Packer Brett Favre jersey, or for someone who’s a fan of football in general, then this is the perfect gift for them!

These awesome bottle openers are truly one-of-a-kind and made from the wood of a former Lambeau Field wooden bench. For the uninitiated: Lambeau Field is the historic home of the Green Bay Packers.

It’s handmade, officially licensed by the NFL, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. These are great gifts that any Packers fan will like because, well, there’s something in the water there that leaves them parched for brew.

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Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Beer is, for whatever reason, the perfect complement to sports. There’s nothing that pairs with them quite the same. The same goes for fans of golf (though calling it a sport is possibly a stretch).

This awesome golf ball bottle opener is perfect for golf fans because they’re made with PGA TOUR-licensed golf balls that were dredged out of the notorious 17th Island Green water at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

While that doesn’t mean anything to me, even I have to admit that it sounds impressive! This is a gift that’s sure to make an appearance the next time they’re watching golf (and you or some other unlucky soul are fighting back sleep)!

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Best Beer Related Gifts Over $100

If you haven’t found the right gift, then they are truly lucky to have someone like you shopping for them. And maybe now would be a good time to let you know that, as beer lovers, they’re probably not picky and their taste is likely not exactly refined. But, if you insist, maybe you shouldn’t let them use it until they’ve shown some appreciation—because after a few drinks, it’s easy to forget.

NHL Game Puck Bottle Opener

Now—there is no fanbase quite as associated with beer as hockey fans. Maybe it’s the missing teeth or maybe it’s the violent nature of the game. Whatever the reason—this is a can’t-miss for any NHL fan!

This great NHL game puck bottle opener is fashioned from reclaimed pucks that were used in real NHL games. Each puck is officially licensed by the NHL and comes in a gift-box with an accompanying authenticity instruction card.

This is the kind of gift they’ll show off to all their friends—and, knowing how superstitious most sports fans can be—maybe it’s the kind of thing they’ll have to have when watching their team compete!

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Pressurized Craft Beer Growler

Any beer lover worth their weight in, well, beer, has probably entertained the idea of opening a bar. And, while that’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, this is the kind of gift that will at least help them feel a little closer to their dream!

This great pressurized craft beer growler is designed to keep their favorite beer cold and fizzy until the thing’s empty. It’s portable and durable—and it’s the perfect gift to get the real beer snobs out there (though they probably dream about opening a brewery and not a bar).

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special person, this is the gift you’re looking for. And maybe you can call them to join you when things are slow—at your house or an event—and bring it along. Beer works magic in those situations.

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Custom Keg Bar Stool and Ice Box

This is one of the best gifts you’ll find for someone who entertains a lot of guests but always has a frustratingly limited amount of seating. It’s also the perfect gift for someone working to complete their bar or man cave.

These custom keg bar stools come with a personalized seat and a compartment built in that you can fill with ice and drinks. So, if standing up to get a beer has become too strenuous (we feel your pain), then this is the antidote!

This unique and functional piece of furniture is sure to be a hit with whoever gets it—it’ll look as good indoors as it does outdoors. And the icebox in its base truly makes it worth every penny!

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Stadium Artifacts Beer Caddy

If you’re shopping for someone who finds themselves in the predicament of having more beers than hands (which is as relatable a problem as I’ve ever heard), then this stadium artifacts beer caddy is the perfect gift!

Whether they need to carry beers in bulk for guests, friends, or themselves (no judgment here), this is sure to come in handy! Because everyone can surely relate to having to take multiple grueling trips to haul beer to where you’re settled.

It’s particularly great for sports fans as you can have the handle made from a used baseball bat, hockey stick, or a seat from Lambeau Field. It’s then engraved with their favorite team name and includes a certificate of authentication.

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Hopefully our list helped you find the beer related gift you were looking for!

We’re confident that we’ve given you a diverse list of gifts to choose from. And if you didn’t find the perfect gift in our list, then hopefully we were able to at least point you in the right direction.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to help you find the perfect gift for your beer loving relative, friend, or partner. Though maybe beer itself would be perfect!

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