Thoughtful Gifts for Wine Lovers: Wine Related Gifts (for Every Budget!)

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For some people, wine is an identity, with countless wine connoisseurs out there who devote sizable portions of their lives to, er, detecting earthy undertones. And, while the jury’s still out on the validity of these claims, there’s often no better way to decompress than with a glass (or bottle) of wine!

If you’re shopping for one of these people, then it may seem like a daunting task to find the right gift. I mean, they can pour out perfectly good bottle wine on account of a phantom flavor. So who knows what they’re capable of if the gift isn’t perfect!

Whether you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for wine lovers, luxury gifts for wine lovers, the best wine related gifts, unique gifts for wine lovers, or—and we truly send our condolences—gifts for wine snobs, there’s plenty to choose from!

We understand it’s important to find the perfect gift for wine lovers (they often have inexplicable influence). So, without further ado, here are the best gifts for wine lovers!

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Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $20

If you’re shopping for a wine lover on a budget (aren’t we all these days?), we understand just how stressful that can be! Lucky for you, there are plenty of affordable presents for wine lovers that don’t have to break the bank! Whether you’re looking for gifts for wine connoisseurs or simply unique gifts for wine lovers, we have you covered with the cheapest options that don’t sacrifice any sentiment. Here are our favorite cheap gift ideas for wine lovers!

Electric Wine Opener

Accessories for wine lovers are great gifts for wine drinkers! And this is no exception. Because, truth be told, opening a bottle of wine is no easy feat. Especially after you’ve had a few glasses. It’s truly an uphill battle.

This great electric wine opener is stainless steel and rechargeable. It has an automatic corkscrew and comes with a stand and foil cutter. You can even choose to have a custom card included with these gadgets for wine lovers!

If you’re shopping for a wine lover who sometimes has a few too many glasses—as we all do—this will surely come in handy at some juncture. Accessories for wine lovers don’t get much better than this!

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Custom Wine Tumbler

Having a cup with your name on it comes in handy far past elementary school—especially when drinking wine. Because things can get, uh, disorganized. Every wine lover needs something special to drink their wine out of, and this is just that!

This great custom wine tumbler is one of the best gifts for wine lovers! You just have to select between a wide variety of styles, choose the cup color, and input the name, font, and font color to have this gift perfectly tailored.

These wine tumblers also make cool gifts for wine lovers who have a habit of getting glasses mixed up. Plus, they’re fairly inconspicuous and may or may not be perfect for enjoying wine when it may seem like an, um, inopportune time.

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Red Wine Stain Remover

The best wine related gifts are often unexpected and unusual! That’s what makes this one of the best accessories for wine lovers. Because, honestly, everyone has some dreaded red wine incident that likely haunts their dreams.

This red wine stain remover is one of the best gift ideas for wine lovers because it will definitely come in handy during such an emergency.  It’s made from biodegradable materials and is “safe on all colorfast washable fabrics”!

So, if you’re looking for wine enthusiast gifts for a wine enthusiast who sometimes gets, well, too enthusiastic about their wine, this is the perfect gift to get! These things happen to everyone and it’s important to be prepared!

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Orbit Oil and Vinegar Set

Great gifts for wine drinkers are sometimes just complements to a wine drinking experience. And, if the wine lover you’re shopping for is anything like pretty much every other wine lover, then they love their oil and vinegar.

That’s what makes this orbit oil and vinegar set such a great inexpensive gifts for wine lovers!  This ‘cruet’ (whatever that is) holds the oil and vinegar in two glass bubbles—one inside of another—so it’s like a Russian Doll of pretention.

There’s nothing better than enjoying bread and cheese and oil and vinegar with your wine—it’s practically a prerequisite for most—so why not get the perfect gift for those wine lovers who truly know how to luxuriate!

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Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $50

Maybe none of the presents for wine lovers we listed quite did it for you. It could be because they’re wine lovers and aren’t exactly the easiest to satisfy, or it could be because you’re a perfectionist in your own right. Whatever the reason—there are plenty of cool gifts for wine lovers, and even great gifts for wine snobs, that are only moderately more expensive and worth every extra penny. Here are our favorites!

Recycled Wine Bottle Platter

If you’re looking for gifts for wine connoisseurs, then look no further! True wine connoisseurs enjoy their wine with bread and cheese and plenty of other goodies—because drinking on an empty stomach is never fun.

This great recycled wine bottle platter is kiln formed and made from reclaimed wine bottles. They also come with cork-topped spreaders. They’re perfect for wine lovers who love to host and show off their impeccable taste.

So, for wine lovers who also like finer cuisine, this is the perfect gift to get! Plus, it may be your ticket to sampling whatever it is they’re always raving about. And, who knows, maybe some of it will eventually live up to the hype!

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Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder

Some wine lovers know how to enjoy their wine. It doesn’t always have to be out of a box or across the table from people who affect the same air as interrogators. It can be enjoyed alone in a bath or shower, morning, day or night.

These great bathtime essentials wine holders are great wine enthusiast gifts for the truest of wine enthusiasts. They’re made with ‘hand-picked beach stones’ and rods to prop the glass in place, and they suction effortlessly to the wall.

These great wine holders are the perfect gadgets for wine lovers, and they’re a testament to something that’s too often overlooked: relaxation is truly a talent, and it’s not something that just happens. Which some people need to learn!

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Outdoor Wine Table

If you’re shopping for people who enjoy sitting out and drinking wine, then these are the luxury gifts for wine lovers you’re looking for! Enjoying wine doesn’t have to be a stuffy affair—though that’s not what some wine loves would have you believe.

These great outdoor wine tables are collapsible and can hold two glasses, a bottle of wine, and have enough space for another dish. It’s portable and is also great for a picnic—it comes with a steak to stab it into the earth and keep in place.

So if you’re shopping for someone who truly knows how to enjoy their wine (and life) and spends a lot of time drinking it and soaking up the sunshine—whether it’s in their backyard or the park—this is the perfect gift!

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Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket

According to experts, some wine is supposed to be served chilled. And, if you’re shopping for someone who is partial to this kind of wine, then this is the perfect gift to get! Though, honestly, all wine tastes substantially better chilled.

This great tilted wine decanter with an ice pocket is the best way to “chill wine to perfection” and “aerate” it (whatever that means) while pouring it out. It has a built in pocket for ice that will chill the wine without diluting it.

This is a great gift for wine lovers and wine snobs. Even wine connoisseurs can’t scoff at this one. It’s a legitimate way to serve and enjoy wine. Plus, if you drink wine with them, this could be a great way to choke some of the stuff down!

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Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $100

If nothing we’ve listed has done it for you, don’t worry—it’s safe to assume you’re shopping for your life. And we’re here to help you maintain your sanity. Not everyone’s easy to please. And, luckily, there are plenty of gifts available that are a tad more expensive but proportionately awesome. Here are some of our favorites!

Wooden Wine Dispenser

Not every wine lover has to be a snob—some of them can enjoy boxed wine like it’s a Caprisun. And, honestly, God bless ‘em. This is the perfect gift for someone who cares more about presentation than substance. Though, on some level, don’t we all?

This great pinewood wine dispenser is hand crafted and vintage. It’s perfect for hipsters in particular. It comes with an ice pack to keep it cool, and a chalkboard label. Though, with boxed wine, a label is not always necessary.

This is a great gift for anyone who likes to host events and serve wine at said events. And, honestly, it’s a cool gift that any wine lover could appreciate. It comes with a bag of wine to sample—and, honestly, free wine should seal the deal.

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Crossbody Wine Bag

If you’re shopping for someone who’s always equipped with wine and ready to party—or if you’re simply shopping for someone who loves bringing and showing off their taste in wine to get-togethers—this is the gift to get.

This great cross body wine bag is made specifically to transport wine (either to parties, or into movie theaters if that’s your thing [it may or may not be mine]). It straps diagonally across the body and makes it easy to carry.

This is the perfect gift to get someone who’s always prepared. And it’s particularly good if you go to a lot of events with them because you never know when they’ll make use of it. It could turn a bummer into a veritable stunner!

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Wine Dispensing Sphere

If the previous boxed wine dispenser wasn’t quite the vibe—which, honestly, it definitely isn’t for everyone—this might be what you’re looking for! Some people have a little more class after all, though that’s a generous way of putting it.

This great wine-dispensing sphere is literally fitting a box into a square shape. You just have to insert the bag, and it’s sure to go ‘with any party décor.’ It also comes with a gel pack to keep things cool. Warm boxed wine isn’t exactly a dream.

This is a gift that’ll blend into cocktail parties, barbecues, or even brunches, seamlessly. And, let’s be honest, at some age, we all need to abandon the box—it’s up there with wearing a chain on your wallet past a certain age.

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Wine Lovers Gift Basket

Even wine lovers enjoy gift baskets. But, as you probably expected, they’re a little fancier than the traditional gift basket. And that’s OK—this could cover the bases for a wine lover you don’t know particularly well, or who’s otherwise hard to shop for.

This great wine lovers gift basket can be personalized—you just have to input what you want the sign say. It comes with wine glasses, coasters, a candle, a cutting board, and a bottle of non-alcoholic (yay) wine.

So if you’re shopping for someone who’s not easy to shop for and all you know about them is they enjoy wine (maybe they play things close to the vest or you need to listen a little better), then this is the perfect gift to get!

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Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Over $100

If nothing we’ve listed hasn’t been completely satisfactory, we can honestly say we’re not exactly surprised. Wine can cost exorbitant amounts, after all, and that kind of thing conditions people to have certain, uh, expectations. But don’t worry! There are plenty of options that, while expensive, are certain to have the impact you want. Here are some of our favorites.

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

If you’re shopping for someone who likes to picnic and enjoy their wine, then this is the perfect gift to get them! Because for certain people, the indignity of eating off of a laid out blanket can be unendurable.

This great personalized picnic table wine carrier is made of cherry wood. Each piece is sawed and sanded by hand and then engraved with their family name and a special date. It transforms from a table to a carrier and vise versa.

So if you’re shopping for someone who would appreciate a wine related transformer, then this is the gift to get. And, who knows—maybe you’ll join rarified air and be invited along on their next picnic!

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Custom Coordinate Paddle Wine Rack

Every wine lover needs a wine rack to display their favorite bottles. Because what’s the point of spending that much money if no one is going to see them—it’d be like buying a Ferrari just to keep it in the garage.

That’s what makes these custom coordinate paddle wine racks so great—they’re handmade from a hickory oar and hold three wine bottles. You even get to add special coordinates to be included!

This is a great gift for wine lovers who love showing off their stash. It’s beautifully made and will go with virtually any aesthetic, especially if you’re shopping for someone who loves boating.

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Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Again—every wine lover needs a wine rack. This is practically a law of physics. And, while a paddle may not be right for everybody, this is a great alternative because it’s a tad more land oriented.

This great wine rack is made from reclaimed horseshoes, and it’s perfect for those with a more refined taste. They can be even personalized, and they can hold up to six bottles of wine.

If you’re shopping for someone who loves horses, or even someone who has this kind of sensibility, then this is the gift to get! And maybe—just maybe—this will get them to share some of their enviable stash!

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Wine Barrel Bistro Table

Maybe you’re shopping for someone who never has enough space for everyone they invite over, or maybe you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t have the right place to enjoy a glass of wine. Regardless—this is the gift for you!

This great wine barrel bistro table is made from reclaimed oak and wine barrels. It’s made from 200 year old French oak, and it’s very durable. They promise. It’s the perfect piece to tie things together for some homes.

So if you’re shopping for someone who likes to host, or if you’re shopping for someone who needs a designated wine station, this is the perfect gift! Plus, who knows, maybe this will earn you some free glasses of wine!

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Hopefully our list helped you find the gift for wine lovers you were looking for!

We’re confident we’ve supplied you with a great and varied list of gifts to choose from, but if we didn’t, then hopefully we at least pointed you in the right direction. There’s loads out there, after all.

And don’t make this decision lightly—shopping for people with tastes like that can escalate if you don’t put the thought in you should. You’ve heard them talk about wine—imagine how they’ll talk about you.

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