Thoughtful Gifts for Golf Lovers: Golf Gifts (for Every Budget!)

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Golf is an interest that’s a bit like coffee or bourbon. Most people grow into it. It’s not as flashy as other sports, but it often signals a refined taste. So, accordingly, when looking for good gifts for golf lovers, it’s essential to keep your ideas interesting… (maybe even more interesting than their beloved sport).

While fun golf gifts may sound like a paradox—they exist! And it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for unique gifts for golf lovers, gifts for golfers who have everything, or simply cool golf gift ideas. We have you covered!

So without further ado, whether you’re looking for unique golf gifts or the best golf gifts for him or her, here are the best gifts for golf lovers available!

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Best Gifts for Golf Lovers Under $20

If you’re searching for presents for golf lovers on a budget, then welcome to the party. It’s practically at capacity. But, lucky for you, great gift ideas for golf lovers don’t have to cost exorbitant amounts! Even if you’re looking for gifts for golfers who have everything, that doesn’t have to mean you’ll be eating ramen for dinner for the next few months after buying the gift. So whether you’re looking for unusual golf gifts or fun golf gifts, here are the best and most affordable gifts for golf enthusiasts out!

Personalized Golf Tee Set

No game of golf can be properly started without a golf tee. It’s pretty much the truest inaugural piece of equipment they use. That’s what makes this such a good gift—it’ll ensure they start each round on the right foot!

This awesome personalized golf tee set comes with 100 tees, which seems good because they’re probably easier to lose than pens and guitar picks. Just select what color you want and what personalization you want imprinted on each tee.

This is a great unique golf present that any golf lover would love! Most sports practitioners are, whether they’d admit it or not, superstitious. So maybe these will yield the good luck they need to dominate the courses next time around. You’ll be indispensible then!

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Golf Ball Marker Gift Set

Every golf lover needs a quality golf ball marker. Which is, for the uninitiated, what golfers use to mark their ball’s spot so they can leave the course unobstructed. That’s what makes this a great gift for any golf enthusiast!

This awesome personalized golf ball marker gift set is perfect for anyone who takes the game seriously when they play. They’ll love to show it off. Sets come with a golf ball marker divot tool, a hat clip marker, and a beautiful gift box.

You just choose where the tool is supposed to be engraved and what you’d like engraved on it. You can select individual personalizations for different items. This will make things easier out there since golf sometimes feels like people playing fetch with themselves.

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Personalized Golf Bag Tag

If you’re shopping for a golfer who has everything, this could be the affordable gift to get them! This is the kind of thing every golfer should graduate to. Because why not make this kind of statement as soon as you enter with your bag?

This awesome personalized golf bag tag is the perfect addition to any golf bag. You can select what engraving style you want, and you can write what initials you’d like engraved. You can even select the color. Plus, these tags hold golf tees.

If you are still undecided, just know it comeswith three wooden golf tees. There’s no better gift than one the recipient will use—and that’s what makes this so perfect. For some folks, life’s kinda like going away to summer camp; they need to label everything.

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Personalized Golf Ball

This is a great gift that they may not want to use too often—mostly because once it’s gone, well, it’s gone. Regardless—this is the kind of gift every golf lover would love to receive because, well, who doesn’t like personalized stuff?

This awesome personalized golf ball allows you to specify what color of golf ball you want. And you can even specify what text you want to appear on it. If you have a graphic in mind, they just ask that you contact them.

This is a great gift for golf lovers that they probably wouldn’t expect. And, if they bring it with them when they’re out there working on swings, maybe you’ll be invited along. It’s (probably) not as boring as it looks.

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Best Gifts for Golf Lovers Under $50

If nothing we’ve listed so far has cut it—don’t worry! We’re just getting started and there are plenty great gifts for golf lovers and cool golf gift ideas to choose from. And, to be honest, golf is often played by a specific milieu of folks—so maybe spending a bit more on presents for golf lovers should be expected. But, regardless, there plenty of great gifts for golf enthusiasts that may cost a tad more but are worth every extra present! Here are our favorite unique golf gifts, and even some unusual golf gifts, available! We want to help you find the best golf gifts for him, her, or whomever you’re shopping for.

Desktop Golf

If you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t have as much time as they’d like to devote to golf, then this is perfect! This is particularly great if the person’s life you’re shopping for is, more or less, monopolized by work.

This great desktop golf game is perfectly sized to fit on any desk. It comes with all the tools they need to work on their put without really breaking a sweat. It’s a good way help them avoid getting too rusty. Though that’s probably inevitable with time off.

This is a great gift for those types of people who can’t seem to stop working. And, as probably everyone knows, it’s easy to burn out. This might be the desktop ornament they need to be reminded to save some time for themselves. It’s easy to forget to do.

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Tee Toss Game

This is a great gift that every golfer would love. And the best part about this gift is that non-golfers won’t be bored to tears by it. So it’s one of the few golf related gifts that virtually anyone could get a kick out of!

This great tee toss game is pretty simple. It’s made out of stainless steel and bamboo. It comes with a 5-foot telescoping pole that inserts into the backboard. They just have make the ball in the tea. It’s that easy.

This is a good gift for retired golfers because they’ll have plenty of time to kill with this kind of thing. But it’s also something anyone can pass the time with when they find themselves with those (rare) unoccupied moments during the day.

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Golfers BBQ Set

If you’re shopping for a golfer who loves grilling as much as they love golfing, this is the perfect gift. Especially if you wish someone would bring more snacks when you guys are out on the courses. Because, well, drinking on an empty stomach is rarely a good idea.

This awesome golfers BBQ set comes with stainless steel tools. The handles themselves are fashioned to look like golf grips. Which may be a good way of tricking a golf lover into, well, cooking a little more. It comes with tongs, a spatula, and a fork.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who either needs their grilling to reach the level of their golfing, or if you’re trying to send some (not so) subtle hints their way, it doesn’t matter. This is a great gift that will be a great talking point at any golf lovers BBQ!

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Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Most people probably enjoy golfing with either a few fingers of whiskey or a cocktail of some sort. Which makes sense because standing around in the baking sun sober sounds like it could qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

That’s the kind of person these great golf ball whiskey chillers are perfect for. All they have to do is fill the chillers in the freezer for four hours and they’ll be perfect for any refreshment they bring out on the courses.

This is a great gift for probably any golfer—but if they love whiskey, this is about twice as perfect. And, while this isn’t what you get gifts for of course, hopefully it’ll earn you some free drinks in the future! Either on or off the course.

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Best Gifts for Golf Lovers Under $100

If you’re still looking, then we have to admit: it’s admirable. It’s probably fair to assume you’re not settling for anything less than the absolute best gifts for golf lovers and most unique gifts for golf lovers. Or maybe you owe them money and this will help you dig out of that hole. Whatever the case may be, we’re determined to help you find great gifts for golf lovers. So, whether you’re looking for good gifts for golf lovers or even simply the best gift ideas for golf lovers, we’ve got you covered! Here are our favorites.

TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener

If you’re shopping for a golfer who loves watching golf on TV, and especially if they enjoy a few beers while doing so, this is the perfect gift to get them. Any avid golf viewer would absolutely love to have this gift.

This great TPC sawgrass golf ball bottle opener is one of the most unique gifts available. It’s made from actual PGA licensed balls that were retrieved from the water at TPC Sawgrass. So they’ve seen some real action.

This is a great piece of memorabilia that any golf lover would cherish and show off for years to come. The fact that the balls are reclaimed and repurposed makes it all the better. This isn’t a gift you want to miss out on!

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Personalized Handmade Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

It’s easy to forget that golf is a scored competition. But, honestly, figuring out how it’s scored is enough to remind you why you forgot that information in the first place. Regardless—this is a great gift to help the recipient keep track of their next match.

This great personalized golf scorecard holder is handmade from “a genuine, full grain, vintage tanned leather in Tobacco tan.” You can select what initials you want included. They fit most scorecards and yardage books (whatever those are).

These are the perfect gift to get someone who’s a stickler for the rules. It’s especially good if they’re convinced everyone is trying to cheat their way to a win. Though full discloser: this kind of thing might only, uh, exacerbate that trait in them.

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Iron Club Desk Clock

If you’re shopping for a golfer who either doesn’t need anymore golf gear, or simply enjoys watching the sport more than playing these days, this is perfect. Plus, seeing this kind of thing around constantly might reignite their passion to play the game.

This great iron club desk clock is made from reclaimed demo clubs from Ping, Titleist, Topflight, and Callaway. So, if you’re shopping for someone whose whole world revolves around golf, even off the course, this is a perfect gift to represent that.

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Golf Gift Set

This is the kind of gift that any golf lover would absolutely adore. It ostensibly checks all the boxes. It looks luxurious, unique, and is perfect to show off at home or the office. Plus, it helps kill the time between their next opportunity to make it out to the courses.

This great executive golf gift set comes, firstly, with a beautifully engraved rosewood box. You just have to input what you want engraved. It comes with a golf putter, two golf balls, and a ball return for them to practice with.

This is a great gift, and it’s sure to be a hit at whatever office they work at. Plus, most people can attest that there are always stretches of down time anywhere you work. Why not gift them something constructive (for them, anyway) to do during these periods?

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Best Gifts for Golf Lovers Over $100

So nothing has cut it so far? We understand you’re taking this gift purchase seriously. And we’re positive it’s going to pay dividends in the end. Plus, especially with golf gifts, there are plenty of gifts out there that cost a pretty penny. It is a country club sport, after all. But don’t worry—these are gifts worth each cent. Even if it feels like pulling teeth each time you input your card information, you’ll be happy you did when you see the recipient open these great presents for golf lovers! Here are some of our favorite gifts for golf lovers that even Tiger Woods would be happy getting.

TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Cufflinks

Plenty of people out there have to wear suits to work. And those golf lovers who love pushing the boundaries of the confines of their suit-and-tie attire are exactly who this kind of gift would be perfect for.

These TPC sawgrass golf ball cufflinks are awesome and are crafted from PGA-licensed golf balls reclaimed from the infamous 17th Island Green Water at TPC Sawgrass. They’re made with sterling silver.

This is a great gift that isn’t too tacky (like some of those ties or socks people insist on wearing). And, honestly, anyone would love the opportunity to express themselves a little bit when their suit starts feeling like a straitjacket. And this is perfect for those moments!

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Golf Game Dartboard

This is yet another anomaly in that it’s a gift that both golf lovers and us lowly civilians could appreciate. Plus, it’s particularly good if they’re trying to familiarize someone with the game. Golf has never been (and will probably never be) this fun!

This great golf game dartboard is made of cork, birch, and pine, and it comes with three darts. This game has its own set of rules that re-interpret and synthesize both golf and dart rules, making it a little more engaging than one would expect.

This is a great gift for any golf lover to have around the house because, honestly, it’s hard to sometimes find people to delve into your passion with. And this is at least some kind of middle ground for them to start coaxing in the uninitiated.

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Magnetic Campfire Flask Set

Now I can only speak on what I would personally feel when out with a bunch of people on a golf course. Especially if it’s hot. And especially if the conversation starts getting stale. And that feeling is thirst, if you catch my drift.

This great magnetic campfire flask set is the perfect accessory for the recipient to carry around drinks in. Because everything’s better with a bit of a buzz. It’s stainless steel and insulated to keep drinks chilled. And, best of all, it looks like a coffee thermos.

So if you’re shopping for someone who could benefit from some more lively golf outings, this is the perfect gift to get them. And, honestly, this is as useful on the course as it is in, say, a museum. Just make sure they stay away from the golf carts when they break it out.

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TPC Sawgrass Golf Divot Tool Set

If you’re shopping for someone who loves luxury equipment—especially if you’re shopping from someone who thinks that they could have gone pro back in the day if they had the opportunity—this is the perfect gift to get them!

This great TPC Sawgrass golf divot tool set is a great set they’ll surely use. Plus, they’re made out of reclaimed balls from the infamous “17th ‘Island’ green at TPC Sawgrass. Which adds to their, well, lore of the whole thing.

So, if you’re shopping for someone who is missing that final piece to really elevate their equipment to something more rarified, this is it. Because marking ball location is apparently important when playing fetch with yourself.

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Hopefully our list helped you find the gift for golf lovers you were looking for!

We’re confident we’ve provided you with a great and varied list of the best golf lovers gifts available. And, if we weren’t able to, hopefully we at least pointed you in the right direction. Not every shot can be a hole-in-one.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask! We want to help you find the perfect gift for that special golf lover. Plus, who knows what kind of business they discuss out on the courses—this might be your way to be cut in.

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