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We believe that there’s an art to gifting… and buying something is only a small part of the equation!

So, if you want to truly surprise and delight loved ones, we’re here to help with tons of unique and thoughtful gift ideas, along with special touches that will turn your gifts from good to ahh-mazing.

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Finding the Perfect Gift

If you’re brainstorming gift ideas from scratch, speed up the process with our 4 question system for finding the perfect gift in less than 30 minutes.

After you’ve determined roughly what kind of gift you should be looking for, you can browse our curated gift guides below for specific ideas (or check out our roundup of cheap but thoughtful gifts if you’re on a budget).

Browse Gift Ideas by Interest

One of our top tips for thoughtful gifting is ensuring the gift is relevant right now, specifically to an interest or obsession that they have at the moment.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean buying unicorn gifts just because they liked unicorns when they were 8. The key is to pick something that they are obsessed with now.

Here are our best gift guides related to specific interests:

Browse Gift Ideas by Recipient

Here are our gift guides sorted by recipient:

Browse Gift Ideas by Occasion

Here are our gift guides sorted by occasion/holiday:

Personalized Gift Ideas

An easy shortcut to thoughtful gifting is simply getting something personalized.

Here are some of our top gift guides for items you can personalize:

Making the Perfect Gift

Another way to ensure your gift is perfectly thoughtful? Make it yourself!

Here are some of our best DIY idea roundups for thoughtful and affordable gifts that you can make at home:

Wrapping Your Gifts

Here are some of our best articles full of fun and unique wrapping ideas:

Final Thoughtfulness Touches

This may be the most important (yet often overlooked) part of gifting! After you’ve gotten the gift and wrapped it up, the final finishing touch should always be a nice card or small note to tie everything together.

For that, we have a ton of different resources, along with copy and paste templates and puns for you to use.

Here are our top posts for helping you nail the perfect card/note:

Looking for more wordplay? Browse our Pun Archives for more!

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