Thoughtful Gifts for Dog Lovers: Dog Themed Gifts (for Every Budget!)

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Dog lovers are seemingly abundant, and it’s not hard to imagine why—dogs are pretty easy to love! And, it goes without saying, the people who appreciate them to that extreme degree usually render them inseparable from their lives.

Having and loving a dog is a lifestyle, just like having and loving anything else. That’s why dog themed gifts are the best presents for dog lovers. It’s a testament to a part of them that can feel both special and unrecognized.

So, whether you’re looking for the best gifts for dog lovers or just good gift ideas for dog lovers, there are plenty of great gift ideas for dog owners for you to choose from. If they’re anything like their pup, they’ll love it no matter what it is.

But, unfortunately, people aren’t like dogs, so it’s a good idea to ensure you get thoughtful dog inspired gifts because most folks need more than a belly rub for consolation. So, without further ado, here are our favorite presents for dog lovers!

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Best Dog Themed Gifts Under $20

If you’re looking for a great gift that’s also affordable, then you’ve come to the right place! There are plenty good gifts for dog lovers that sit squarely on the intersection of affordability and high quality. Here are our favorite unique gifts for dog owners that won’t break the bank!

New Dog Starter Kit

Good gifts for dog owners depend on the owner. Some owners are a bit more, er, evangelical in their devotion to canines, and some are a little more casual. If you’re shopping for the former, then chances are they’re always taking in strays.

If that’s the kind of dog owner you’re shopping for, then this new dog starter kit is the perfect gift! It comes with a collapsible bow, carbiner, tennis ball, and a spotted bow-tie. It’ll ensure they’re prepared for their next spontaneous adoption.

The best gifts for dog owners are gifts both them and their beloved pups can enjoy, and this is just that! Besides, most dog enthusiasts have what can only be called an addiction to adoption. So an addition is simply an inevitability.

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Leak Proof Dog Bowl Water Bottle

This is perfect if you’re shopping for someone who takes their dog on long walks. Though that doesn’t mean the more sedentary owners wouldn’t get any use from this gift either. That’s because it’s truly one of the most unique gifts for dog owners!

This great leak proof dog bowl water bottle is one of the best gifts for dog owners because of how original it is. A dish is attached to the squeeze bottle that collects water for dogs to drink, and its great locking valve cuts out leakage!

They can strap it to their backpack, belt, pants, or wrist. If you’re shopping for a dog lover who’s always on the move with their pup—or maybe a dog lover who can sometimes get too lazy to even refill their water dish—this is the perfect gift!

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Dog Breed Socks

Now if you’re shopping for dog themed gifts for a dog owner who’s partial to a particular breed (which is its own kind of brand loyalty), these dog breed socks are the perfect dog inspired gifts to get them.

You choose what breed of dog you want on the sock, so it’s probably best to be sure what breed of dog they’re partial to. The socks themselves feature ‘a detailed graphic’ and the ‘name of the breed.’

So, if you’re shopping for someone that would love a rendering of their pup to show off to the world (while showing off their legs), or if you’re just shopping for someone whose socks are holier than God him/her/itself, then this is the perfect gift for them!

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Slow Treater

By all accounts, giving a dog a bath is no easy feat. I have no personal experience with this, but I’ve seen people recount this ordeal with both a soldier’s detachment and vacant eyes while they pick through that traumatic endeavor.

That’s what makes these slow treaters great gifts for dog owners! It’s practically the gift of sanity and time, and it’s a welcome distraction for the poor pup that has to get hosed down. This treat holder is designed specifically to get dogs into the tub.

They just need to ‘spread their favorite reward’ in between the pegs, and it’ll afford them more than enough time to get the job done. Sometimes, great gifts for dog lovers are just meant to make loving their dog a little easier!

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Best Dog Themed Gifts Under $50

If you haven’t found anything that’s quite done it for you, then don’t worry! Whether you’re realizing that shopping on a budget isn’t going to cut it or you’re looking for something truly unique, there are plenty of dog gifts for humans available! And, while they may be a little more expensive, they’ll definitely be worth every extra penny. Here are our favorites!

Dog Puzzle

Not all dog lovers are adults. There are plenty of kids who unconditionally adore their pooches. So, if you’re shopping for a kid who’s formed a special bond with their dog, this is the best gift to get them!

This great dog puzzle is 500-pieces. You can choose between 12 different illustrated dogs, all of which are inspired by popular breeds. Then you just add the name of the child and their four-legged companion and wait for this great gift to arrive!

This puzzle is easily one of the best gifts for dog lovers. And, especially if the kids parents’ are trying to cultivate that kind of relationship between the two, this could be the gift that helps them quite literally piece it together!

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Personalized Dog Mug

Mugs are great gifts because practically everyone drinks coffee or tea in the morning. And there’s no better thing to wake up to than the reminder of one’s special relationship with their pup. So this is, essentially, a no brainer!

This personalized dog mug is one of the best gift ideas for dog lovers. There are a variety of options available to create the perfect custom portrait of them and their dog. It’s porcelain, dishwasher and microwave safe, and holds 10-ounces.

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for dog owners, then look no further. This is sure to be a gift they’ll cherish for years to come. Plus, maybe this is a mug that’ll end up getting them through grueling stressful working days.

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Dog Breed Cheese Boards

If you’re shopping for someone who loves cheese so much they need a designated board for it, then look no further. However, it’s important to note that a cheese board at the wrong time can feel like a water board for your nose.

These dog breed cheese boards are great gifts for dog lovers who also happen to enjoy the finer things in life. You can select from a wide variety of breeds to shape the board after. They’re crafted from layers of solid maple wood.

So if you’re looking for dog gifts for humans who are a little more hoity-toity than most, this is the perfect gift! And, who knows—maybe this will be your ticket to some free wine (because where there’s cheese, there’s wine, right?).

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Dog Bathing Glove

Giving a dog a bath is like trying to water board an alligator. Or at least that’s what the mess it generates would lead one to believe. So why not find a gift that’ll make this ordeal, and as a consequence, make their lives a little easier.

This great aquapaw dog bathing glove makes giving dogs baths less messy, and it frees up a hand. The water pressure can be controlled simply by opening or closing one’s hand. Best of all, it’s a gentle way to clean them that feels like petting!

These kinds of gifts are gifts that keep on giving because you’re not just gifting them a tool, you’re gifting them all the hours they would have spent trying to wrangle and clean their pup. Because, by all accounts, it does add up.

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Best Dog Themed Gifts Under $100

If nothing we’ve listed has done it for you, that just means they’re lucky you’re so thoughtful! But don’t worry—there are plenty more great gifts for you to choose from. And, while they may straddle the line of affordability, the impact they’ll make on the recipient will make it well worth it. Here are our favorites!

Dog Planter

If you’re shopping for someone who likes having plants in their home as much as they like their dogs, this is where those two worlds merge seamlessly! And, honestly, that’s an overlap I never expected to see.

These great coconut fiber dog planters are ‘crafted from sustainable coconut coir by artisans in the Philippines.’ The material itself is ideal for plants because it allows them to absorb as much water as they need, and not a single droplet more.

Plus, it can’t hurt to populate their home with some decoy dogs—it’s important to maintain dominance, after all. And that’s something you have to acquire any way you’re able to. Being top dog is ultimately a frame of mind.

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Dog Breed Clock

Are you shopping for someone who likes really modernistic home décor? The kind of décor that eschews functionality? Because you can’t even read the time on this thing. If you are, this is the perfect gift!

These great dog breed clocks come in a number of breeds. You just have to pick the one the recipient likes most. These clocks are cut from wood. Plus, it wags its tail every second, which is a good way to delude them into thinking time is on their side.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who has one of those tastes, or you’re just shopping with someone who loves dogs, this gift is great! Plus, with time displays on virtually every surface, no one reads clocks, so the clock face won’t be missed.

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Vintage Playing Card Leash Hooks

Maybe you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t have a system for their leashes—or maybe you’re shopping for someone who could use a little remodeling of said system. Whatever the case may be, this gift is perfect!

This great vintage playing card leash hook is stylish and made out of vintage cards from a 1930s spelling game. So it’s perfect for hipsters with dogs (which sounds like it should already be a Instagram page of some sort).

This is the kind of gift that’ll hopefully galvanize some motivation in them when it’s time to take the dog out for a walk and they’re not feeling it. Regardless of the reason, this gift is a tasteful addition to almost any household with pups!

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Repurposed Gucci Collar

If you’re shopping for someone who has expensive tastes, then this is a great way to ensure their pup carries themselves with the same snobbishness. And, let’s be honest, you’ll know if this gift is right or not as soon as you see it.

These great repurposed Gucci collars come in a variety of sizes, and you can even get them in a leash set. And they assure everyone that they’re made from reclaimed Gucci belts. This is the kind of collar that will reinvent that dog. 

So this gift is perfect for a particular kind of person. If you’re not sure if it’s right for them, then they’re probably not the person to get it for. And, in terms of our species’ collective priorities, it’s good to know we’re only reclaiming the good stuff.

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Best Dog Themed Gifts Over $100

If nothing cheaper will cut it, then maybe you should reconsider the kinds of people you associate with. But, honestly, shelling out some cash is easier than making new friends. So it’s understandable. Regardless, there are still plenty of options that are a little more luxurious, but also worth the price. Here are our favorites!

Personalized Dog Blueprints

Are you shopping for someone that loves their dog, and their dog’s breed in particular, so much that you could imagine them erecting a museum in their honor? If so, this gift is the perfect start to turn their home into an exhibition.

These great personalized dog blueprints are 1950s-inspired and designed to have an authentic and vintage look. It’s also made with 100% recycled paper label stock and BonanzaWood. Just select the breed and give them the name of the dog.

This is a great gift because it’ll maybe teach them a thing or two about the breed they’ve fallen in love with. And, maybe after reading the same information enough times, they’ll realize how annoying it is to get told the same dog-facts repeatedly!

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Custom Pet Portraits

Unlike a blueprint, portraits have heart. And, while the intent of a dog blueprint wasn’t to de-dogify and reduce them to their schematics, it definitely won’t carry the same sentimental weight as this great gift!

Any dog owner who says they wouldn’t hang a portrait of their dog up is lying. This is the kind of gift that dog owners probably won’t get themselves because, well, imagine getting yourself one of these. It’s understandable.

These great acrylic custom pet portraits are the perfect testament to the recipient’s dog, and it’s something they’ll cherish probably forever. You just have to send a photo of the dog to get the thing made.

So if you’re looking for a gift that’ll melt their heart and make it seem like you put their pet on the same pedestal they do, then this is the gift. Plus, after they hang it up, maybe it’ll be good conversation fodder for you and your friends!

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Custom Pet Pendant

People like portraits of their pets on all different surfaces. Whether it’s on paper, on canvas, on a mug, or on a cutting board, they unimpeachably believe there’s no surface that wouldn’t be better with their pet’s likeness. Which is, uh, debatable.

But, if you’re shopping for one of these folks, this great custom pet pendant is the perfect gift! It’s the perfect opportunity for them to show their dog off everywhere they go without deluding themselves to believe people want to see their pictures.

This pendant is made from sterling silver. You just need to send in a photograph of the pup and it’ll be embossed onto the necklace. And, let’s be honest, if you’re even considering this gift, it’s a long time coming. And that’s putting it gently.

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Two Bowl Dog Feeding Station

If you’re shopping for someone who has two dog bowls shoved into a corner and it’s hampering the overall vibe of their home, then this is the perfect gift. It also goes to show that dog accessories can be classy, too (Refer back to: Gucci collar).

This great two bowl dog feeding station comes in a variety of top colors and base colors. You can even choose to have nameplates included, and you can choose what type of handle you want it to include.

This is a great way to reinforce any dog’s delusions of grandeur (it’s always the rat-sized ones). And, of course, it’s important to remember: even pups deserve to dine with some dignity. Even if they dive in snout first when they do it!

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Hopefully our list helped you find the dog themed gift you were looking for!

We’re confident we’ve provided you with a great and varied list of dog gifts to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for an adult or a child, and whether you’re shopping for a snob or a regular person, we’ve covered it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We want to help you get that person the perfect gift that epitomizes their undying love for their pet. Though, admittedly, for some dog lovers, that gift is a straight jacket.

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