Thoughtful Gifts for Whiskey Lovers: Whiskey Gifts (for Every Budget!)

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Whiskey is definitely an acquired taste, and in our culture, it’s often perceived as a watermark of maturity. There’s definitely something refined about the people who appreciate it, and whiskey drinker gifts should be proportionately dignified!

If you’re shopping for someone who loves whiskey, there are luckily plenty of cool gifts for whiskey drinkers. Though maybe loving whiskey is symptomatic of a larger problem that should be addressed, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

Whether you’re looking for unique whiskey gifts, or simply great gift ideas for whiskey lovers, there are plenty of whiskey gifts for men and women for you to choose from!

So, without further ado, here are our favorite gifts for whiskey drinkers!

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Best Whiskey Gifts Under $20

Shopping for good gifts for whiskey lovers could prove to be a tad problematic—the stuff can be outrageously priced after all. And, just maybe, this experience will cause you to seek out a less high-maintenance milieu—like, for example, boxed wine connoisseurs—to spare your wallet. But—before you cut anyone off—it’s important to know some of the best gifts for whiskey lovers don’t have to break the bank! Here are some affordable and unique gifts for whiskey lovers.

Home State Ice Cube Molds

If you’re shopping for someone who loves their home state and takes their whiskey on the rocks, this is the perfect gift for you to get! Because these kinds of people tend to exalt their beloved state the more they start drinking.

These great home state ice cube molds are unique gifts for whiskey lovers. They come in a variety of states. Just fill them with water and within a few hours, they’ll have state stamped ice cubes they can be proud of! It’s at least cheaper than a tattoo.

If you’re looking for cool gifts for whiskey lovers who also love where they’re from, these are the unique whiskey gifts you’re looking for! Though, you should be aware this might encourage some of their more obnoxious diatribes.

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Whiskey Stones Set

Every whiskey lover needs their own special stone set. Though some people like ice cubes (maybe to water down their drink, which is understandable), it’s practically a prerequisite for even being considered a whiskey aficionado.

That makes these whiskey stones the best presents for whiskey lovers! They’re made out of soapstone, and whiskey stones stay cold longer and don’t dilute their drink. So, for true whiskey lovers, these are the best whiskey drinker gifts.

These are great gifts for whiskey lovers because they’ll definitely come in handy. Plus, it doesn’t require or waste water. This could also be your ticket to some free whiskey, which is as good gold the way it’s often priced!

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Bourbon Infused Coffee

Whiskey lovers subject themselves up to some rough mornings. It basically comes with the territory for anyone who would consider themselves a whiskey lover. That’s what makes these such cool gifts for whiskey lovers!

These bourbon infused coffee beans are 100% Arabica. They’re infused in small batches for the perfect hint of whiskey flavor. They’re perfect whiskey gifts for men and women who sometimes have a few too many.

Especially for whiskey lovers, the hair of the dog can be the only cure, and this is a great alternative for people who indulged on a work night and can’t show up to work a little loaded. Though we’ve all done it—these things happen sometimes.

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Fruit Infusing Ice Balls

If you’re shopping for a whiskey lover who also enjoys a cocktail—or maybe a whiskey lover who likes a touch of flavor to attenuate the burning sensation of drinking gasoline whiskey—this is the perfect gift.

These fruit infusing ice balls are great gift ideas for whiskey lovers because they might encourage them to loosen up a bit. They just have to open the mold and insert the fruit or herb of their choice, fill it with water, and wait for it to freeze.

This definitely won’t be for everyone—some people will look down on this kind of thing. But, if you’re shopping for someone who enjoys a cocktail, these are definitely cool gifts for whiskey drinkers that will be a huge hit.

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Best Whiskey Gifts Under $50

Maybe none of those gifts cut it—which is, in all honesty, not particularly surprising. I mean, you’re shopping for whiskey lovers, after all, and they’re known to be quite particular about what they love.

Don’t worry though —you don’t have to spend much more to get the perfect gift! There are plenty of great presents for whiskey drinkers that will only cost a little more and will be just that much more special! Here are our favorite gifts for whiskey drinkers that just a bit pricier than the ones above…

Oak Tumbler

The best gifts for whiskey drinkers are gifts that enhance their whiskey drinking experience. This can manifest in a number of different ways, but virtually every whiskey drinker enjoys drinking whiskey out of a good glass.

That’s what makes these oak whiskey tumblers good gifts for whiskey lovers! These oak tumblers have “a wide base to let aromas expand” and honey wax lining to “bring out flavor” (though, to most, this is like describing colors to someone born blind).

If they’ve deluded themselves into thinking they can detect these things, then these are some of the best gifts for whiskey lovers! Plus, if you speak that jargon, they might even treat you with a little less condescension for being in the know.

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Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

This is perfect for someone who loves whiskey so much it’s the first thing they want to taste after a meal. Whether they use it while waiting for their drink to arrive or while they’re on their way home to imbibe, this is sure to come in handy!

These great scotch-infused toothpicks feature a “barrel-aged, Islay single malt flavor.” They’re soaked in scotch and then kiln dried. They’re also made out of “sustainably forested wood.” Just bite into them to release their flavor.

These are great gifts for whiskey lovers who are impatient when it comes to their drinks, and there are plenty of them out there. But that’s honestly understandable—we’re only afforded so much time to enjoy these things!

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Whiskey Pen

If you’re shopping for someone who fancies themselves a wordsmith, then there’s a good chance they might enjoy whiskey. Though if they consider over-drinking a prerequisite for writing, they’re probably too young to know their stuff.

This whiskey pen is “handmade with resin” and it’s “tinted and textured with malted barley from a Tennessee distillery.” Each pen comes in a “handsome” maple wood gift box. This is perfect for anyone who has to write anything at all!

While the world is slowly but surely abandoning handwriting, there are some folks who refuse to depart with it. And that’s whom this is perfect for! Besides, pens are always going missing, and good pens are criminally underrated.

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Personal Minibar Travel Set

If you’re shopping for someone who needs to have a personal minibar, then chances are they don’t remember half the whiskey they drink. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a quality gift! And this is just what they need.

This great personal minibar travel set comes with five 50 milliliter bottles that they can fill with their favorite whiskey. It also comes with a beautiful vegan leather case. This would be perfect for airports (being drunk at an airport is paradise incarnate).

Maybe you’re shopping for someone who does a lot of traveling and is tired of getting ripped off by minibars in hotel rooms, or maybe you’re shopping for someone who’s always prepared. Regardless—this is the perfect gift for them!

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Best Whiskey Gifts Under $100

If nothing so far has quite cut it, then I hate to say it, but we called it. That’s the nature of this kind of creature: they’re not exactly easy to please. I mean, they pay top dollar for drinks that taste like gasoline and pretend they enjoy it. We’re not exactly dealing with the most reasonable folks here. But don’t worry—there are plenty of gifts that aren’t much more expensive and are sure to be a hit! Here are our favorites.

Personalized Bourbon Barrel Flight with Glasses

Some people can make a whole night out of whiskey. And I’m not talking about making a whole night out of whiskey. I mean, like, whiskey tasting and other whiskey associated activities. It’s kind of like grown-up beer pong.

But that’s what makes this personalized bourbon barrel flight with glasses such a great gift! It’s made from a reclaimed bourbon barrel and includes Glencairn glasses. Because, to no one’s surprise, these kinds of people care about presentation.

So if you’re shopping for a whiskey lover who also likes hosting parties and gatherings at their home, especially if they revolve around whiskey, then this is a gift that makes it seem like you take them as seriously as they take themselves.

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Wilderness Navigation Flask

If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys the outdoors as much as they enjoy whiskey but are never able to truly enjoy a drink while they’re ensconced in the natural world, this is the perfect gift to get them.

This great wilderness navigation flask will definitely accompany them on multitudes of hikes and camping trips. It’s made from military grade aluminum and holds 9 fluid ounces (which should be more than enough for one excursion).

It’s glass-lined to preserve flavor and comes with collapsible shot glasses, a bottle opener, a compass, and a flashlight, all in one. This is the perfect gift for outdoorsy people—just hope that they don’t get lost after having a few too many out there!

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Whiskey Making Kit

The best whiskey for a gift is whiskey that they can make themselves. Though it’s probably risky to teach whiskey lovers how to distill their own liquor. That’s presumably how problems start surfacing. But what do we know?

Regardless, this whiskey making kit comes with an oak wood cast, essential oils, aromas, propylene glycol, and caramel coloring. It’s like Breaking Bad for squares. It just takes two weeks for their perfect blend to be “aged to perfection”!

If you’re shopping for someone who would love to be this, er, resourceful, then this is the perfect gift! And, who knows? Maybe they’ll end up being good at it and you can reap the fruits of their labor! It’s the least they could do, after all.

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Personalized Barrel Aged Coffee Infuser

This is another instance of teaching them how to fish instead of giving them fish, as the old adage goes. Because most of us like doing things for ourselves—though convenience has definitely started superseding that trait in us!

This personalized barrel aged coffee infuser comes with a mini oak barrel and bourbon essence to spritz on them. They just have to let them age with that whiskey flavor, and then they can enjoy coffee they infused themselves.

So, if you’re shopping for someone who could use a shot of whiskey in the morning (especially after a few drinks the night before), this is the perfect alternative. Not all of us can drink in the morning, so we offer moral support to those who can.

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Best Whiskey Gifts Over $100

If you’re still searching for a gift, you’re likely corroborating our suspicions and have accepted these are the kind of people who have certain expectations for the gifts they get. Regardless—if you’re going to break the bank for a gift, you might as well make it worth it. And these are gifts definitely worth every penny that not even your more snobbish friends could look down on. Here are our favorites.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Every whiskey lover fantasizes about having their own distillery—it’s like how people who listen to music dream of being famous musicians. And this is a great gift that’ll play to their (and exploit) passion!

These great personalized whiskey barrels are made out of oak wood and carry two to five liters. They come with different essence packages to help get them started distilling their masterpiece. It also comes with instructions.

This is a great gift, though it should be noted that if you gift it to the wrong kind of whiskey lover it could either accelerate an emerging problem or result in a concoction that’s likely barely distinguishable from low-grade moonshine.

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Stone Drink Dispenser

If you’re shopping for a whiskey lover, chances are they’re not hurting for cash and have a bar of some sort already. And, if they do, this would be the perfect accessory and the perfect excuse to mete out a few fingers when impressing guests!

These great stone drink dispensers are made with cobbled granite and have a stainless steel tap. They just have to open their favorite bottle and insert it in this contraption. It has both an “organic sophistication” and a “functional design.”

This is perfect because, after a few drinks, even pouring another can be daunting. Plus, maybe you’ll have a lifetime supply of free drinks every time you go over. That’s not what you do it for, of course, but it doesn’t hurt.

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Whiskey Barrel Liquor Cabinet

If you’re shopping for someone who’s a whiskey lover, then they probably have a whole battery of bottles they like to rotate through. And every collection deserves the perfect encasement!

This great whiskey barrel liquor cabinet is just that—it’s handmade from an authentic oak whiskey barrel. Each piece is sanded, stained and finished with polyurethane by hand. Plus, it’s not too big and will fit perfectly in any home.

This is the kind of gift they won’t soon forget—especially when they’re reaching for another drink. And maybe that will spur some magnanimity on their part. Loads of people shop after throwing back a few, after all, and maybe they’ll shop for you!

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Barrel Head Stopper Display

We’ve said it before, but it warrants reiteration: people who love whiskey probably are also really into presentation. Which isn’t a bad thing—it just means going to their house feels like being in a museum.

That’s what makes this half barrel head stopper perfect—it’s a rustic and elegant display apparatus that’s befitting their (delusions of) royalty! They’re made from an authentic bourbon barrel and are the perfect display for whiskey of all kinds!

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Hopefully our list helped you find gift the for whiskey lovers you were looking for!

We’re confident we’ve given you a diverse list of gifts that cover all the bases. From whiskey stones to whiskey displays, there’s plenty for you to choose from. And if nothing else, hopefully we at least pointed you in the right direction!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! People who take whiskey seriously often take themselves just as seriously (as dictators). It’s best to not make this purchase lightly—they’re not known for being particularly judicious.

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