10+ Foolproof & Thoughtful Gifts for Movie Lovers (That They’ll LOVE!)

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For some people, movies aren’t just movies—they’re films. And, while these people have tendency to be a smidge insufferable when they start bloviating (but I guess I’m not one to talk if I use the word bloviating), they still deserve thoughtful gifts that cater to their obsession.

If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys films, then it might be difficult knowing where to begin. Finding great gifts for movie buffs can indeed be tricky business, but luckily, there are plenty of great gift ideas for movie lovers out there no matter your budget.

Whether you’re looking gadgets for movie lovers, unique gifts for movie lovers, cool gifts for movie lovers, cheap gifts for film lovers, movie themed gifts, or simply the best movie buff gift ideas, we have you covered!

So, without further ado, here are the best gifts for movie buffs you can buy online.

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Best Gifts for Movie Lovers Under $20

If you’re looking for affordable presents for movie buffs, then you’ve come to the right place! Great gifts for cinema lovers don’t have to cost as much as film production, after all.

And, considering the current climate, everyone seems to be shopping on a budget. But, luckily, there are both cool gifts for movie lovers and unique gifts for movie lovers that are affordable. Here are our favorite cheap gifts for movie watchers.

Custom Film Posters

The perfect present for movie lovers are often movie themed gifts. And, if you know what their favorite movie is, then this might be perfect. After all, the best gifts for movie fans should commemorate the movies that shaped them into who they are.

That’s what makes these custom film posters some of the best gifts for film lovers. You just select the size and send them the film you’d like a poster of. The poster has a simplistic design of basic film information and an illustrative graphic.

These are some of the top gifts for movie lovers, especially if they haven’t hung up any posters of their favorite movie in their home. These posters look as great in their home theater as they do in their bedroom—so you can’t miss with this one.

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Ticket Stub Diary

As bizarre as it might sound, not all movie lovers love going to the cinema. But this is the perfect gift for someone who loves both. You won’t find many better gifts for cinema lovers that are also great presents for film lovers. Though it is, admittedly, splitting hairs.

This ticket stub diary is among the best gift ideas for movie lovers, especially those who need to return to a classic movie viewing experience. Made of 100% recycled paper label stock, this is a great way for them to document their movie viewing experiences.

These are great presents for movie buffs to get them back into going to theaters because, honestly, theaters have become more and more obsolete as of late. These are good gifts for movie lovers that will also help them preserve their beloved medium!

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Cinephile Game

These are the best gifts for movie buffs  because, honestly, it’s one of the few times all of that film knowledge they have accumulated will be of any use. Plus, the best gifts for movie fans should be a little indulgent—and that’s just what this is.

This cinephile game is one of the best gifts for movie watchers. It has different levels, so they can adjust it for when they play with movie civilians and movie geeks. The idea is to match actors who have appeared in movies together.

These are the best gifts for film lovers because they allow them to flex on their friends and show off how much they know. That’s what the best gifts for movie lovers should do: empower them. You’ll probably be surprised at how knowledgeable they actually are.

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100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

These are great movie buff gift ideas that they’ll likely flaunt like a wartime decoration for their film service, as it were. Plus, there aren’t very many gifts that truly show off their dedication to the medium, rendering these great gifts for film lovers.

These great 100 movies scratch off posters are the perfect gifts for movie buffs, especially those who make it a competition (don’t all buffs?). Plus, it’s a great way to get them to revisit the classics—that’s not always the most fun part of art appreciation.

These good gifts for movie lovers just require them to scratch off a square and watch the movie beneath. And, honestly, the best gifts for movie lovers should enhance their movie viewing experience. And a game’s the perfect enhancement for almost anything.

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Best Gifts for Movie Lovers Under $50

If you’re still searching for the perfect present for movie lovers, then it’s clear to us that you won’t settle for anything but the top gifts for movie lovers. And, while some of these gifts for film lovers will cost a bit more, they’re also sure to have that much more of an impact! Whether you’re looking for books or the perfect gadgets for movie lovers, we have you covered! Here are the best gifts for film lovers that also happen to be some of our favorites.

Eat What You Watch Cookbook

This is a great gift that merges food and film—and, honestly, there’s probably no union more blissful. Plus, it gives them an excuse to indulge in a way that can sometimes be frowned upon. Which is an invaluable gift in, and of, itself.

These great eat what you watch cookbooks are the perfect movie lover gifts. They feature 40 different dishes that are seen in 40 different iconic films. So they can watch the classics and have an excuse to loosen their belt, so to speak.

It comes complete with recipes and pictures, and there’s probably not a better gift to get someone who enjoys viewing movies in their home. And, hopefully, you’ll be invited over a few times to enjoy a classic film accompanied by a sumptuous spread!

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Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game

This is a rarity in that those who have a true passion for film and those who just have a passing enjoyment of movies can participate to equally fun results. You don’t have to subject yourself to hours of black-and-white footage (which sounds like water torture to some) to participate.

This great awkward family photos movie caption game is pretty much derived from the classic game Apples to Apples. And everyone has a friend who couldn’t wait to bust that game out. The difference is you’re matching awkward photos to classic movie lines.

This is the perfect gift that you can actually enjoy with them (and not just pretend to,like when they show you Casablanca for the nth time). Plus, it’s sure to get a lot of laughs and is perfect for big groups to play.

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Smartphone Magnifier

This is the kind of gift you want to get a cinephile who also happens to travel a lot. Whether it’s on a plane, in a car, on a train, or even on a bus, this gift is sure to be appreciated because it’s the perfect gadget to help them indulge while on the go.

This great smartphone magnifier is the perfect gift for someone who takes trips of virtually every variety! This contraption doubles the display of the inserted smartphone, and it has a vintage TV look.

So if you’re looking for a gift for a true vagabond cinephile, then this probably the gift to get. Because movies aren’t like books or music—they’re a lot harder to enjoy on the go. And maybe this will garner you an invitation on their next adventure!

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Retro Tin Popcorn and Seasoning Set

Movies and popcorn are easily one of the most iconic duos—they even rival peanut butter and jelly. And anyone who’s had popcorn at a theater and made some at home knows that it’s just not the same. That’s what makes this the perfect gift.

This great retro tin popcorn and seasoning set is the perfect way to recreate that special (heart clogging) theater popcorn flavor. It comes with kernels, a buttery popping oil, movie theater popcorn seasoning, and sweet caramel popcorn seasoning.

While this may dissuade them from ever visiting a theater again (because if you can make the popcorn, what’s the point?), it’s also a great gift for people who love viewing films in the comfort of their home and are just missing the perfect snack to complement them.

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Best Gifts for Movie Lovers Under $100

If you’re still shopping for someone, then we truly admire your determination to find them the perfect gift. And, if you’re not searching out of the kindness of your heart (and more out of duress), then we can safely assume you’re shopping for one of those people who have a legit home theater. And, while it’s not easy finding the perfect gift for movie buffs—there are plenty of options out there that, while a little more expensive, are sure to be appreciated by even the most condescending film snob.

Vintage My Cinema Lightbox

This is the perfect gift for someone who truly wants their home to feel like a theater. But, truth be told, this is also just a cool decoration to put up in their home, and a great accessory for when they have their movie nights.

This vintage cinema lightbox looks like a classic marquee, and it comes with a combination of 140 letters, numbers, and characters. It’s perfect if they’re always trying to advertise something to their home and its visitors. 

It’s battery-operated and has two slotted-lines to slide the letters et al into. It’s perfect for any movie lover—even if they’re not the kind who calls them films. Because theaters are their own aesthetic, and it’s truly a shame that they’re on their way out.

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Praxinoscope Animation Spinner

This is an awesome gift that would look perfect in any home theater or living room—and it’s sure to be a piece they rave about to every guest who visits. Plus, it’s not painfully esoteric like other film gifts, which makes it easier for civilians to appreciate.

This praxinoscope animation spinner is a truly remarkable contraption. You select between a kaleidoscopic image or a vintage film reel. They just have to insert the strip and spin the reel, and they’ll be recreating some true, vintage cinematic magic.

This is another gift that virtually anyone could appreciate. All it takes to truly understand the beauty of this gift is a functioning set of eyeballs. And, for those who grew up in the age of smart phones, this could also be considered an education.

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Family Theater Lounge Sign

If you’re shopping for a person with a family, or a family in general, who likes to watch movies together, especially if they have a designated movie viewing area, then this is the perfect gift to get! No room is complete without that identifying touch.

This family theater lounge sign is great and comes in a number of sizes. You just have to enter the last name you’d like included on the sign. It’s handmade and printed a canvas with dried pine stretcher bars, and it’s sure to fit perfectly in almost any home.

If you’re not sure what to get someone—especially if every item they bring into their home is scrutinized by their significant other, or otherwise requires extensive consultations with their partner—then this is the perfect gift to get.

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ANSCO Shur Shot Camera Speakers

This is a great modern gift with a vintage feel—and it’s particularly great if you’re shopping for someone who has an Amazon echo. It’s perfect for both music and film lovers, and it’s great for those hipsters who love all things vintage.

This great ANSCO shur shot camera is a recreation of the classic camera, though this camera plays music. So go figure—some people only want their cameras to play music. This is the world we live in, and I honestly shouldn’t be surprised.

If you’re shopping for someone who using speakers and loves things that are of a simpler time, then this is the perfect gift the get. Though, arguably, the Echo’s the harbinger of something far more complex than this gift evokes. But that’s just my paranoia talking.

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Photo via LightAndTimeArt on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Best Gifts for Movie Lovers Over $100

If you’re still shopping for someone, then you’re really going above and beyond—and we commend you for that. It’s either that, or there’s the possibility that this particular film lover has some embarrassing or incriminating film of you you’d rather them not unleash on the world. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of luxury film gifts available. And, while they definitely cost a pretty penny, they’re definitely worth every dollar spent. Here are some of our favorites!

Film Reel Table

This is the perfect gift to get someone for their living room—especially if they’re putting together a home theater. And, honestly, it’s also simply a great housewarming gift for film lovers who found their picture perfect home.

This great film reel table is truly one-of-a-kind, and it’s the kind of gift that a film lover will definitely cherish. It’s made from “an original aluminum 35 mm film reel” from the 1930s with a base made with “salvaged gear parts.”

Now, while this isn’t the kind of gift everyone would want in their home, there’s definitely a type of person who would appreciate it! Plus, if this is the gift that really knocks it out of the park, maybe you’ll be invited over to watch movies more often!

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Personalized Illuminated Movie Marquee

This is a great gift to get any film loving couple who is absolutely convinced that they should have their name on every marquee they pass. And, honestly, you’ll know immediately if they’re the kind of person who would love this.

This great personalized illuminated movie marquee allows you to add their names as “co-stars” in what is—to them at least—a relationship that’s fit for the big screen. You can choose between full color, film noir inspired black and white, or classic sepia.

This is the kind of gift that every film loving couple would probably enjoy having. Though it’s worth warning that this is the kind of gift that—if given to that couple who’s right for it in all the wrong ways—may go straight to their collective ego.

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Vintage Popcorn and Candy Storage Cabinet

This is a gift that every film lover would appreciate—and, honestly, anyone who likes treats would probably love having it around. It’s particularly good for those who try to recreate that cinematic experience.

This great vintage popcorn and candy storage cabinet is designed to host a number of tooth decaying and heart-stopping treats. It’s also made out of a reclaimed Keystone 8mm projector carrying case, which makes it even cooler.

These repurposed cases are 60 to 80 years old, so it’s also a historic relic that’s a testament to their favorite medium. Plus, if you get this gift for them, maybe it’s your ticket to a lifetime supply of free snacks.

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Photo via LightAndTimeArt on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Movie Poster Theater Marquee Sign

This is a great gift for anyone who loves films—and it’s particularly great for one of those film fanatics who loves hosting movie nights. And, all around, it’s a cool piece to hang up even for the most passive movie enjoyer.

This great movie poster theater marquee sign comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It’s made to hang on the wall and has an open back. You can choose between the text ‘NOW SHOWING’ and ‘COMING SOON.’

So if you’re shopping for someone who has a bunch of posters but not the right frame—or if you’re shopping for someone who truly wants to turn their home into a theater—this is the perfect gift. And, for what it’s worth, even casual viewers would love it.

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Photo via sawandsteel on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Hopefully our list helped you find the gift for movie lovers you were looking for!

We’re confident we’ve provided you with a great and varied list of gifts to choose from. And if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for, then hopefully we at least pointed you in the right direction.

This isn’t a gift you want to make lightly. Because, no matter what you think, people obsessed with films are likely as dramatic as their favorite medium. And who knows what’ll happen if they fly off the handle!

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