40+ Thoughtful Gifts for Car Lovers That’ll Rev Their Engines

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Cars are—like wine, whiskey, or even (as strange as it sounds) birds—a passion that can consume a person.

And, if you’re looking for the best car gifts for someone who can’t get enough of them, then it can definitely feel daunting to find the right fit.

But not to worry – whether you’re looking for car accessories gifts, classic car gifts, car gadget gifts, or simply the best car gift ideas, there are luckily an abundance of options for you to choose from.

And, while it might be scary looking for gifts for an auto enthusiast, we have you covered with the best auto gifts for all kinds of car lovers, no matter your budget.

We hope you find this list helpful!

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Best Last-Minute Car Gifts from Amazon

Shopping last minute? We offer an extensive list of car gifts below, but If you’re looking for fun car themed gifts that will deliver promptly, here are some ideas for car gifts from Amazon that offer fast shipping:

Best Gifts for Car Lovers Under $20

Car gifts don’t have to be expensive as their namesake—you can find plenty of great car related gifts and unique gifts for car lovers that are both affordable and sure to be appreciated!

Here are some of our favorite, and most affordable, car enthusiast gifts!

Personalized Car Air Freshener

These are the perfect car gifts for her, or even the perfect personalized car gifts for him. It really just depends on the person. But, honestly, it may behoove you to have an aromatic symbol of your relationship when things get rocky (it happens to everyone!).

These great personalized air fresheners are some of the best personalized car gifts  available—you can select the scent, and you just have to send in a photo to be included. Just make sure it’s a clear picture. These are truly unique gifts for car lovers!

These air fresheners are great car gifts that may even refresh a relationship—or a gift that may help you preserve some of that, uh, freshness. But also, if you’re just looking for a touching gift your loving partner would appreciate, this is the gift to get!

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Spark Plug Bottle Opener

Now, there are plenty of car lovers who also love their beer. And, while they definitely shouldn’t mix them, this is one of the best car accessories gifts for him or her that will come in handy even when they’re apart. There are few better car related gifts!

These spark plug bottle openers are great car gadget gifts, and they’re some of the best gifts for car guys or gals who can’t stand to be apart (even when they’re legally obliged to socially distance from their beloved vehicle).

These are the best gift ideas for car enthusiasts and beer enthusiasts alike. They’re made from repurposed, stripped parts of old engines. This is sure to be appreciated—just keep your fingers crossed they enjoy enjoy their car and this contraption separately!

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Best Gifts for Car Lovers Under $50

If none of our previously listed car gifts for men and women quite did it for you, then don’t worry! We understand that car enthusiasts have a particular standard. Luckily, there are plenty of cool gifts for car lovers that are only moderately more expensive and worth every extra penny.

Here are some car gift options we’re sure you’ll love.

Smartphone Magnifier

Car lovers use their cars for multitudes of reasons—some enjoy showing them off, while others enjoy the open road. And, if you’re shopping for the latter, then these are some of the best gifts for car guys and gals who enjoy nature long road trips!

These smartphone magnifiers are the best car gifts for road trips. They double your smartphone’s screen display. These retro car gadgets for him or her are perfect for kids and adults alike! There aren’t better gift ideas for guys and gals who love the open road.

Great car enthusiast gifts blend their passions—and the utility of a present ultimately comes down to the preferences of the recipient. So, get them this car gift, and maybe they’ll ask you tag along on their next cross-country adventure!

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SolarPuff Collapsible Light

Great gift ideas for car guys and girls are sometimes protective—and, with these kinds of gifts, you hope they don’t have to use them. But it’s better to be prepared! These are great car driving gifts because they can be life saving.

These great SolarPuff collapsible lights are good gifts for car lovers that could save their life! They’re inflatable and harness solar energy and can provide “up to 12 hours of illumination.”

Car gifts don’t get much better (or more practical) than this.

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Ceramic State License Plate Mugs

These are great car fanatic gifts for car lovers who are also fanatic about their coffee. Plus, if you’re looking specifically for classic car gifts, then look no further! Maybe these mugs will make each new day feel like an unexplored highway.

These ceramic state license plate mugs are both great personalized car gifts and great car themed gifts. You just have to select the state license plate you’d like included—like maybe their home state, favorite state, etc.—you get the picture!

These embossed mugs are made from clay pressed onto vintage license plates and are the perfect car gifts for him or her if they love classic cars. And, if you’re shopping for someone whose road days are behind them, this is the perfect memento!

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Hockey Stick Snow Brush

If you’re looking for car fanatic gifts for people who are just as fanatical about hockey, then this is the perfect gift! Besides, it’s not like there are many options available that hem those two worlds together—so this should be a no brainer!

These great hockey stick snow brushes are great car themed gifts and are made from segments of reclaimed, used hockey sticks. They were even used in the pros—so that just makes them all the more special.

These are great gifts for them to maybe feel like their heroes on ice when they’re scraping off that pesky, frosty veneer from their windows and windshield. And, who knows—maybe they’ll love it so much they’ll do your car, too, just to show it off.

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Best Gifts for Car Lovers Under $100

Have the budget to go a little further? Often when shopping for car gifts, the more money you spend, the more unique and awesome the gift is going to be. It’s the nature of the industry—just keep your fingers crossed that you can get some free rides if you knock it out of the park (we’re sure you will)!

Personalized Piston Clock

This is a great gift for someone who likes having car themed ornaments around their house—and it’s particularly a great message to send to someone who, despite their soaring car, can never seem to show up to things on time.

These piston clocks come in distressed or finished metal, and you can select the color of the clock ring. You can even specify if the clock face should have regular numbers (for those of us who aren’t all there) or roman numerals.

They’re made from real car pistons, and they’re the perfect addition to any office, home, or living room. Though it should be stated that it takes more than a clock or watch to invoke punctuality in some. Some folks just don’t, like, subscribe to our notions of time. Though those aren’t typically the people who have fancy cars!

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Photo via BensAutomotiveDecor on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Car Driving Gloves

If you’re shopping for someone who takes their car driving really seriously, then these are the perfect gifts. Or, conversely, maybe this is the kind of gift you get someone who needs to take their driving a little more seriously. It’s circumstantial.

These great unisex crochet driving gloves allow you to select the palm and wrist circumference, so it’s best to make sure you know that (and, honestly, it’s probably going to be hard to get that information inconspicuously).  They’re handmade and fingerless.

So, whether you’re shopping for someone who’s dedicated to the discipline of driving and is always looking for implements to help them improve, or shopping for someone who needs to respect the wheel and road a little more, these are the perfect gifts!

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Custom Car Seat Cover

Most people who love their cars will go to great lengths to protect it—and, while it can be a tad obnoxious when they’re really neurotic about it—it’s important to remember they’re just trying to preserve something they’ve invested too much a lot of money in.

These great custom car seat covers allow you to select between normal and airbag compatible, and you can select what color you’d like for the background. They come in sets of two. You just have to send in the design for them to include!

Whether you’re shopping for someone who needs a seat cover (car seats can get a little dirty) or for someone who’s on the verge of a mental breakdown every time you’re in their car, these personalized gifts for him or her will afford you both some peace of mind.

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Personalized Car Door Lights

There are enhancements you can make to your car that will take it from being purely pragmatic to something a little classier. And, while this may not meet Xzibit’s standards, it’s definitely a gift any car lover (who loves themselves just as much) would appreciate!

These great personalized car door lights allow you to choose between a variety of styles, and you even get to select what design you want it to beam down. You just have to input the name, initials, or image you want it to project!

This is a great gift for someone whose ride has yet to catch up with their own sense of self-importance. So, if you’re shopping for someone who feels like they own every place they pull into, this is a great gift to help them brand it as such—though that may be considered enabling.

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Best Gifts for Car Lovers Over $100

If you’re still on the hunt for unique car gifts and have a bit more money to spend, here are some luxury car themed gifts that we’re sure they’ll appreciate… even if the price tag is a bit higher than the other options we’ve covered!

Essential First Aid Kit with Flashlight

This may not be as glamorous or flashy as other gifts—but we can’t stress the importance of safety enough! And, honestly, this is the kind of gift that may yield deferred appreciation, so be prepared for that!

This great first aid kit with flashlight comes with a “military grade aluminum LED flashlight” that contains a compass, tape, bandages, steri strips, thermometers, towelettes, tweezers, a whistle, safety pin, aspirin, antibiotics, burn creams, and so much more!

This is a great gift to get them to ensure that they’re prepared for literally anything while they’re driving out there in the world. It’s no secret that it can get treacherous out there. Plus, if the time comes to use it, you may be annointed a hero by association!

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Auto Timing Chain and Gears and Wall Clock

If you’re shopping for someone who loves all things cars so much their house is ornamented with car-themed decorations, and their walls are festooned with repurposed car parts, then this is the gift to get!

This great auto timing chain and gears wall clock is made out of repurposed engine timing gear and chains. It’ll look particularly great in a garage, especially if they’re always working on cars. It even comes with a AA battery.

This is the kind of gift any car lover would love—but it’s particularly good for gear heads. And, while it may not appeal to your sensibility, it’s important to keep the recipient in mind. These things are relative, after all.

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Hot Rod Car Sculpture

Some people are obsessed with classic cars—and this is the perfect gift for them. And, honestly, there’s something about classic cars that practically anyone with eyes can appreciate. They’re like The Beatles of the industry.

That’s what makes these hot rod car sculptures the perfect gifts—they’re inspired by the 1949 Mercury model. And, best of all, this may evoke a feeling typically associated with simpler times. And that’s honestly never felt more needed than right now!

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Do Anything Smart Button

These are cool gifts for someone who’s always on the move in their favorite car, especially if they’re always taking calls or having to use their phone. It’s a great way to discourage driving and messing around with it simultaneously!

These great do anything smart buttons can be stuck on their windshield, steering wheel, or dashboard. They pair each button with a specific function on their phone. They just have to pair it with their Bluetooth for it to work.

This is a great and useful gift that anyone who drives in the modern age—when the phone is practically a new appendage we’ve evolved to need—can imagine using. And, plus, it doesn’t hurt to discourage driving and phone usage. It saves lives!

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Hopefully our list helped you find the gift for car lovers you were looking for!

We’re confident we’ve provided you with a great and varied list of the perfect gifts for car lovers of all types. And, if we didn’t, then we’re confident we’ve at least pointed you in the right direction.

It’s important to take this gift seriously—because they’ve made a serious investment in their car. And some of that seriousness may transfer over. Besides, who knows when you’ll need a ride, like home from the bar after a few unexpected drinks.

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