Thoughtful Gifts for Bird Lovers: Bird Gifts (for Every Budget!)

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Virtually everything has its admirers. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking beer, coffee, books, furniture, or even birds. Now, while it might be strange to some that there are people out there who fiercely love birds, there certainly is something majestic about observing one cut across the sky.

If you’re shopping for one of these folks, while you may not exactly get it (seriously—they can bite off your finger like a carrot with ease), there are plenty of great presents for bird lovers you can use to score maximal brownie points.

So, whether you’re looking for gifts for bird watchers, bird themed gifts, or simply looking for great bird lover gift ideas, we have you covered.

Without further ado, here are our favorite gift ideas for bird watchers and presents for bird lovers!

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Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Under $20

If you’re shopping for someone who would describe themselves as a bird lover, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank, and if you’re shopping on a budget especially, there are plenty of great gifts for bird lovers available that are easy on the wallet!

Here are some of our favorite presents for bird lovers, gift ideas for bird lovers, and gifts for bird enthusiasts!

Vintage Bird Call

One of the best presents for birdwatchers are things that will facilitate their scouting. And, while it can seem like an elaborate excuse to take a walk through the woods, this is a perfect and affordable tool to get them!

These great vintage Audubon bird calls are some of the best presents for birdwatchers because they’ll definitely be of use. It contains a capsule of extra rosin to maintain the birdcall, and it’s made from birch wood.

These are truly great gifts for bird watchers that will hopefully help them see a wide variety of birds. While the appeal isn’t immediately evident to everyone—why not help them coax a few feathered friends out of the woodwork? A companion’s a companion, after all.

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Photo via ABGGoodStuff on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Bird Perch Sticks

Having a bird isn’t like having a dog or a cat—it’s not like they can roam freely around the house. That’s what makes these some of the best gifts for bird owners! Though, in my humble opinion, their immobility is a blessing in disguise.

These bird perch sticks are great gifts for bird owners. The perches are made of wood, and they can attach these to their windows to give them “the best possible view of outside.” It even has a contraption to catch bird droppings.

These are great and unique gifts for bird lovers, though I think you could definitely argue that keeping a bird perched next to a window is a tad inhumane—but what do we know? Maybe they like it.

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Photo via EWS1Shop on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Gift Baskets for Bird Lovers

These are among the best gifts for bird lovers whose birds are a little cooped up (see what I did there?).

These great gift baskets for bird lovers are bird safe and made with non-toxic materials. This toy set comes with 7 medium sized bird toys that are simply made and sure to keep that bird occupied while it waits out its life sentence.

This is clearly more of a gift for the bird. And while they aren’t the most feeling creatures—don’t let their beady, reptilian eyes fool you! They deserve some fun, too, even if it means playing with popsicle and twine.

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Photo via LOVEDBirdToys on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Hovering Hummingbird Stake

If you’re looking for good gifts for bird lovers, you can’t go wrong with bird themed gifts. These are particularly great if you’re shopping for a bird lover who spends a lot of time in their garden when they’re not out… well, admiring birds.

These beautiful hovering hummingbird stakes are the perfect complement to any garden. They’re made by hand out of copper and colored glass, and are particularly great gift ideas for backyard bird watchers when birds are scarce!

So if you’re looking for bird lover gift ideas that are affordable but will also be deeply appreciated, look no further! These are great surrogates for when the birds are slow coming, which I’d imagine happens from time to time.

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Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Under $50

If nothing we’ve listed so far has quite done it for you, don’t worry! There plenty of unique gifts for bird lovers that are a little more expensive, but worth every penny! Here are some of our favorite (slightly pricier) gift ideas for bird lovers.

Spirit Healing Hummingbird Necklace

There’s nothing quite like a pendant to commemorate one’s passion for birds, or anything at all really. Plus, what better gift can you give than something that heals the spirit? That makes these gifts for bird enthusiasts practically invaluable.

These spirit healing hummingbird necklaces are great bird gifts for bird lovers. They are said to “symbolize the enjoyment of life and lightness of being,” and if this sounds fitting for the person you’re shopping for, this might be the perfect gift, and maybe even help them find their wings.

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Birds of North America Poster

These graphics are some of the best gift ideas for bird watchers because it might help them organize their bird watching goals (if that’s how it works). Or, if nothing else, it could be something they show off or simply admire.

These great graphics of the birds of North America are perfect gift ideas for bird watchers. They’re 24 inches by 36, made with vegetable based ink and feature more than 740 bird species.

While many people exalt North America for its diversity of people, the diversity of bird species in North America is often overlooked. According to some people, anyway. Well, why not celebrate this diversity with an awesome graphic aviary like this one?

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Wicker Bird Bungalow

Even birds enjoy luxuriating. They do spend an awful lot of time perched in trees, after all. So what better gift can you get the local birds and the enthusiast who can’t get enough of them than a vacation home they can install in their own yard?

These wicker bird bungalows are great gifts for bird lovers. They’re made from Filipino sourced rope, wicker, and twigs, and are perfect to hang in any bird lover’s backyard.

If you’re shopping for this kind of thing for that kind of person, this is the gift to get. And, if you can find one, maybe getting a birdy hot tub and sauna would be the perfect additions—holidays are all about over-indulgence, after all.

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Birthstone Hummingbird Feeder

Bird gifts don’t always have to be about the bird—sometimes you can satiate both the birds’ and recipient’s desires. And that’s what this gift does perfectly. Especially if the recipient is into birthstones and the like.

This great birthstone hummingbird feeder is personalized according to their birth month. They’re made from handblown glass and they come with a red glass flower feeding tube, plus an explanation of the great qualities of people born that month!

This gift is equal parts bird buffet and garden ornament. If you’re shopping for a bird lover who can’t get enough of birds so much so that they need to see them fluttering around their backyard, then this is the gift to get!

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Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Under $100

If nothing has cut it for you yet, then you’re probably shopping for someone really special whom you love despite their obsession with feathered creatures! But don’t worry—there are plenty of gifts for bird lovers that are a little pricier but worth every penny. Maybe this is the kind of gift you can get them to remind them why it’s good to invite people into their lives, too.

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace

This is the perfect gift to get mothers, especially if you’re shopping for your own mother and are looking for something sentimental. Because people relate to birds for their own reasons—and maybe babies in the nest is one of them.

This great mother nestling birds necklace is made out of recycled sterling silver, and they’re hand crafted. You can choose between a mother bird with one to four babies, so if it’s perfect for small to medium-sized families.

This is the kind of symbol every mother will cherish because moms never stop being moms, and they never seem to stop seeing their kids as their babies. It’s a great gift to ensure you’re always with her, even if it’s sometimes only in spirit.

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Birdie Fruit Feeder

While the hummingbird feeder attracts hummingbirds specifically, this gift casts a wider net. And, presumably, if you’re shopping for a veritable bird lover, then they have a more diverse and refined taste in birds (mine is exclusively KFC).

This great birdie fruit feeder is perfect to attract fruit eating birds (though, admittedly, it’s unclear to me what kind of birds that means). They’re handmade and copper, and they come with piercing prongs to pierce and attach fruit.

So, if you’re shopping for someone who can’t get enough birds (and doesn’t mind a firestorm of bird poop), this is perfect! For some (crazy) people, it’s impossible to populate their space with enough birds (though that’s literally my nightmare).

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Field Guide to North American Bird Feathers

This is a beautiful art piece that any bird lover would be proud to mount on their wall. Feathers are, of course, a unique identifying marker for birds. And, honestly, They’re some of nature’s most elegant and awing work.

This great field guide to North American Bird Feathers is stunning, and you can choose to have it framed or unframed. This work is a testament to the magnificence of North American bird species, and it puts 25 different breeds of bird on display.

For the right person, this is a firm reminder of the intricate and elegant design of the natural world. Also, this is the perfect gift to get someone you’re close to because, well, you know what they say about birds of a feather. It’s one way to relate at least.

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Hummingbird in Flight Bath

As a society, we seem to be a little obsessed with the bathing routine of birds. There are innumerable birdbaths across the country, and the world in general, but that just makes this gift all the more fail proof for bird lovers!

This great hummingbird in flight bath can be hung in their backyard. It’s made of brass and steel, and it’s designed in such a way that the hummingbird sculpture beneath it “bobs and weaves with movement like” the hummingbirds above.

This is a great gift for bird lovers who like to have birds in their vicinity. Especially those who enjoy sitting out in their garden. This could be just the invitation they need to convince more birds to come on over.

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Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Over $100

If you haven’t found the perfect gift and are looking for something a little more special, don’t worry! There are plenty of bird gifts for you to get bird lovers. Plus, this might serve as a necessary reminder of the superiority of their non-feathered friends, such as yourself. But what do I know? I don’t want to assume your species.

Love Birds Wall Sculpture

This is particularly good for married bird lovers—or bird lovers in a relationship. Yes, they do exist. If they’ve been looking for something to represent their shared love, then look no further!

This love birds wall sculpture is made out of copper that’s shaped carefully fashioned—through elbow grease and fire—into a beautiful piece of home décor. It’s the perfect symbol of both love and hope.

But this doesn’t have to be a gift for someone in a relationship—any bird lover or nature lover could enjoy this gift. And, honestly, if you’re shopping for a bird lover, this will likely blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of their home.

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Personalized Songbird Vase

If you’re shopping for someone who loves birds and always has flowers around, then this is the perfect gift. It’s particularly great for couples. And if they don’t give each other flowers often, this could be a great way to whip them into shape!

This great personalized songbird vase is hand decorated with the image of two songbirds sharing a perch. It can be personalized with two sets of initials and a special date of some sort.

This is a great gift they’ll definitely display proudly, and hopefully it’ll often harbor flowers. But if it doesn’t—because not everyone’s into that—it’ll still be a beautiful decoration for them to keep around!

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Garden Bird Bath

Birdbaths are great even though they’re not exactly as high-tech as, say, a hot tub. They are like a birdy spa in their own way. So why not give something to this special bird lover that will coax plenty feathered creatures into their yard!

This birdbath is both beautiful and functional. It’s made with solid pipe that’s encased in about ten hand crafted and glazed stone pieces. The bath itself is stone as well (which seems a tad fancier than most human baths).

If you have any special color requests, they just ask that you contact them and they’ll work with you. This is a great gift fit for aviary royalty. Though maybe a human spa day would also be a good gift to get this kind of person!

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Photo via SuePatrickPottery on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Large Bird Cage

If you’re shopping for a bird owner who’s still keeping their bird in a metal cage, then this is the kind of gift that’ll elevate their bird keeping game! Every hobby has levels, and this has to be somewhere near the top. It’s time for them to level up!

This phoenix acrylicage is perfect for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s big and gives the bird a freer range. And, secondly, it’s clear, it gives the bird an unobstructed view. Though there’s something unsettling (for me) about a bird watching you.

It’s a great gift that’s akin to moving their bird into a nicer neighborhood. So, for the sake of the owner’s sanity (it’s also quieter) and the bird’s sense of validation, this gift is unparalleled!

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Photo via AcrylicHabitats on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Hopefully our list helped you find gift the for bird lovers you were looking for!

We’re confident we’ve given you a great and varied list of gifts that are suitable for practically every breed of bird lover. Though we know it’s not so easy—they’re as diverse as the feathers they collect

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! This is a gift to take seriously because these people love birds—so who knows what they’re capable of? Plus, who knows what they’ve trained those feathered demons to do!

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