Thoughtful Gifts for Cheese Lovers: Cheese Gifts (for Every Budget!)

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While some people can’t stomach the stench of cheese, there those who love it. And, while fancy cheese lovers can sometimes be a tad pretentious, they deserve great gifts, too... especially ones that suit their cheese obsession. Well, If you’re having problems finding the perfect cheese presents, we’ve got you covered.

There are loads of great cheese gifts for you to choose from that aren’t too, well, cheesy (I know, I know—low-hanging fruit). And—unlike they’re beloved food—they probably aren’t expecting (and won’t appreciate) cheese gifts or cheese related gifts that stink!

Whether you’re looking for a cheese hamper, a personalized cheese board, cheese gift baskets or cheese gift boxes, a cheese bouquet, or even novelty cheese gifts, there are plenty of great cheese related gifts out there for you to choose from!

So, without further ado, here are the best cheese gifts for you out there!

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Best Gifts for Cheese Lovers Under $20

If you’re shopping on a budget for a special cheese lover—particularly if you’re in the market for cheese gifts for Christmas—there are plenty great cheese presents.  Whether you’re looking for novelty cheese gifts, cheese board accessories, a cheese hamper or cheese gift boxes, there are loads of affordable gifts for cheese lovers. Here are the most affordable and best cheese gifts out there!

Butter and Cheese Huggers

Cheese is something you often eat in slivers and morsels. No self-respecting cheese lover would eat an entire block in one sitting. And, for people who always have opened ends of cheese in their refrigerator (and the accompanying smell), this is the perfect gift!

These cheese huggers are made out of silicone. They simply have to put them on the ends of their cheese, and they’ll act as a kind of preserving cap, “keeping them fresh and tasty.” You can even use them on butter.

This is the perfect gift for someone who always turns a snack of cheese into a spread they want to sample. And, honestly, I don’t know if there’s a better way to enjoy cheese. Though enjoying it with a clothespin on your nose easily takes second place!

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Tea Light Brie Baker

Cheese is one of the most versatile foods. You can enjoy it in so many different capacities that it’s almost unfair to every other dish. And if you’re shopping for someone who prefers their cheese melted and gooey, then this is the perfect gift to get!

This ceramic and cast iron Brie baker is the perfect gift to get any cheese lover—especially if they have a gooey, soft spot for melted Brie. They just have to light a candle underneath it and let heat do what it does so well.

This is a great gift for people who like to host, but it’s also a great gift for any cheese lover who truly wants to feel like they’re somewhere abroad. Because, I’d imagine, a great deal of cheese worship is misinterpreted wanderlust

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Cheese Knife Set

Now—if you’re shopping for someone who already has a board and is just missing the accessories—this is probably the perfect gift! Though it’s honestly great for all kinds of cheese lovers, because you can never have too many utensils.

This cheese knife set is a great gift that every cheese lover will love. Made from metal, rubber, and wood, everything including its corrugated cardboard packaging is simple and elegant. It comes with a blade knife, cheese fork, and chisel knife.

So if you’re shopping for the kind of cheese lover who has to have all the accessories, this is the perfect gift. Especially if they feel that they don’t just cut off slices of cheese—they make cheese sculptures.

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City Skyline Slate Cheese Board

If you want to get a cheeseboard, but don’t want to spend a fortune, don’t worry! There are plenty of great affordable options. And, honestly, every cheese lover needs a cheeseboard. It’s practically part of the cheese lover inauguration.

This awesome city skyline slate cheeseboard is perfect for that kind of person! You can even select what city you want to be included on the cheeseboard, making it that much more special. They’re perfect for homesick cheese lovers.

This is a great gift to get someone who’s just moved and is missing home, or it’s great for any (obnoxious) cheese lover with an overabundance of hometown pride. But, honestly, any cheese lover would appreciate it. You can’t go wrong with this one!

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Best Gifts for Cheese Lovers Under $50

If you’re still looking for presents, then we have to admit: that’s laudable. And we also get it—you wouldn’t want them to lock you in a room with their stinky cheese as some kind of retribution. And regardless of whether you’re on the hunt for cheese gifts for Christmas, or simply looking for the perfect cheese gifts for cheese lovers, there’s plenty out there to choose from! So, whether you’re looking for a cheese gift set, a personalized charcuterie board, or even cheese board accessories, we have you covered. Here are our favorites!

Cheese Lovers Gift Box with Cow Adoption

If you’re shopping for someone who’s a real cheese snob—especially someone who only consumes grass fed animal products—this is the perfect gift to get. Because, honestly, the best cheese gift is that sensation of finding a new, favorite brand!

This great cheese lovers gift box comes with a variety of artisan (which must mean good, right?) cheeses made at a farm in Jersey. Each box has one pound of cheese. And, on top of everything else, they get to adopt a cow! Information on said cow is included.

If you’re shopping for someone with impeccable taste and can’t manage to get over themselves, this is perfect! Just say it’s artisan and they should be contented. Plus, they get to adopt a cow. Maybe they’ll be on the forefront of the cow mom/dad movement. Cheese lovers don’t typically get to be trendsetters, after all.

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Moisture Wicking Cheese Vault

If you’re shopping for someone who has cheese all over their fridge in veritable disarray, and it’s something that you can’t stand to see any longer, then this is the gift to get! Plus, a fridge that reeks of several types of cheese sounds like some kind of nightmare.

This great moisture wicking cheese vault is basically a compartmented container for them to put their cheese in for storage. It allows it to breathe (a shared term in pretty much every other pseudo-discipline) and keeps mold off it.

These vaults are great and designed to keep moisture away from the cheese. And, honestly, regular cheese smells bad enough. I can’t fathom what moldy cheese smells like. So this is a favor to everyone.

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State Cheese Boards

Now this gift in particular might seem a bit cheesy, but for the right cheese lover, it’s perfect! If you’re shopping for a new transplant—one who either moved away from or to your city—and they’re feeling homesick, this is the perfect gift to get!

These great state cheese boards are made out of bamboo that’s cut into the shape of each state of the USA. All you have to do is select which state you’d like to commemorate. These are even made out of sustainable, renewable materials!

If the recipient is someone who can’t stop yapping about their beloved home state (folks from California are particularly insufferable), this is great! Just keep your fingers crossed that they start associating their home state with the smell of cheese and give it a rest.

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Twig Cheese Serving Set

Maybe you’re shopping for someone who loves hosting, and maybe they’re the kind of host who’s obsessed with every little detail of what they present. If this describes the recipient of this gift, then this is it!

This great twig cheese serving set is a “regal” set of cheese serving utensils. They’re, as you could probably put together, cast in pewter to resemble twigs. The set comes with two spreaders, a fork, and a spoon.

So if you’re shopping for someone who loves hosting and is missing that special, unidentifiable detail to elevate their game, then this is the gift to get! And, hopefully, it’ll earn you a few free cheese samples, and—most importantly—some free wine.

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Best Gifts for Cheese Lovers Under $100

If you’re still shopping, then we have to admit that we’re genuinely impressed. We understand that these aren’t decisions everyone wants to phone in (though it’s awfully tempting at times). And, if you’re realizing that nothing has quite cut it (like how the lovely recipient probably cuts the cheese), we get it and we’re determined to find you that perfect gift. So, from a personalized cheese board to a cheese gift set and a cheese bouquet, we have you covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for cheese gift baskets or a personalized charcuterie board—we’re here to deliver! Here are our favorite gifts that are on the pricier end of things but worth every extra penny!

Chill and Serve Outdoor Cheese Board

Some people love doing things outdoors. And, if they have the space and live in the right climate, more power to ‘em. If you’re shopping for someone who’s always swatting flies (probably confusing the stench for something more scatological), this is the gift to get!

This great chill and serve outdoor cheese board is the perfect gift to ensure they can truly enjoy their cheese outside. It’s made out of maple wood and slate, and comes with a mesh dome covering. The slate disk keeps everything cool, whether it’s meat, cheese, or fruit.

No one likes flies or other insects getting in their food—and, if you’re shopping for the kind of person that endures this frustration just to luxuriate outside—then look no further! This is gifting them peace of mind since those bugs are likely the bane of their existence.

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Compact Swivel Cheese and Tapas Board

Cheese and tapas feel like the perfect marriage given their portion sizes. Though, for some reason, they’re not something that’s always paired. But, regardless, if you’re shopping for someone who loves both tapas and cheese, this is the perfect gift to get.

This great compact swivel cheese and tapas board is made out of bamboo. Its pragmatic design makes it easier to store while also offering an abundance of space for dishes and utensils. Virtually any cheese lover would be over the moon with this one.

So, if you’re shopping for someone who could use a new cheese board (I can only imagine that an old cheese board starts smelling like old shoes), this is perfect. Especially if they don’t exactly have all the space in the world for new goodies!

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Meat and Cheese Gift Box

Cheese and meat are usually enjoyed together. Especially good, salted meats. It’s one of those snacks that you wish could be a whole meal when you’re done. And, honestly, there’s probably nothing quite as satisfying.

This meat and cheese gift box is perfect for the kind of person who understands that eating cheese without meat can sometimes be like going to bar and not drinking. It comes with a wide assortment of crackers, cheeses, and meats for their tasting pleasure.

If you’re shopping for someone who could either benefit from a little diversity, or if you’re shopping for someone who loves this kind of snack, this is the perfect gift. And, ideally, you’d get to sample it with them!

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Photo via KingsleysDesigns on Etsy. Click here to browse their shop!

Cheese Trophy

Some cheese lovers don’t need anymore cheese or cheese related utensils in their lives. Because, honestly, I guess there are only so many occasions that people get to break them out. And this gift is a great alternative that also conveys your unstinting appreciation!

This great cheese trophy is perfect for any cheese lover who you really think deserves some kind of award to commemorate their, well, awesomeness. You just have to input what text is to be engraved on the plaque.

So if you’re really trying to make an impression, a trophy couldn’t hurt. Because, while people sometimes scoff at awards as being popularity contests, the reality is that they’re the embodiment of others’ appreciation, and that goes a long way!

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Best Gifts for Cheese Lovers Over $100

If you’re still looking for cheese gifts, then we can only assume you’re shopping for a cheese tycoon of some sort. Or, maybe, you’re just shopping for a very special cheese lover. Whatever the case may be—we’re here to help you find the perfect gift. And, since none of our previously listed gifts have (presumably) quite cut it for you, we’re assuming you’re looking for something that makes a big cheesy statement—and that’s just what we’ve found. Here are our favorites that are actually worth the (panic inducing) price tag!

Tableside Raclette Melter

Raclette is one of those dishes everyone should try. Especially if you’re shopping for an uninitiated cheese lover, this is the perfect gift! Because, honestly, melted cheese is often all anyone needs to hear to be on board with, well, just about anything.

This great tableside raclette melter is manageably compact, and it’s made out of copper, stainless steel, and concrete. They just have to put a block of cheese in its place, turn on the grill, and wait for the cheese to melt.

This is a great gift—and it’s particularly great for New Years celebrations (that’s what it’s traditionally reserved for). It’s great over bread and steak and potatoes, and hopefully they’ll invite you over when they try it out for the first time!

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Table Grazing Extra Long Cheese Board Set

The problem with conventional cheeseboards is that, well, they’re often reasonably sized. And, while that doesn’t really seem like a problem, when a table is packed, it can get annoying to pass the cheese every few minutes.

That’s who this great table grazing extra long cheese board set is perfect for—because some people like have those huge gatherings! The board is made out of oak, and it even comes with cheese knives!

So if you’re shopping for the kind of person who loves hosting big parties but always ends up having their guests pass the cheese board like a baton in a relay race, then this is probably the perfect gift to get them! That kind of thing can make you dizzy.

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Hard Cheese Making Kit

Most people are into doing things themselves. Given the opportunity—especially if it’s something they’re passionate about—there’s nothing more rewarding that making [insert obsession here] with their own two hands!

This great hard cheese making kit is the perfect start for any aspiring cheese maker. You can choose between hard maple wood and hard cherry wood. Each press includes “a yard of quality 90 count cheese cloth” and their “Cheddar recipe,” along with supplies.

This is the perfect gift that any cheese lover would appreciate. There’s nothing quite like making something yourself, and it’ll only make this gift twice as special. And, for the snobbish ones, they have no one but themselves to blame if it doesn’t turn out perfect.

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Personalized Wine and Cheese Picnic Set

If you’re shopping for someone who loves picnics, and especially for someone who loves indulging on said picnics with a few glasses of wine and blocks of cheese, this is the perfect gift! And, honestly, it’s one of the most unique options we’ve found!

This great personalized wine and cheese picnic set comes with a tray that you can have engraved with whatever you want. It comes with a leather, insulated cooler, a divider, plastic wine glasses, a table, a bottle stopper, and a corkscrew.

This is a great gift that’ll surely come in handy next time they find themselves trying to luxuriate in a park. And, hopefully, this is the kind of gift that will garner you an invitation to that next picnic—because they’re probably more fun than they sound!

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Hopefully our list helped you find the gift for cheese lovers you were looking for!

We’re confident that we’ve provided you with a thorough and varied list of cheese gifts to choose from! And, if we didn’t find exactly what you want, then hopefully we were at least able to point you in the right direction.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We want to help you find the perfect cheese gift for that special cheese lover. Besides, who wants someone with cheese breath yelling at them over an ill-conceived present?

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