20 Fun Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas Everyone Will Love

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Baby showers are a special and a wonderful way to celebrate the expecting parents and their upcoming new arrival.

And really, picking the perfect gift is only half the fun, because after the gift is bought, it’s time to brainstorm adorable ideas for wrapping baby shower gifts!

Sure, you can head to the party aisle of the store and pick up some baby gift wrap, but where is the fun in that? Baby showers are the perfect time to go all out and really up your gift wrapping game.

So say goodbye to boring pink and blue wrapping paper because we have an awesome list of creative and fun baby shower gift wrapping ideas for you below.

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1. Fox Gift Box

Make a super cute fox gift box that would be perfect for a woodland themed baby shower.

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Photo via DIY Candy

2. Gender Neutral Baby Gift

This gender neutral baby show gift wrap idea is perfect for expecting parents who don’t know if they are having a boy or a girl.

Click here to learn more from The Country Chic Cottage.

3. Baby’s Things

Create simple paper cutouts of baby’s things like onsies and booties and hang them from a clothesline around your gift. This is a fun and clever wrapping idea for baby shower.

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Photo via Anastasia Marie

4. Car Ride

This sweet interactive gift wrapping idea is perfect for a little boy baby shower and would also be thoughtful for giving a gift to an older brother.

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5. Dreamy Gift Wrap

The gift inside is guareteed to be adorable so make the gift wrapping just as cute. These dreamy ideas are simple and sweet.

Click here to learn more from Paint Sew Glue Chew.

6. Fabric Gift Wrap

Use a baby blanket or hand print fabric for a thoughtful and unique gift wrapping idea that’s perfect for a baby shower.

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Photo via Sugar Lander

7. Bathtub Diaper Cakes

Diaper “cakes” are a popular way to give a selection of necessary items for baby but make them look super cute. This bathtub diaper cake is a unique baby shower gift wrap idea.

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Photo via Baby Savers

8. Teddy Bear Balloon

This cuddly teddy bear and balloon is perfect for wrapping a baby shower gift and can double as a centerpiece.

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Photo via Hip Hoo-Rae

9. Craft Stash Flowers Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

Dig into your stash of colorful craft paper and make some beautiful flowers for adorning a gift for a baby shower. This gift is perfect for a baby girl.

Click here to learn more from Corner of Plaid and Paisley.

10. Baby Bucket

Buckets are perfect for organzing baby things so this gift wrap idea is not only cute but functional as well. Fill the bucket with baby clothes and bow.

Click here to learn more from Somewhat Simple Living.

11. Diaper Babies

These diaper babies are the cutest gift ideas for expecting parents. Everyone will ooh and ahh over this adorable baby gift wrap idea.

Click here to learn more from Smart School House.

12. Baby Washcloth Cupcake

Baby shower gifts are all about tiny things. Turning those tiny things like washcloths and baby socks into a cute gift is part of the fun of wrapping baby shower gifts.

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Photo via Project Nursery

13. Little Mouse

This DIY Mouse Gift Wrap can be easily made in a matter of minutes and is absolutely adorable for a baby shower.

Click here to learn more from Handmade Charlotte.

14. Sleepy Lion

This sleepy lion gift wrap is a fun and creative way to decorate a special present without a bow or fancy wrapping paper and is perfect for welcoming baby.

Click here to learn more from Let’s Wrap Stuff.

15. Summer Baby Shower Gift Idea

Is someone expecting a summer baby? Celebrate the season of the arrival with this fun sandcastle themes wrapping paper.

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Photo via Growing Spaces

16. Diaper Jeep for Baby

Diapers are one of the most practical gifts for expecting parents but that doesn’t mean the gift is boring. Add a few other trinkets and create this special diaper jeep for baby.

Click here to learn more from Thrifty NW Mom.

Photo via Thrifty NW Mom

17. Lullaby Gift Wrap

A special lullaby can be so soothing for baby. Create a unique gift wrap by writing the words to a favorite lullaby on kraft paper.

Click here to learn more from Making Manzanita.

Photo via Making Manzanita

18. Pinwheel Gift Topper

Celebrate the playful nature of babies with this pinwheel gift topper for your shower gift. It’s simple to make, and you can swap the paper to match a boy or a girl.

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Photo via ConfettiStyle

19. Blue and Yellow Gift Wrap

Blue and yellow is the perfect choice for a gender neutral baby shower gift. Add ribbons and pompoms to dress it up.

Click here to learn more from Spaceships & Laserbeams.

20. Giant Cupcake

A giant cupcake is sure to please, especially when it is filled with baby essentials! This is a fun baby shower gift idea for those who like to skip the gift bag and be a little more creative.

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