The Best Star Wars Gifts for Women: 35+ Epic Ideas for Every Budget

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There’s something so empowering about women in the Star Wars galaxy – and we’re happy to report that there are PLENTY of amazing gifts to give the special Star Wars-loving lady in your life!

Perhaps you’re searching for out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars ideas for her, or you just want to find some unique Star Wars presents for the ladies in your life. Whatever the case, we gotchoo’, don’t worry!

We’ve divided up this Star Wars gift guide for women into various categories based on their price range ($10-$100), so we hope that you can find something that will suit your recipient perfectly.

Read on for our selections of cute, awe-inspiring, beautiful, and OMG-worthy gifts that will leave her as happy as Leia was at the end of Return of the Jedi!

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Star Wars Gifts for Women under $10

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift for a Jedi or Sith, we hope you find some inspiration in the options listed below. Most of these are adorable accessories from small shops that make great stocking stuffers!

1. This Chewbacca Hair Bow Clip

For the gal who loves accessorizing, get her this adorable Chewbacca hair bow from Grim and Proper Designs. It has a beautiful Victorian flair and is strongly secured by an alligator clip.

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Chewbacca hair bow
Photo via Grim and Proper Designs on Etsy

Or, if you know your girl loves all things black (which always matches with everything), check out these beautiful styles of a C-3PO hair bow clip from the same shop:

C-3PO hairbow
Photo via Grim and Proper Designs on Etsy

2. These Chunky Yoda Earrings

Raventree Jewellery makes the cutest Yoda earrings– and yes, buy, you must! He even has his lightsaber in tow. These are great earrings for the lady in your life who loves accessorizing.

The best part about these bad boys? They show up in any photo perfectly, since they’re large, lightweight, and chunky! I mean, have you ever met a girl who wouldn’t adore dangly earrings like these?

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Yoda earrings
Photo via Raventree Jewellery on Etsy

3. These Braided Leather Bracelets

Colorado Horse Tracks hand crafts these braided leather bracelets with various charms of your choice (everything from BB-8 to the Death Star). This is a great gift for anyone who loves accessorizing in subtly geek ways!

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Braided leather bracelets
Photo via Colorado Horse Tracks on Etsy


If you have more credits to spare, check out these creative Star Wars gifts under $20 that will surely delight anyone on your list. We’ve got you covered with everything from customized shirts to dainty earrings!

4. This ‘Mom’alorian Shirt

For the Supermom in your life, get her this customized shirt from Only Quality Seller. The shirt comes in 11 different colors and sizes.

Whether your mom hopped on the Mando bandwagon this year or last, this shirt is the cutest gift! After all, who says Mandalorians are only male?!

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Momalorian shirt
Photo via Only Quality Seller on Etsy

5. These Death Star Earrings

For the luxurious lady who loves pairing earrings with all her outfits, we guarantee that this gift will be a hit. These are minimalist-style earrings in the shape of Death Stars with latch back closures.

They’ll complement ANY outfit perfectly, even if her allegiance is with the light side!

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Death Star earrings
Photo via Mens Bodega USA on Etsy

6. This Female Empowerment Shirt

Love Magic Memories designs beautiful girl power shirts like this one that prove how badass the women of Star Wars truly are. The shirt comes in nine colors and a range of sizes, including youth.

This shirt is perfect for gifting any time of the year – because the age of women is NOW!

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Women strong with the force shirt
Photo via Love Magic Memories on Etsy

7. This “Look Like a Princess, Fight Like a Jedi” Tank Top

Stylish Sloth Designs created this flowy tank branded with an empowering slogan. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes. Plus, you can personalize it with one’s name on the front or back of the shirt for only a few dollars extra here.

If you’re interested in changing the font to a glitter design, check out this option here for less than $4.

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Jedi tank
Photo via Stylish Sloth Designs on Etsy

8. This Empowering Princess Leia Mug

WTFandom sells this awesome Princess Leia mug that pack a powerful message (“A woman’s place is in the Resistance”). The ceramic mug comes in either 11 or 15 oz. sizes and is double-sided with beautiful graphics.

Plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave save, wahoo! It’s truly the best gift to give a true warrior who is strong and independent like Leia.

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Women in the resistance mug
Photo via WTFandom on Etsy

9. This Star Wars Comic Book Print Infinity Scarf

Just4ulynnahrendt hand makes beautiful infinity scarves like this one with a cute Star Wars comic book print. As the most versatile fashion accessory on the planet, this makes an excellent gift for her (and it’s so easy to pack for trips!).

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Star Wars infinity scarf
Photo via just4ulynnahrendt on Etsy

10. This Dainty Charm Bracelet

Inspiring and Charming sells this dazzling Star Wars-inspired charm bracelet, complete with 10 geeky charms from all corners of the galaxy. It makes a great stocking stuffer for the jewelry lover in your life!

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Star Wars charm bracelet
Photo via Inspiring and Charming on Etsy

11. This Cute Racerback Tank

Down in Kokomo designed this minimalistic printed tank that showcases iconic symbols from the Death Star and beyond. Only true fans will understand the cool factor of this tank, which makes it the cutest gift.

It’s cool and comfy enough to wear as workout gear or on your next trip to a galaxy far, far away!

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Star Wars racerback tank
Photo via Down in Kokomo on Etsy


From pocket Ewoks to fashionable clutches, we’ve also rounded up some of the best Star Wars-related finds under $30. Whether you’re shopping or your girl or a fellow friend, these options are all guaranteed to impress her!

12. This Women of Star Wars Kokeshi Doll Shirt

Kokeshi Nerd designed the cutest shirt mashing up Japanese culture with Star Wars, and it’s the cutest thing ever! For any lady in your life who LOVES Japan and Star Wars (we’ll safely assume that’s every gal out there), this shirt is an absolute must-have.

The shirt comes in four different colors and features Rey, Ahsoka, Leia, Padme, and Jyn – truly some of the most powerful females in the Force.

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Kokeshi doll shirt
Photo via Kokeshi Nerd on Etsy

13. This “Force is Female” Shirt

FRIDAY APPAREL designs hip, chic fandom shirts like this “The Force is Female” one. Five color customization options are available in unisex sizing. This shirt is absolutely perfect for anyone aspiring to follow in the ranks of Leia and Ahsoka!

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The Force is Female shirt
Photo via FRIDAY APPAREL on Etsy

14. This Metallic Multi-Colored Clutch

Sith Storm Props makes adorable Star Wars-inspired metallic clutches that are the perfect accessory to all outfits. The bag comes with detachable shoulder straps and is chic enough for a night out (or just everyday use). And how cute is that print?!

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Star Wars clutch
Photo via Sith Storm Props on Etsy

15. This Pocket Ewok

Love and a Sandwich hand makes these fluffy, adorable “Ewoks in a pocket” that are possibly the cutest gift you can give any special lady on your list. And if they fit snugly into the comfort of one’s pocket, does anything get better than this?!

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Ewok in a pocket
Photo via Love and a Sandwich on Etsy

16. This Rebellion Crop Tank

So Effing Cute designed this crop tank that seemingly is already described in its shop title. Branded with “Rebellion” and the iconic Rebel Alliance logo, this spandex crop tank is perfect to work out in, for casual wear, or to pair with some sleek skirts as part of a bounding outfit.

You can customize the font and tank color for an additional small fee, making this the perfect gift for any Jedi Knight.

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Rebellion crop tank
Photo via So Effing Cute on Etsy

17. This Beautiful Personalized R2-D2 Necklace

Tiny Dime Store makes these stunning R2-D2 necklaces in the shape of a heart. You can choose whether or not to personalize it with your recipient’s name (or a phrase of your choice, of up to 20 characters).

The pendant is made of high-quality surgical steel with a shatterproof liquid glass coating. It’s the perfect classy gift for the lovely lady in your life!

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R2-D2 engraved necklace
Photo via Tiny Dime Store on Etsy

18. This Empowering Tee

Her Fandom makes plenty of feel-good shirts, like this awesome “A woman’s place is in the resistance” print. You can customize the font color as black or white, and even choose whether you’d like personalization.

It’s the perfect gift for female Star Wars fans who want to prove how strong women are in the Resistance!

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Photo via Her Fandom on Etsy


If you have a larger budget, check out these beautiful gifts (all of which are so practical, as well). Yes, these are the gifts you’re looking for!

19. This Darth Vader Armor Tank Top

Kawaiian Pizza Apparel makes fashionable tanks like this Darth Vader design. It’s specifically fashioned to look like a gal is actually wearing Vader’s armor – but without breaking a sweat!

This sublimation printed tank is great for a Disneybound, general casual wear, or as something fun to wear to a geeky con or Disney park. Other character designs such as R2-D2, Ahsoka, Chewie, Han Solo, and more are featured in this shop as well.

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Darth Vader tank
Photo via Kawaiian Pizza Apparel on Etsy

20. This Baby Yoda x Disney Parks Backpack

The Brave Little Tailor designs all sorts of adorable accessories and outfits for your trip to any Disney park. This Baby Yoda leather backpack is everything – especially how he has a trusty BB-8 balloon and stands right below Disney fireworks!

This is a solid gift for any true fan of Baby Yoda and Disney parks.

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Baby Yoda with BB-8 balloon
Photo via The Brave Little Tailor on Etsy

21. This Chic Millennium Falcon Apron

Haute Messthread designs beautifully chic Star Wars aprons like this Millennium Falcon one below. Her ship features an array of various prints, and these aprons are by far the most dapper-looking ones on the market. They’re so gorgeous, you’ll wish you could wear these for everyday use!

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Photo via Haute Messthread on Etsy

22. This Star Wars Mickey Ears Dress

Rainbow Rules designs a variety of fandom fashion, including this adorable dress worthy of wearing to any Disney park (or just in general). The print features unique Mickey ears, but only with Star Wars characters wearing them (i.e. Yoda, Chewie, Leia).

For any Disney parks/Star Wars fanatic, this gift will definitely delight! It also comes in a variety of styles and lengths, so be prepared to make some tough decisions when adding one to your cart.

Disney mouse ears Star Wars dress
Photo via Rainbow Rules on Etsy

23. These Hand-Painted Droid Shoes

If you’re looking for the perfect Star Wars present for her, JKMBAZZ will be your absolute savior with these hand-painted droid shoes. The shoes come in a variety of styles and can be customized either as shown below (mismatched droids, R2-D2 and BB-8), or as coordinating droids.

These are truly the cutest shoes in the galaxy – we guarantee she’ll never want to go anywhere without them!

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Star Wars canvas shoes
Photo via JKMBAZZ on Etsy

24. This Lightsaber Skirt

Sassy Skirts For Gals makes fun, flirty skirts, and this one in particular will make one feel especially strong with the Force. Made with a unique cotton poplin fabric, it also has a silk ribbon adjustable waist that allows it to be one size fits all.

This is the BEST skirt to dress up any drab t-shirt or outfit with no effort at all! If you truly love your gal, you’ll gift her this for a special occasion.

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Lightsaber skirt
Photo via Sassy Skirts for Gals on Etsy

25. This Tie-Front Button Tank

Taylor Made Attire designed this adorable tank top with kawaii Leia, Chewie, Yoda, and R2-D2 print. There are a variety of fabrics to choose from (check out the “Child Pod” and “The Child Snacks” prints as well), and the top also comes in baby pink.

If you really want to coordinate gifts, you can buy matching shirts for men, boys, and girls as well. The tank is made out of a stretchy knit fabric that looks flattering on anyone (and it’s perfect for warm weather).

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Star Wars tie front tank
Photo via Taylor Made Attire on Etsy

26. These Vader-licious Pajamas

Be Happy Pajama Shop stocks the coolest Darth Vader pajamas in the galaxy that are also extremely fashionable. The set is entirely silk, and technically, one could get away with wearing either the tops or bottoms out for everyday use as well (a big bonus for dual functionality!).

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Star Wars pajamas
Photo via Be Happy Pajama Shop on Etsy

27. This Glow-in-the-Dark Jedi Necklace

Carbonito makes the coolest Jedi necklace in the galaxy…. it glows in the dark! It’s beautiful to wear any time of the day, and the photoluminescent powder automatically charges when exposed to any type of light.

If she wears this when spinning her lightsaber in the evening, she’ll be the coolest person in the entire neighborhood!

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Photo via Carbonito on Etsy

28. This Print Skirt with Pockets

Miss Mosh Design Store makes this wildly fashionable skirt with colorful Star Wars print. Besides just being adorable, it also has POCKETS (the most useful thing to ever feature on any piece of clothing!).

The waist is elastic and is perfect for wearing for any occasion. Any lovely lady is bound to cherish this skirt if you gift it!

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Star Wars skirt with pockets
Photo via Miss Mosh Designs Store on Etsy

29. This Gorgeous Rebel Alliance Pearl Necklace

Baubles and Barnacles hand crafts beautiful shadowbox-like necklaces with a twist – a Rebel Alliance logo is laser-engraved on them, AND you can customize how many pearls go inside!

This is a truly unique gift for someone who is loyal to the Rebellion and loves wearing necklaces to spruce up her outfits. The shop also can engrave fonts and do custom designs.

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Pearl necklace
Photo via Baubles and Barnacles on Etsy

30. This Comfy Minimalistic R2-D2 Hoodie

This hoodie is the one you’ve been looking for! Rogue Leader Co designed this cute pullover with a minimalistic R2-D2 that is subtle enough for the gal who likes her outfits clean and sleek. It’s great for lounging around in, or for those chilly wintry nights out with your fellow Jedi!

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R2-D2 minimalist hoodie
Photo via Rogue Leader Co on Etsy


Okay – go big or go home, right? Here’s a few of our picks for the best luxurious Star Wars gifts for ladies that run under $100. They’re all handmade with the best materials, including love!

31. This Stunning Jedi Order Necklace

Alevizou Jewellery makes this dainty Jedi Order necklace in sterling silver, rose gold, and gold in three different lengths. It’s an iconic gift for the lovely lady who prefers minimalistic jewelry, but still loves showing off her devotion to the galaxy.

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Jedi necklace
Photo via Alevizou Jewellery on Etsy

32. This Beautiful Skirt with Pockets

LE Wonderland Boutique makes this gorgeous hand-sewn Star Wars skirt in varying lengths, and you can store all your credits in its spacious pockets! We can’t get over how beautiful the gold metallic foil catches the sunlight, so this skirt is bound to look amazing in all your photos.

It’s a must-have gift for anyone who loves dressing up with vintage/pinup flair (or just wants a handy skirt that can match with any top in the galaxy).

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Star Wars pocket skirt
Photo via LE Wonderland Boutique on Etsy

33. This Star Wars Planets Necklace

Anji Star King creates gorgeous jewelry for geek realms, and this necklace inspired by all of the planets in the Star Wars galaxy is so unique and thoughtful. The beads and gemstones are of varied sizes to represent the main planets from the original films.

A black silk thread strings the beads together to move around freely, and then attached to a sterling silver chain. With gemstones such as moss agate and blue goldstone featured, you know this is a quality item that any classy lady will appreciate!

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Star Wars planets
Photo via Anji Star King on Etsy

34. This Shiny C-3PO Dress

The Good Witch Clothing makes the most perfect geek clothing for your cosplay, bounding, and geek con needs. This C-3PO gold metallic dress will truly wow everyone, and best of all, it’s subtle enough to wear to any type of function!

C-3PO’s signature circular pattern is printed across the front. This cute flared style of the dress flatters all sizes and is bound to attract a lot of compliments.

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C-3PO dress
Photo via The Good Witch Clothing on Etsy

35. This Epic Stormtrooper Bodysuit

For the lady who loves showing off her Star Wars pride in every possible way (and isn’t shy about it), get her this awesome Stormtrooper spandex bodysuit from Ping Ping. It’s custom made, so you’ll need to somehow get the exact measures of your girl upon ordering, but we think it’ll be worth the surprise.

Plus, this can even be a great pajama set for the winter and can even be worn for everyday use (duh) – and it’s not nearly as clunky as a regular Trooper outfit!

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Catsuit stormtrooper
Photo via Ping Ping on Etsy

36. These Beautiful Custom Droid Sneakers

If your girl LOVES being head-to-toe in Star Wars gear (who wouldn’t?!), order these custom high-top sneakers for her from Perfect Pair Sneakers. You can either order them in mismatched R2-D2 and BB-8 print, or get the same print for each shoe.

High-quality ink is used to withstand long-term wear of the sneakers, so you never have to worry about the droids rubbing off from constant use. Plus, you can customize them with an optional name if you’d like!

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Custom R2-D2 and BB-8 sneakers
Photo via Perfect Pair Sneakers on Etsy

37. Rebel Alliance Engagement Ring

Okay, this one isn’t under $100, but we’re throwing it in for good measure. Whether you’re recently engaged and looking for the perfect ring for your Princess Leia OR are creating a dreamboard of rings to drop hints for bae, this is definitely one to eye.

Metal Wendler hand-crafted this absolutely dazzling engagement ring out of white gold and palladium with moissanite (also available in a variety of other materials and sizes). Look closely, and you’ll see Rebel Alliance emblems in the front and intricate lightsaber designs on the sides! This just may be the ring of many geeks’ dreams.

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Rebel alliance ring
Photo via Metal Wendler on Etsy

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Roundup of Star Wars gifts for women!

Do you also create beautiful Star Wars gifts that appeal to women? Let us know in the comments! We hope that this gift guide has helped you with your geeky shopping needs for her (whether you’re shopping for your boo, mother, sister, daughter, or friend).

Photo via Jeet Mahetalia on Unsplash

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