10 Delightful Pieces of Jewelry That Are So Cottagecore it Hurts

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If you’re on the hunt for cottagecore jewelry right now, welcome – you have found your people.

After all, we here at Thoughtful Gift Club have also been spending our days and nights daydreaming about the cottagecore life – twirly dresses, fresh baked bread, endless florals, and more.

Which is exactly why we set out to find some of the most beautiful cottagecore jewelry pieces available on the Internet! With everything from cute toadstools to dainty strawberries, teacups, butterflies and pressed flowers, the collection below will have you frothing at the mouth if you’re going through a cottagecore ‘phase’ right now. Although at this point, we’re not entirely convinced it’s a phase.

Best of all? Every piece is handmade by an awesome creator, not mass produced. Enjoy this roundup of delightful cottagecore jewlery, featuring beautiful earrings, necklaces, pendants and more that will have you dreaming, drooling and flinging your credit card at the screen.

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1. These adorable mushroom earrings

Let’s start with some quintessential ‘cottagecore’ earrings – these adorable toadstool earrings created by Designs by Delmarie. Inspired of course by real mushrooms, each set is hand crafted and hand painted to perfection. We’re squealing just looking at them.

PS: Surprise! The mushrooms glow in the dark.

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Photo via Designs by Delmarie on Etsy

2. These Moss and Quartz Potion Bottle Earrings

If you’re feeling for some cottagecore earrings that are a bit witchier, check out these amazing dangle potion bottle earrings by PNW Witchery that are filled with clear quartz and moss.

So. seriously. beautiful!

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Photo via PNW Witchery on Etsy

3. This gold leaf butterfly pendant

This lovely handmade pendant from Colleen’s Creatures is a must if you’re looking for a gorgeous cottagecore necklace that’s butterfly themed. This piece comes complete with a beautiful gold-plated chain, and is a seriously dreamy piece that is sure to complete any cottagecore dreams of yours.

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Photo via Colleen’s Creatures on Etsy

4. This copper strawberries necklace

For a beautiful dainty cottagecore piece, RivGarden has you covered with a huge selection of gorgeous handmade pieces. One of our personal favorites though is this copper strawberries necklace – handpainted and truly one of a kind!

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Photo via RivGarden on Etsy

PS: They also have a mushroom one here:

Photo via RivGarden on Etsy

5. These porcelain and teacup earrings

For the perfect tea party accessory, check out these amazing porcelain teacup earrings via Selma Dreams.

I mean come on, the mini teacups even have their own little saucers. * sob *

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Photo via Selma Dreams on Etsy

6. These stunning teardrop earrings

For a daintier cottagecore jewelry piece, check out Cosmic Designs UK, who have created these gorgeous earrings made from real pressed flowers and resin. Each pair is made to order and completely unique, plus you can pick the hook material and even choose to make it into a keyring or pendant if you wish.

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Photo via Cosmic Designs UK on Etsy

7. This stunning pressed flower necklace

Another unbelievably romantic cottagecore-inspired necklace is this delicate terrarium necklace by MARIAELA. This one of a kind piece contains gorgeous flowers picked from the artist’s garden/nearby meadows, which honestly, is about as cottagecore as it gets.

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Photo via MARIAELA on Etsy

8. This fern resin necklace

For a minimalist and breathtaking piece, check out this gorgeous crystal fern necklace from Costurero Real. Made of real fern leaves and resin, this is one delicate cottagecore necklace you need in your wardrobe ASAP.

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Photo via Costurero Real on Etsy

9. This heart shaped flower pendant

This dainty and picture-perfect pendant from Colleens’ Creatures is another one of our favorite cottagecore-inspired picks. From the heart shape and gold detailing to the perfectly pressed flower in the middle, we are utterly obsessed.

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Photo via Colleens’ Creatures on Etsy

10. This amazing mushroom pendant

Last but certainly not least, we have this stunning clay pendant from Little Raggedy Shop, handpainted with two red amanita mushrooms and sold with a braided waxed cord. Have we achieved cottagecore perfection? We think so.

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Photo via Little Raggedy Shop on Etsy

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