30 Delightfully Thoughtful DIY Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

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Relationships can be a challenge under the best of circumstances but long distance relationships are especially difficult to maintain.

Being apart means less time together and missing each other can be stressful. Eliminate some of that stress and show how much you care by sending your significant other a package full of DIY Gifts for Long Distance Relationships!

Absence does make the heart grow fonder but it helps to encourage that love with some homemade long distance relationship gifts. Make the separation from your boyfriend or girlfriend a little easier with these special DIY gifts that celebrate your love for each other.

You are going to love these DIY long distance gifts.

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Partial DIY Long Distance Gifts

Don’t have time to make something completely from scratch? Here are some easy shortcuts you can take that are just as thoughtful, but with half the work!

This Premade Exploding Box You Can Customize

Not crafty? This amazing pre-made "exploding box" is ready-to-gift - just add your own photos, messages and gifts for the ultimate thoughtful gift with a fraction of the work!

05/20/2024 07:04 pm GMT
This Fill in the Blank "Why I Miss You" Book

This adorable book is filled with prompts that you can fill out to explain to your loved one exactly why you miss them! A super cute gift with half the work of a normal scrapbook/journal.

05/20/2024 04:34 pm GMT
This Customizable Set of Capsule Messages in a Bottle

This bottle is filled with capsules containing blank notes that you can write/customize for your loved one! That way, they can crack open a novelty pill anytime they miss you.

05/20/2024 10:19 am GMT

Now, let’s move onto more DIY gift ideas for your long distance partner!

DIY Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

These long distance DIY gifts for him or her are perfect for celebrating your love despite the miles. Make sure your significant other feels love no matter how far apart.

1. Embroidered Notebook

Being apart can be hard on a relationship but there are many ways to keep the communication going such as with this hand embroidered notebook.

Click here to learn more from DIY Candy.

Photo via DIY Candy

2. Handmade Photo Frame

This beautiful handmade frame is fun to make and when paired with a personal photo makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one who is far away.

Click here to learn more from Artsy Karma.

Photo via Artsy Karma

3. Vintage Map Key Chain

If you need DIY Gifts for a long distance boyfriend, this personalized map keychain is the perfect way to remind him of home.

Click here to learn more from Sustain My Craft Habit.

4. DIY Photo Book

When you are far apart it’s fun to remember the times when you were together. Download your best photos because photo books make the best DIY Long distance gifts.

Click here to learn more from B4 and Afters.

Photo via B4 and Afters

5. Movie Night Gift Basket

You can still have movie night together with this clever DIY for long distance relationships. Package up a few of your significant others favorite snacks and send them off. Watch a movie together via the phone or Facetime while you enjoy the snacks.

Click here to learn more from Blogging and Living.

6. I Miss You Box

Even if only for a short time, being away from your loved one can be a challenge. Let them know how you feel with this DIY Long Distance relationship kit.

Click here to learn more from Dating Divas.

7. Open When Letters

Being apart means you will miss out on some life events with your significant other. These DIY long distance “open when” letter ideas are perfect for helping your loved one through tough times without you.

Click here to learn more from By Deze.

Photo via By Deze

8. Wire Heart Bookmark

If your boyfriend or girlfriend plans to do some reading while you are apart they will love this wire heart bookmark. It’s small enough to tuck into a letter or card.

Click here to learn more from Single Girls DIY.

9. 10 Things I Love Mini Album

Turn an old cardboard tube into a handmade mini album that celebrates all the things you love about your significant other no mater how far apart you are.

Click here to learn more from Making Manzanita.

10. The Happy Jar

Being apart can certainly stir up a lot of emotions. This homemade long distance relationship gift will help your SO find happiness and joy.

Click here to learn more from A Centsational Life.

11. Long Distance Couples Keychain

I love how you can repurpose a dollar store Tumbling Tower block game into fun matching keychains with a wood burning tool. It’s perfect for friends, family and those you love – especially if you are far apart.

Click here to learn more from Single Girls DIY.

12. I Love You From A to Z

If you have a loved one who would appreciate a barrage of love make them this fun A to Z Book to show them all the things you love. This handmade long distance relationship gift will surely make your SO smile.

Click here to learn more from Thinking Closet.

Photo via Thinking Closet

13. GPS Wall Art

This latitude/longitude wall art holds the coordinates to a place that is special to you and your true love. Don’t let the long distance come between you!

Click here to learn more from The Girl Creative.

14. Heart Map

Showcase where you’ve been with your significant other with this DIY Heart Map Wall Art. This project is so sweet and simple! It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as I am with you.

Click here to learn more from Living Well Spending Less.

15. Love Journals

Sending greeting cards back and forth is expensive and the words belong to someone else. During the time of your long distance relationship, create love journals for each other.

Click here to learn more from Dwelling In Happiness.

16. Explosion Photo Box

An explosion gift box looks complicated, but it’s actually not that hard to construct and it’s a great long distance DIY gift for him.

Click here to learn more from It’s Always Autumn.

17. Waiting Jar

This countdown calendar ‘Waiting Jar’ will help to count the days until your next visit with your long distance lover.

Click here to learn more from Woo! Jr.

Photo via Woo! Jr.

18. Red Hot Gift Box

Put together some spicy snacks and other trinkets for this perfect long distance DIY gift for him. He’ll know you think he’s red hot!

Click here to learn more from Fantabulosity.

Photo via Fantabulosity

19. State to State Pillow

Give this as a gift to a long distance loved one to remind them that you really aren’t that far away and your hearts are connected.

Photo via Jennifer Maker

20. Long Distance Lovers Map

This is a lovely personalized gift and a wonderful keepsake. Use maps of where you are to celebrate your long distance relationship.

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Photo via Pillar Box Blue

DIY Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Pampering

Being apart is tough on the brain and the body. Make your sweetheart feel great with these DIY long distance relationship gifts that are perfect for some home self-care time.

21. Lip Scrub

Sweet Lips sugar scrub and Soft Lips moisturizer make a great gift for any season or any reason. Make sure her lips are kissably soft for your reunion.

Click here to learn more from 365 Days of Crafts.

22. Lavender Vanilla Soap

This DIY gift for long distance relationships will let your loved one start each day with you on their mind. This shower soap smells great and is simple to make.

Click here to learn more from Ottawa Mommy Club.

23. Beard Oil

This DIY beard oil recipe will leave your (or your man’s) beard soft, smelling amazing, and clean. It uses essential oils and encourages beard growth.

Click here to learn more from Beauty Crafter.

Photo via Beauty Crafter

25. After Shave Lotion

If your guy’s not a beard guy some aftershave lotion that will keep his skin smooth and comforted will let him know you are thinking of him.

Click here to learn more from Gluesticks and Gumdrops.

25. Honey Almond Sugar Scrub

Send someone special a DIY Spa Treatment. Their skin will be hydrated, silky smooth and smell great the next time you are together.

Click here to learn more from You Brew My Tea.

Photo via You Brew My Tea

Tasty Homemade Long Distance Relationship Gifts

The best way to a loved ones heart is through the stomach. Spend some time in the kitchen and whip up a few treats for your long distance lover.

26. Rose Petal Homemade Chocolate

This luxurious and homemade dark chocolate bark with chilli and rose petals is full of healthy ingredients and will remind your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are thinking of them.

Click here to learn more from Simply Beyond Herbs.

27. Rose Scented Shortbread

This Rose Scented Shortbread is unpretentious and has a delicate floral scent. It’s easy to make and just right for sending off to your bae, no matter how far away they are.

Click here to learn more from What A Girl Eats.

28. Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffles

These gorgeous, velvety and ultra-decadent Champagne pink chocolate truffles are made in Japanese nama style, so they are easier and faster to make than regular truffles. A perfect romantic handmade gift!

Click here to learn more from Like Hot Keto.

Photo via Like Hot Keto

29. A Jar of Kisses

Simple yet special this jar of kisses is the perfect DIY Gift for long distance girlfriend. Just print out the free kisses card and fill a jar with yummy chocolate kisses.

Click here to learn more from Let’s DIY It All.

30. Cherry Cordials

If you want an edible DIY gift for long distance relationship that is over-the-top romantic, try your hand at these homemade chocolate cherry cordials.

Click here to learn more from A Daring Life.

Photo via A Daring Life

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