20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Doctor Who Fans (That Will Make Them Wibbly Wobbly With Joy!)

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Doctor Who is one of those televisions series’ that has delighted generations.

Viewers have fallen in love with the Gallifreyan Time Lord known only as “The Doctor” since the 1960s, especially since he (and the series itself) is constantly regenerating, getting better and more exciting!

Whether your Doctor Who fan is a new, young convert, or an old-school viewer from the very first season, they are sure to love receiving Doctor Who themed gifts for Christmas, their birthday or any other occasion.

We’ve rounded up this bumper list of presents for Whovians, organizing them by different price points. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to get your fan a gift that will make them excited enough to start squealing “oooWEEEEooooWEEEoooooOOOOH!”

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Best Gifts for Doctor Who Fans Under $20

You can find wonderful Doctor Who gifts even if you’re on a tight budget! These are the best presents for Doctor Who fans that cost less than $20 but are sure to be a hit.

This Tardis Necktie

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, but if the man (or tie-wearing individual) you're shopping for loves Doctor Who, then they will also love this Tardis tie!

05/20/2024 10:49 am GMT
This Pack of 50 Doctor Who Stickers

Photo via Sallymei Goods on Etsy

Sticker packs are great affordable and light gifts, so this bumper pack of 50 will be loved by any Doctor Who fan. Featuring characters from all seasons, they can decorate their whole house!

These 3D Printed Tardis Earrings

Photo via Geekkittyshop on Etsy

3D printed earrings are very lightweight, so they make great gifts to post. Get your Doctor Who fan these cute little Tardis earrings so they can wear their love on their ears!

This Glow in the Dark Name in Gallifreyan Mug

Photo via Hx5 Designs on Etsy

Gallifreyan is the language of the Time Lords (and Doctor Who is a Time Lord) so Doctor Who fans will love a glow in the dark mug with their own name written in Gallifreyan!

These Cozy Doctor Who Socks

Everyone needs socks, right? So, get your Doctor Who fan this pack of five with different designs that all proclaim how much they love Doctor Who!

A Caffeinate Dalek Mug

We know it's another mug but this one is so funny, featuring a Dalek saying "caffeinate" instead of exterminate in the Starbucks logo. It's perfect for fans of both Doctor Who and Starbucks!

05/20/2024 06:24 pm GMT
The Keys to the Tardis Keychain

Photo via Anes and Eve on Etsy

This is the cutest keychain ever to get for a Doctor Who fan. It can also be personalized with their name or a message and/or their birth stone!

This Gallifrey Timespace Industries T-Shirt

Photo via Lonely Red Planet on Etsy

A t-shirt from someone's favorite franchise is always a great gift, and we love that this one is a bit more unique, so your Doctor Who fan probably doesn't already have one!

This Stunning Doctor Who Pocket Watch and Necklace

This beautiful gift set features an antique-looking pocket watch and necklace, both with Gallifreyan symbols. There are also different colors available.

05/20/2024 06:04 am GMT

Doctor Who Gift Ideas Between $20-50

For a little bit more cash you can find lots of beautiful Doctor Who gift ideas, no matter the age or gender of your Doctor Who fan!

A Heat Reactive Doctor Who Travel Mug

Travel mugs are great for keeping your hot drink warm on the go, and this one comes in Tardis blue with the Tardis on it. The best bit? The Tardis appears only when the contents are hot!

Some Cute Doctor Who Ornaments

The perfect Christmas gift for a Doctor Who fan is this set of four adorable ornaments, featuring 'villains' from the series! Even for someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, they would make a fun gift.

This Elegant Tardis Bag

This bag is quite large and roomy, so it's ideal for Doctor Who fans to transport all their stuff for work, school or any time. The design of the Tardis moving through time and space is also very beautiful.

05/19/2024 04:34 pm GMT
A Doctor Who Mini Christmas Tree

Take the Christmas gift one step further for your Doctor Who fan and get them this adorable Tardis blue mini Christmas tree! It even comes with themed ornaments and tinsel.

Their Gallifreyan Name Necklace

Photo via Mystical Props on Etsy

This is a fantastic thoughtful gift for a Doctor Who fan as you can get a necklace made for them with their own name written in Gallifreyan!

This Adorable Adipose Plush

The Adiposians were probably the cutest 'monsters' to ever appear on Doctor Who, so any fan will likely adore having their own little stuffed version to cuddle!

05/19/2024 07:04 pm GMT
An Exploding Tardis Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is made of fleece so it's very warm and cozy. Plus, it features the colorful image of Van Gogh's painting from the Doctor Who series!

A Bad Wolf Tardis Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

What makes a better gift for a Doctor Who fan than a Tardis figurine? How about one that's actually a wireless bluetooth speaker so they can listen to music too!

05/20/2024 05:30 pm GMT
This Doctor Who Tardis Hoodie

Go the whole hog and help your Doctor Who fan turn into the Tardis! Well, sort of, with this soft hoodie featuring the disguise as a police public call box.

05/20/2024 05:42 pm GMT

Doctor Who Gifts Between $50 – $100

If you can afford to splurge, these wonderful gift ideas for Doctor Who fans cost more than $50 but still less than $100. They’ll definitely leave your recipient delighted!

A Doctor Who Clock

Photo via Deniz Studio Gifts on Etsy

This elegant clock shows the times written in Gallifreyan, so Doctor Who fans will probably love confusing non-fans! You can also choose a gold or blue set of hands.

This Doctor Who Comforter

For the fan who wishes they could fly away in the Tardis, get them this bed-set so they can at least sort of do it in their sleep!

05/15/2024 02:33 pm GMT
The Fourth Doctor's Scarf

Photo via With Love By Olena on Etsy

OG Doctor Who fans who loved Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor will be overjoyed to receive their very own, hand-knitted version of the oversize scarf that he used to wear!

Presents for Doctor Who Fans Over $100

For those with the baller budget, these epic Doctor Who gifts cost more than $100, but are so amazing that any fan will be over the moon to receive them!

This Tardis Interior Diorama

Photo via Slick Artwork on Etsy

This beautiful handmade diorama shows a 3D rendering of the interior of the Tardis and comes in a wood and glass frame. Definitely a unique gift that any fan will adore.

The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Photo via Custom Who Sonics on Etsy

This incredible replica of the tenth doctor's sonic screwdriver (with light and sound) would make an epic gift for any Doctor Who fan, but especially those that loved David Tennant in the role.

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