70+ Egg Pun Names & Celebrity Egg Names to Crack You Up

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Coming up with the perfect egg pun names can be a tough one to….. crack.

But yolk can do it if you put your mind to it! (With our help of course)

Below, we’ve assembled tons of punny egg name ideas, whether you’re looking for celebrity egg pun names or generic name puns for eggs. 

Feel free to…. poach these ideas for whatever purpose you need them for.

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Basic Building Blocks for Punny Egg Names

Let’s start with some common egg-xellent words you can incorporate into your egg pun names. Using these, you can come up with your own creative ideas, or keep scrolling for some pre-made ones.

Here are some words to incorporate into your punny egg names if you so wish:

  • Egg (of course)
  • Crack
  • Yolk
  • Shell 
  • Fry
  • Scramble
  • Hatch
  • Benedict

Celebrity Egg Pun Names

Wanting to name your egg after a celebrity/famous fictional character? Here are some celebrity-inspired pun names that are egg-stra fun:

Egg Sheeran

Egg-ward Cullen

Egg-ward Norton

Ewan McGr-Eggor

Connor McGr-Eggor

Crack-stina Aguilera 

Beyonc-Egg Knowles

Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch or Benedict Cumber-Hatch

Egg-atha Christie

Teri Hatch-er

Margaret Hatch-er

Charlize Ther-hen

Yolk-o Ono

Scramblett Johannson (or Scarlett Yolk-hannson)

Simon Egg

Fr-eggy Mercury

Egg Ryan

Megg-an Fox

Jennifer Lop-egg

Eggy Azalea

Yolk-quin Phoenix

Crackston Hall Yoshida

Brian Crackston

Shell-ton John

Mi-shell Obama

Mi-shell Pfeiffer



Shell-y Duvall

Shell-don Cooper

Shell-ine Dion

Generic Punny Egg Names for Men

Celebrity names not egg-xactly what you’re looking for? Here are some male names with a punny, eggy twist.

Alexander: Al-egg-xander

Alejandro: Alejandr-yolk

Benedict: Ben-egg-dict, Eggs Benedict

Bryce: Fryce

Ed: Egg

Edward: Egg-ward

Emilio: Egg-milio

Elliott: Egg-liott, Shell-iott

Elton: Shell-ton

Ezra: Eggz-ra

Hector: Hegg-tor

Henry: Hen-ry

Igor: Egg-or

Jonathan: Jon-egg-than

Ryan: Fry-an

Timothy: Timo-fry

Wesley: Wegg-sley

Generic Punny Egg Names for Women

How about some female egg name puns? Here are some for you to fry out:

Adele: A-shell

Agatha: Egg-atha

Alexandra: Alegg-xandra

Angela: Ang-shella

Ashley: A-shell-y

Astrid: Egg-strid

Agnes: Egg-nes

Berenice: Ber-egg-nice

Chelsea: Shell-sea

Christina: Crack-stina

Emma: Emm-egg

Francesca: Franc-egg-sca

Freya: Fry-a

Helena: Hel-egg-na

Lorelai: Lorel-egg

Juliet: Juli-egg

Megan: Megg-an

Michelle: Mi-Shell

Olivia: Olivi-Yolk, Olivi-egg

Shelly: Shell-y

Shiloh: Shell-oh

Victoria: Victori-yolk, Victori-egg

Generic Unisex Egg Name Puns

Lastly, here are some ideas for unisex name puns that work for eggs.

Adrian: Egg-drian

Alex: Aleggs

Shelby: Shell-by

Dakota: Degg-kota

Have Any More Egg Pun Names to Suggest?

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