20+ Unmissable Experience Gifts in Boston (for Every Budget!)

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Whether you’re gift shopping for a Boston local or someone looking to visit, one gift idea that works every time is an unforgettable experience gift.

The location of many important events in America’s history, home to some of the country’s most renowned universities and a city with plenty of delicious seafood, there’s always something to enjoy in Boston, Massachusetts.

We’ve put together this list of the best experience gifts in Boston, that you can purchase for someone special to enjoy. We’re not guaranteeing that they’ll say “best gift ever!” but we wouldn’t be surprised if they do!

Read on for some amazing Boston experience gift ideas, for thrill-seekers to romantic couples, there’s sure to be something ideal no matter your budget.

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Our Pick
This Cool Experience Box w/ Tons of Options

If you can't quite settle on what experience gift to get, a Tinggly box is an awesome option. Offering hundreds of cool experiences around the world in one easily wrappable box, it's a foolproof pick that anyone will love.

Best Experience Gifts for Boston Under $100

Don’t think that the best Boston experience gifts require you to spend a fortune! These experience gifts for Boston all cost less than $100 and will ensure your recipient has an awesome time.

This Boston Underground Donut Tour

Photo by Amy Syiek on Unsplash

Give someone the gift of deliciousness with this donut tour! They'll get to explore the best of the city while also tasting coffee, apple cider and, of course, Boston's best donuts.

A Historical Sightseeing Cruise

Photo by Mari Ganesh Kumar on Unsplash

Help someone sightsee in style on this historical Boston cruise. They'll get to see and learn about the city's most famous sites from the water while they relax.

This Thrilling Boston Harbor Ride

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

For those who prefer thrills to simple sightseeing, this Codzilla speedboat ride on Boston's harbor is definitely an exciting way to experience the city from the water.

A Boston Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A scavenger hunt is a great way for residents or visitors to learn more about the city of Boston, particularly the harbor, while having fun along the way!

This Spooky Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

Photo by Kentaro Toma on Unsplash

A ghost tour is another great way to see and learn about the lesser-known sides of the city, so this one is a great choice in Boston for someone who enjoys the macabre.

A Whale Watching Excursion

Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

You do need to make sure your recipient can use this between April - October, as that is prime season for humpback whale spotting off the coast near Boston!

An Allston Food and Art Tour

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Most people like art and food, right? So, there's no better way to explore Boston than on a tour that combines street art and tasting the best cuisine in the Allston neighborhood.

Kayaking Boston Harbor

Photo by Nadim Merrikh on Unsplash

For sightseeing with a difference, gift someone who likes being active with this Boston harbor kayaking experience. They'll get to see the sights from a different perspective!

This Boston Secret Food Tour

Photo via MonicaVolpin on Pixabay

Foodies will love this special 'secret' tour of Boston's historic North End. They'll get to sample yummy bites at six different places all while learning about the city's history.

A Boston Harbor Lunch Cruise

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

A lunch cruise is a nice gift, because it's not something someone would usually buy themselves! This one is a lovely way to see Boston and enjoy delicious food.

This Ultimate Brewery Tour

Boston is home to many award-winning breweries, taprooms, cider houses and distilleries. If you're looking for a gift for someone who likes beer in Boston, then this ultimate tour is it!

Boston Experience Gift Ideas Between $100-$200

If you’re looking for birthday experiences in Boston, or something for a different occasion, these great options cost more than $100 but still less than $200.

A Day Trip to Plymouth Including the Mayflower II

Photo by Lindsay E. Durant on Unsplash

Anyone who's into history and visiting Boston will want to experience a day trip to Plymouth and the chance to explore the Mayflower II. Luckily you can then gift them this day trip!

This Gourmet Brunch Cruise

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

A decadent cruise while enjoying a delicious brunch has got to be the best way to see Boston! Treat your recipient if you know they'd enjoy seeing the city from the water.

A Boston Sunset Sail

Photo by daniela de gol on Unsplash

This would be a very romantic gift for a couple, they can watch the sun setting over the Boston skyline from onboard a beautiful 80-foot schooner.

A Fancy Dinner Cruise

Photo by Heliberto Arias on Unsplash

The only thing nicer than a brunch or lunch cruise is a dinner cruise, because recipients will also get to enjoy watching the Boston sunset while eating and drinking to live music!

A Boston Date Night Gift Card

Photo by Aman Nagpal on Unsplash

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a couple in Boston but aren't quite sure what, let them pick with this date night card that has multiple activities for two to choose from!

Boston Experience Gifts Over $200

If you can afford it, then why not truly spoil a loved one on their special day? These epic Boston experience gift ideas cost more than $200 but are definitely worth the price tag!

This Romantic Glass-Working Class for Two

Photo by Clément Philippe on Unsplash

If you want to gift a couple in Boston a very unique date night, then you can't go past this glass-blowing or flame-working workshop, that includes whatever they make!

A Boston Gourmet Experience

This is another great idea for a foodie in Boston, who you can't quite decide what to get! Let them choose from one of 9 gourmet options (for 2) to ensure they love the experience.

A Boston Thrill Seeker Experience

Photo by Chase McBride on Unsplash

Another great option for someone in Boston who loves to get their adrenaline pumping is this gift card where they can choose from 9 exciting excursions (some for 2 people).

A Boston Helicopter Flight For Two

The ultimate way to see a city is from the sky, so this gift of a helicopter flight over Boston for two people would definitely make their day!

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