The Best Harry Potter-Themed Gift Right Now? A DIY Toolkit for Shifting to Hogwarts. Here’s What that Means

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If you have spent any amount of time on TikTok lately, you might have noticed a new craze sweeping the Harry Potter fanbase in particular: the desire to shift realities to Hogwarts and the wizarding world.

Confused? According to Geek Trippers, “reality shifting is the practice of shifting your consciousness from your Current Reality (CR) to another reality, usually your Desired Reality (DR).”

Skeptics dismiss it as lucid dreaming, while reality shifting’s proponents argue you’re truly tapping into an alternate reality that exists for real, much like our current reality.

Either way, the result is the same: countless eager Potterheads (especially those active on DracoTok) are actively trying to shift realities to Hogwarts or (as many of them will call it) home.

So, if you are looking for (seriously) the coolest, most thoughtful DIY gift for the Potterhead in your life, why not make them a DIY Shifting Toolkit, complete with subliminals, Hogwarts scripts, an overview of methods, and more?

This post will guide you through everything you need to assemble this awesome Hogwarts Shifting gift set… and hey, if you’re just making one for yourself – all the better! Just consider this a resource page for Hogwarts shifting. We hope you find it helpful!

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The Basics of Reality Shifting to Hogwarts

Whether you are trying to shift yourself or not, it’s important that you understand the basics of shifting, particularly in relation to Hogwarts, before you get started on creating a Hogwarts Shifting kit.

This post from Geek Trippers gives a fuller explanation, but in sum, most reports of ‘successful’ shifting involve a mix of the following:

  • Meditating/clearing one’s mind
  • Listening to subliminals
  • Scripting one’s desired reality (i.e. creating a detailed script of Hogwarts or where they are shifting to)

So, here are some ideas on what to include in your Shifting kit gift set. Whether this gift is completely virtual, or if you create a physical version, this will definitely be one of the best possible gifts you could ever get for a Harry Potter fan right now.

Photo by Serafima Lazarenko on Unsplash

A DIY Reality Shifting to Hogwarts Kit: What to Include

Whether you’re assembling this gift for the devoted Potterhead in your life or simply looking for ideas to ease your own shifting journey, here are some ideas on what to include in a Hogwarts reality shifting toolkit.

  • A curated playlist of subliminals
  • A cool notebook for scripting purposes
  • A printout of reality shifting methods they can reference
  • Extras like Harry Potter candles for when they meditate
  • Photos/printouts/vision boards that represent their desired reality
  • Other Harry Potter merch to complete the set

Now, here are some ideas on what to include for each component of your Shifting to Hogwarts kit!

Or maybe they’ll want to visit Hogsmeade? Photo by Annie Maher on Unsplash

1. A Curated Playlist of Hogwarts Subliminals

One component of your Hogwarts shifting kit should definitely be some Harry Potter subliminals.

Subliminals are considered by many to be an important tool in reality shifting.

In brief, they are affirmations related to your desired reality that are sped up (sometimes to the point that they are completely silent to the listener) and then layered with things like music and ambient noise.

Subliminals are said to be effective at targeting the subconscious and reforming your beliefs on a subconscious level.

Luckily, Harry Potter themed subliminals are abundant, and (if you ask us) quite lovely as they are usually paired with Harry Potter music that we already know and love, along with ambient elements like rain.

So, to help you out in curating materials for your Hogwarts shifting toolkit, here are a few Hogwarts subliminals that incorporate Harry Potter music.

NOTE: The comments section of these is quite interesting as well because lots of Potterheads are in there speaking about their own Hogwarts shifting experiences

  • This Shifting to Hogwarts subliminal by clqzie subliminals
  • This relaxing Hogwarts shifting subliminal by clqzie subliminals
  • This (music-less) Hogwarts subliminal by his imperial majesty, kazimir the terrible

How can you make these ‘giftable’? Here are some ideas:

  • Generating a custom Bitly (shortened link) of the playlists like “” or something cute and then writing it down on a paper with cute drawings with a little explanation of the gift
  • Putting the playlists on a USB with other elements of your Hogwarts reality shifting kit
Photo by Alden Maben on Unsplash

2. A cool notebook for scripting purposes

If you are giving your Hogwarts shifting kit as a physical gift, then a really thoughtful addition might be to include a special notebook (or parchment like this if you want to be on-theme) so they have a nice dedicated place to write out their scripts.

Here are some cool Harry Potter notebooks that might work well for this purpose:

  • This awesome Marauder’s Map notebook
  • This cool refillable Harry Potter leather notebook
  • This gorgeous hardcover HP notebook

EXTRA THOUGHTFUL TOUCH: If you know them well enough, you can even include your own Hogwarts script ideas for them, or at the very least include some templates like this one so they can easily get started.

Here are some Hogwarts scripting ideas to include:

  • Their Hogwarts house
  • Their age/year
  • Their skills and strengths
  • What languages they speak
  • Their love interests
  • Who they’re friends with
  • A “sign” for when they are in their DR (specific smell, visual, etc)
  • How time passes in their DR vs their CR
  • What the plot is like (books vs. movie, different story entirely, etc.)
  • What’s going on with different characters (if you want this to be changed)
  • Their Patronus
  • Their wand
  • An ability to navigate Hogwarts easily
  • Whether they play Quidditch or not
  • Immortality/inability to die in the DR
  • How they will return to their CR

3. A printout of reality shifting methods they can reference

Especially if your gift recipient is new to reality shifting, a good idea for your Hogwarts shifting kit might be a printout of different popular shifting methods.

Wondering what to include? Here are some of the best known methods. Again, you can reference this Geek Trippers post for more resources and info.

  • Raven method: Lay in a starfish position on your bed, count to 100 while subliminals are playing, say positive affirmations between numbers
  • Alice in Wonderland method: Lay on your back, imagine yourself sitting against a tree until someone from your Desired Reality runs past you, chase them until you “fall down the rabbit hole” and find a key to your DR
  • Pillow method: Write down affirmations on a piece of paper, repeat them before bed, sleep with the paper under your pillow.
  • Elevator method: Imagine yourself in an elevator, with energy levels going higher and higher as you go up. Soon the elevator doors will open up to your desired reality when your energy is high enough

EXTRA THOUGHTFUL TOUCH: Consider making a little booklet of these methods (or separate little cards) and illustrating them with Hogwarts and Harry Potter themed drawings/photos.

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

4. Extras like Harry Potter candles for when they meditate

This part is completely optional, but if your budget allows, another thoughtful touch might be to include some Harry Potter-themed aromatherapy goods.

Since meditation is said to really help the shifting process, what better way to ease the shift to Hogwarts than some Hogwarts smelling candles? At the very least, they’ll appreciate this gift as a Potterhead whether shifting or not.

Here are some candles they might like:

Photo via CoolGirlCandles on Etsy

5. Visuals that represent Hogwarts as their desired reality

Another easy and fun component of your Hogwarts shifting toolkit would be plenty of visuals that represent their desired (Hogwarts) reality.

Thee are two different ways you can do this:

  • Virtually: Assembling photos online into a Google Drive, Dropbox or even a Pinterest board for them
  • Physically: Printing out photos, assembling collages, or including cute stickers like these

Where to find Harry Potter photos and visuals to include:

  • Pinterest: This is a great Harry Potter board with photos and individual House aesthetics
  • Unsplash: Free stock photos you can use for anything
  • Tumblr: Just search “Harry Potter”
Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

6. Other Harry Potter merch to complete the set

Lastly, if this is an important occasion (e.g. birthday or Christmas) and you want to go the extra mile, then you can round off your Hogwarts shifting kit with other HP goodies that any Potterhead would love.

This would be especially cute if you put everything into one basket or box and used some Harry Potter wrapping paper like this.

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We hope you enjoyed this Guide to Making a DIY Hogwart Shifting Kit!

Trust us, this gift will definitely make them smile from ear to ear (or combust with delight, who knows). Thanks for reading, and we hope you found this guide helpful!

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