50+ Gifts for Mandalorian Fans (That You’ll Absolutely Love!)

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There’s an overwhelming amount of search results that come up when you type in “Mandalorian gifts” or “Baby Yoda gifts”, so we completely understand if you’re overwhelmed…

But let us help!

Below, we’ve done all the hard work for you and filtered out some of the best gifts for Mando and Baby Yoda lovers! For extra easy browsing, we’ve even separated them into gift options under $20, gifts for Mando fans, gifts for Baby Yoda fans, and holiday specific Mando gifts, so you should be able to find multiple presents here to spoil everyone on your list.

That’s right – we’ve searched high and low through every crevice of Mandalore to curate this list for you, so we hope you enjoy and make great use of it!

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Best Mandalorian budget Gifts Under $20

Even Bounty Hunters love bargains! Below, we’ve assembled a few of our top finds for Mandalorian gifts under $20 across various Etsy shops. And remember, it’s the thought that counts – your recipient will never know that these were actually great deals!

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1. This Baby Yoda Scrunchie

Scrunchies are all the rage again (what’s up, rebirth of ’90s trends?!), so this Baby Yoda scrunchie is the perfect gift. Plus, what’s better than showing off your love for the Bebs than to wear him on your wrist, so you can have him at the ready whenever your hair needs to be tied back? *insert hair flip here*

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Baby Yoda scrunchie
Photo via Tonnika Talks

2. This Baby Yoda & Mando LEGO-esque Set

This Baby Yoda and Mando LEGO-esque set are perfect as desk or shelf decor. They’re highly realistic and adorable (because who doesn’t like mini versions of our fave characters from Mandalore?!).

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baby yoda Mando LEGO
Photo via Creations NLB

3. These Mandalorian Earrings

Mando needs some love, too! Check out these beautifully handcrafted Mando earrings that are mirrored acrylic (so they can either look silver or dark grey, depending on the light you look at them in– talk about chameleon-type earrings!). These are the perfect gifts for the fashion-conscious geek in your life!

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Mandalorian earrings
Photo via Epic Burns

4. These Baby Yoda Earrings

This is the way… if you want to own the cutest earrings in Mandalore! These Baby Yoda earrings are recognisable with the beb in his floating crib (how fitting that they dangle off your ears). Whoever receives these is bound to receive plenty of compliments!

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Baby Yoda earrings
Photo via This Nerd Shop

If large, chunky earrings are more your forte, check out these adorable Baby Yoda earrings:

Or, alternatively, if you like things tiny and dainty, these Baby Yoda studs are the most angelic little things you’ll own:

Or, if you want to show off studs with Baby Yoda clutching his mug, check out these:

Baby Yoda earrings
Photo via Shines Garden

Feelin’ fancy? These rhinestone Baby Yoda studs are the way to go:

Baby Yoda studs
Photo via Kyber Krystal

5. This Mandalorian Music Box

For an incredibly thoughtful, meaningful gift, why not gift this handcrafted Mando music box? You can even get it engraved with a personal message or quote. No batteries are required, and it plays the iconic Mando theme song when cranked. It’s an absolute must-have for avid collectors!

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Mandalorian music box
Photo via Phoenix Appeal

6. This Personalized Baby Yoda Name Sign

While this personalized Baby Yoda sign is probably meant for tiny tots, let’s be real – anyone could display this proudly in their room. Plus, it’s an inexpensive gift with a lot of cute custom Baby Yoda embellishments. The Force WILL be with you when you gift this to someone!

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7. This Baby Yoda Coffee Cozy

This Baby Yoda coffee cozy will be sure to keep your drink piping hot, your hands free of burns, and your beverage the king of geekdom! It’s so cute, you might even proudly wear it around your wrist as a gauntlet.

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8. These Baby Yoda Lollipops

For another inexpensive Baby Yoda gift, give these adorable lollipops! The ingredients are also vegetarian and vegan-friendly. You can choose from a variety of flavors, like bubblegum, strawberry, raspberry, orange, and caramel. We’re drooling already!

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Baby Yoda lollipops
Photo via Tessa T Treats

9. These Beautiful Sequin Baby Yoda Mickey Ears

If you want to show your love for the Bebs in a Disney park, these bedazzled ears are the way to go. Baby Yoda is glittery chic in these, and you’ll undoubtedly get showered with compliments even if you wear these to run your errands in the supermarket.

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10. This Baby Yoda Necklace

For those who love to accessorize, check out this beautiful Baby Yoda necklace (which comes in brass or stainless steel). It’s dainty and minimalistic enough for the gal who loves to wear necklaces (and it costs 100 times less than a Tiffany & Co. necklace, and is much cuter).

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11. This Baby Yoda Crocheted Baby Blanket

If you’re gifting for a newborn, tiny tot, OR just someone who loves amigurumi, this Baby Yoda crocheted baby blanket is perfect! It’s such a lightweight, thoughtful gift that is literally made with love. It’s particularly a fave for girls, who will undoubtedly screech with delight when laying eyes on this for the first time.

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12. This Baby Yoda Cosmetics Bag

For the makeup aficionado, check out this Baby Yoda cosmetics bag with fitting print (“This is my good side”). It can also double as a clutch or general bag or necessities – a very useful gift!

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13. This Mando Charm Bracelet

For a simply ‘charm’ing gift, check out this Mando bracelet. The charms feature Mando-related items from Mandalore (everything from Baby Yoda to blasters), and it’s a way to feel geek chic while flaunting this on your wrist.

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14. This Baby Yoda Enamel Pin

How cute is this tiny Baby Yoda enamel pin?! If you know a pin guru or collector, this is a must-have gift for them. It’s light enough to mail to anyone around the galaxy!

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Enamel pin
Photo via Khumbu Pins

15. This Baby Yoda Rhinestone Badge Holder

For those hardworking biz professionals who always need to have their ID badges on them, this Baby Yoda carabiner/badge holder is ideal. And who can resist this itty bitty baby holding his sippy Starbucks cup?

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16. These Baby Yoda Hair Clips

These Baby Yoda hair clips are the cutest little gifts you can possibly give to any geek! There’s also a Mando one thrown in, but we personally like the Baby Yoda ones best. If you don’t want to wear them in your hair, you can always clip them onto a jacket or through a button hole for some extra flair!

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Baby Yoda hair clips
Photo via Garden of Arden

17. This Baby Yoda Clay Charm

How utterly kawaii is this Baby Yoda polymer clay charm?! You can pick if you want this made into a keychain, necklace, phone charm, etc. If this makes US squeal just by looking at the photo, imagine one’s reaction when you gift it to someone!

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Baby Yoda charm
Photo via Lynnie Popsicle

18. This Baby Yoda Keychain & Mini Piñata

This Baby Yoda keychain and mini piñata is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates Mando. Clip the keychain onto your keys, purses, backpack zippers, anything – he’s here to keep you company!

You can choose if you want to gift this in a set, or with the piñata by itself. The piñata is perfect for filling with candies or confetti for little ones, so it’s also like doubling the gifts!

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19. This Baby Yoda Headband

This lightweight headband is the perfect hair accessory for tying back your hair for the gym or everyday use. You can retie the headband to be used as a bow, with a braid, in a high ponytail, or with a bun – the options are endless! It’s the cutest gift for the gal who loves to show off her undying love for Baby Yoda.

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20. This Baby Yoda Sticker

Stickers are the best gifts, since everyone loves adorning their water jugs, laptops, and phones with the latest, cutest decals. This Baby Yoda sticker is no exception! It’s one of the top budget gifts to give someone special for any time of the year.

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Baby Yoda sticker
Photo via Bamboo by Tundra

If you know that your recipient is a huge Harry Potter AND Baby Yoda fan, you can give them this adorable sticker:

Baby Yoda patronus sticker
Photo via DIY Craft Bae

21. These Mando Crossfit Wrist Wraps

If you know a hardcore Crossfitter or fitness enthusiast, these Mando wrist wraps for strengths are worth ordering! They’re made of cotton, are machine-washable and durable, and are the perfect way to stay in high geek fashion while staying in shape.

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Baby Yoda crossfit straps
Photo via Always Stronger

22. This Cute Baby Yoda Hair Bow

What better way to accessorize long locks than with a colorful, geeky Baby Yoda hair bow? This custom made bow is either made as a barrette or ponytail holder and is perfect for Mando fans who want to showcase their dedication to the Bebs.

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Gifts for Mandalorian Fans

Here’s a collection of the best Mando gifts from various shops. They’re all related to the mighty Bounty Hunter himself or indicate subtle hints from Mandalore.

23. This Mando Whiskey Set

For a classy gift, check out this beautiful whiskey set, complete with etchings of Baby Yoda and Mando. You can also add personalization to the inside of the gift box, which makes it even more special!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Also, if you’re shopping for whiskey lover, check out our article on the best whiskey gifts (for every budget)!

Photo via Wedding Mementos

24. This Mandalorian Skirt

For a fun, flirty gift, this Mando helmet print skirt is both fashionable and beautiful. Show your pride for being a Mando fanatic with this (or gift it, if you must), and you’ll be the best-dressed Bounty Hunter in Mandalore!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Mandalorian skirt
Photo via Skirty Birt

25. This Mythosaur Skull Necklace

If you want to channel your inner Mando, this Mythosaur skull necklace is the coolest replica prop from the show. It’s a subtle gift that speaks volumes about diehard dedication to the fandom!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Mandalorian necklace
Photo via FN Props 4587

26. This Mandalorian Replica Helmet

If you want to give someone the ULTIMATE Mando gift, this replica helmet is your best option to truly send them wild with delight. You can choose from a variety of options depending on your gift’s usage (cosplay, raw cast, airsoft, and custom paint airsoft or cosplay).

The helmet is made of durable fiberglass and is probably one of the closest replicas to the actual helmet in the show.

Click here to check prices and reviews

Mandalorian helmet
Photo via Crafter Fold

27. This Mandalorian Wallet

If the man in your life loves all things Mando, this leather Mando wallet is a suitable gift. After all, since money is the most sacred thing we carry around, why not ensure it’s always secure in a high-quality place –embellished with nerd flair?

Choose from a variety of styles, compartments, personalization, and colors.

Click here to check prices and reviews

Mandalorian wallet
Photo via Bro M Goods

28. This Mandalorian Doormat

Whether you want to keep this for yourself or gift it, this doormat will truly let your guests know the way into your house. It comes in a few different sizes and is the perfect way to deck the front doorstep with some subtle geek pride.

Click here to browse the shop’s selection

29. This Mandalorian Steel Armor Shirt

Wanna look just like Mando from the waist up? This Mando steel armor shirt will trick everyone into thinking that you’re actually a Bounty Hunter. The design wraps around both the front and back, so it’s perfect to wear as part of casual cosplay or for regular errands.

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30. This Shirt with an Iconic Tagline

Any Mando fan has heard this iconic tagline a million times. So, obviously, it’s only fitting to include a shirt with the infamous “This is the way” phrase in our ultimate list. With 24 colors to choose from, you can order one in each color for all your friends and then have an epic Mando photoshoot!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Gifts for Baby Yoda Fans

The long-awaited section that most of us search – gifts for Baby Yoda fans! Here are our picks for the cutest, most unique and useful, and straight-up nifty ideas to meet all your Baby Yoda gifting needs.

31. These Baby Yoda High-Waisted Skirts

For those who love vintage chic fashion, this Baby Yoda high-waisted skirt is an essential wardrobe piece. It’s extremely unique, handcrafted with detail, and perfect for everyone who loves wearing Baby Yoda around everywhere!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda skirt
Photo via Skirty Birt

You can also check this print out from the same shop:

Navy Baby Yoda skirt
Photo via Skirty Birt

Or, this cute cream-colored design:

Cream Baby Yoda skirt
Photo via Skirty Birt

32. This Remote-Controlled Baby Yoda

Who wouldn’t want a remote-controlled Baby Yoda following them around in the house, spouting off sounds inspired from the show? It’s even Force activated (just pat his head three times, and he’ll magically do his infamous Force pose).

With eyes and ears that move, this is an entertaining gift that will definitely wind up on a lot of kids’ wishlists this year.

Click here to check prices and reviews

33. These Adorable Baby Yoda Sweaters

This adorable, cozy sweater has the world’s cutest tagline. It comes in a range of sizes (S – 5XL), so you can be assured that it’s the perfect gift for anyone (and it’s unisex)!

And who wouldn’t want to wear a loose-fit sweater with an adorbs Baby Yoda embellished on it?! We’ve also included a few other sweater designs (from various shops) to choose from.

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda sweater
Photo via Bluestylle

If retro designs are more your thing, check out this beautiful sweater (with a fitting Mando color scheme):

The same shop also designs this cute Baby Yoda x Disney Parks mashup sweater – collectively titled the “Disneyland family vacation” sweater.

Check out this “Where I go, he goes: This is the way” sweater (in a variety of colors):

Where he goes, I go sweater
Photo via My Nerd Life

Or, if you wanna show off ALL the Baby Yodas that fit on fabric, check out this hoodie, which is completely decked out in about 30+ Baby Yodas:

34. These Custom Baby Yoda Mickey Ears

By default, any Baby Yoda fan is probably a Disney fan. These custom designed Baby Yoda Mickey ears aren’t just for park goers, though – they make the perfect gift for anyone to flaunt around the house (and film lots of TikToks, because, hello, this is the new normal).

Click here to check prices and reviews

35. This Baby Yoda Night Lamp

For a truly galactic gift, this Baby Yoda night lamp is stunning. You can pick whether or not you want a message included (as shown below) and can customize the color of the glow to your preference.

Just be wary that you’ll be tempted to stay on your phone (in bed) that much more with this light… searching for more items from this list to buy online!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda nightlight
Photo via Mur Light

36. These Mandalorian Flats

The most dedicated Mando/Baby Yoda fans will need branded SHOES, right?! These custom designed ballet flats are the cutest shoes in the galaxy – and they can be worn almost anywhere, since they’re quite dressy as well. A MUST buy!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda flats
Photo via Sith Storm Props

37. This Mandalorian Convertible Clutch and Crossbody Bag

If you want to match your adorable Mando and Baby Yoda-branded flats (pictured above), gift this beautiful convertible clutch and bag. It’s subtle enough to be used for everyday use OR formal events, and like, okay, how cute is this print?! You’ll be the talk of the town with this bag!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Mandalorian clutch
Photo via Sith Storm Props

38. These Baby Yoda Tote Bags

Tote bags are absolute essentials nowadays – grocery shopping, beach trips, general outings, you name it! So, why not gift a summer tote bag with the most darling embroidered Baby Yoda on it?!

This Mando embellishment is what will set your gift apart from everyone else’s – and tote bags are ALWAYS useful!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Or, this cute-as-can-be eco-friendly tote bag featuring a meditating Baby Yoda:

39. These Adorable Baby Yoda Crocheted Dolls

This little guy is the perfect gift for anyone. Standing petitely at 7cm, he fits snugly into any purse or pocket for extra convenience. However, these amigurumi crochet dolls sell out FAST, so order quickly if you’re looking for the perfect Baby Yoda gift for someone special!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda crochet doll
Photo via Cutie Toys Store

Or, how about this adorable Baby Yoda crocheted doll in his crib?

Baby Yoda in crochet crib
Photo via BrilCrochet

This very petite Baby Yoda doll also comes with the option of adding his infamous sippy cup. Check it out below:

Baby Yoda crochet doll
Photo via Chibicrates

40. This Baby Yoda PANDORA Charm

For those who have a PANDORA bracelet and wear it regularly, this Baby Yoda charm is the perfect gift. It’s sterling silver and an official PANDORA product (but shhh, it’s cheaper here, and you’re supporting a small biz if you buy it from here – not to mention that it’s sold out online).

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda Pandora charm
Photo via KirenzaGB

41. These Baby Yoda Leggings

How cute are these Baba Yoda printed leggings?! You’ll never need Lululemons again after slipping these on! We especially love how he’s pictured both in his crib and standing up, in true form. These are especially ideal for the geeky yoga (and duh, Yoda) fan in your life!

(Sidenote: check out our article on the best gifts for yoga lovers!)

Click here to check prices and reviews

42. This Baby Yoda Prismatic Backpack

For little ones, this Baby Yoda prismatic backpack is the cutest little gift. You can also get it personalised with a name, which makes the gift extra unique.

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda backpack
Photo via Gone Shopper

43. These Cute Baby Yoda Pillows

If you want to give a true gift of comfort, check out these adorable varieties of Beb Yoda pillows that can be snuggled upon and used as the cutest couch decor! We really love this double-sided design below, which has two different facial expressions – one in which Baby Yoda is drinking from his mug, and the other where frog legs are dangling from his mouth.

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda pillow
Photo via RaeWard Studios

Or, check out this cleverly designed pillowcase with Baby Yoda peeping out of a backpack:

Photo via Nakamura Design

Or, if you’re buying for your special boo, this “Love you, I do,” pillow is the cutest little squish in the galaxy:

Baby Yoda pillow
Photo via Her Fandom

44. This ‘Yoda Best’ Candle

This scented soy candle smells incredible and has the cutest label ever, making it an ideal gift for any Baby Yoda worshipper. You can choose the size and scent (nine scents are available!) and pretend that it’s essence of Baby Yoda.

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda candle
Photo via PJCandlesShop

45. This Baby Yoda x Harry Potter Mashup Tee

If you’re gifting to a Mando fan, chances are, they must love Harry Potter as well – which makes this the perfect shirt! Alas, it’s Baby Yoda using his magic Force powers via wand. There’s nothing like the beauty of showing your pride for TWO fandoms at once!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Also, check out our article on the most magical Harry potter gifts for adults!

Baby Yoda Harry Potter shirt
Photo via Coolnesy

46. These Baby Yoda Mugs

For the avid coffee and tea drinkers, gift them one of these adorable Baby Yoda mugs! All of them are personalised with various sayings and custom printed. We’ve included a few for you to choose from, like the “Yoda Best” mug with Baby Yoda below.

Click here to check prices and reviews

And of course, we can’t forget this iconic Baby Yoda x Starbucks mashup (“Baby Yoda Starbucks” yields more search results than you can even imagine). Check out this very cool color-changing mug with a clever twist on the original logo:

Or, you can check out this adorable “But First, Sippy Sip” mug from Chloes Custom Goods. Click here to check prices and reviews.

47. These Baby Yoda Coasters

These are the coasters you’re looking for! They’re laser-engraved wooden masterpieces that will prevent mug stains on your table. The coasters come in a sets of 4-16, so you can determine if you want to mix and match with other designs as well.

Click here to check prices and reviews

48. These Matching ‘Dad’alorian and The Child Shirts

How cute are these coordinating ‘Dad’alorian and “The Child” shirts? They come in a range of sizes, but they’re perfect for your son OR daughter to match with Daddy dearest. We guarantee that strangers will coo at them if they’re out shopping together in these!

Click here to check prices and reviews

49. This Beautiful Baby Yoda Blanket

What better way to showcase your love for all things Mando than with this gorgeous handmade blanket? You can choose between a quilt or fleece fabric, as well as a range of sizes. There are even some familiar Disney characters thrown in (like Lilo and Groot)!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda blanket
Photo via Laminoca

50. This Baby Yoda Chicky Nuggies Shirt

If you know that your recipient loves Baby Yoda AND chicken nuggets, this shirt is a must-have. It can be designed as a unisex shirt or hoodie in either white or grey, and it makes a humorously cute gift.

Click here to check prices and reviews

51. This Baby Yoda Bookend

This Baby Yoda bookend is marketed as a DVD holder, but it seems especially useful to hold up your Star Wars books. It’s the cutest, most clever design of a product, and entirely 3D-designed. Your recipient will love the ingenuity of this gift!

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda bookend
Photo via Teki3D Design

Holiday Specific Baby Yoda Gifts

If you’re shopping for the most wonderful time of the year, check out our picks for some of the cutest holiday specific Baby Yoda gifts. Anyone would be delighted to find these in their stockings this year!

52. These Christmas Baby Yoda Shirts

If you’re looking for a cute holiday gift for the Baby Yoda lover in your life, look no further than this cute t-shirt! The design is also available in a sweatshirt or hoodie option (for those who will have an especially chilly Christmas).

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda holiday shirt
Photo via Godirain

Or, if you can’t decide between the holidays, check out this adorable “Happy Hallothanksmas” shirt:

Hallothanksmas shirt
Photo via Godirain

53. These Baby Yoda Christmas Sweaters

If you need to gift a sweater for someone to snuggle up in, this Baby Yoda one is the perfect match. The design is unique and very holiday-specific. Who wouldn’t want to flash their love for Baby Yoda during Christmastime, anyway?

Click here to check prices and reviews

Baby Yoda Christmas sweater
Photo via Louis Span

Or, maybe you want to be even MORE direct about what you want for Christmas this year. Check out this cleverly worded sweater:

Baby Yoda sweater
Photo via Bloom Memories

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of Mandalorian and Baby Yoda gifts!

If you have any suggestions for further Mando gifts we can add to our list, let us know in the comments! We hope this guide has helped you organize your online gift shopping needs (and perhaps caused you to add the majority of the items to your own wishlist).

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