50+ Halloween Alcohol Puns & Jokes for all Your Boo-zey Needs

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Looking for THE perfect Halloween alcohol puns to delight your friends (or make them cringe like crazy)? Eye promise this is the post you’ve been looking for.

From endless puns about “boos” to the perfect Halloween themed cocktail names, this post is filled with fun pun & joke ideas that are (of corpse) guaranteed to please.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out our list of Halloween food puns for more inspo.

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General Halloween Alcohol/Drinking Puns & Captions

Alright, let’s start with some fun basic Halloween alcohol puns that are perfect for Instagram captions. Feel free to mix these up and make them your own, but the punny basic building blocks are there fo you to craft THE perfect boozy Halloween caption that will either make your friends laugh, cringe, or a wonderful combination of both.

My favorite part about Halloween? The boos.

Drink up, witches.

I think I need more boo’s please.

Drinking at Halloween is really skele-fun.

Who is excited to get sheet-faced?

What can I say? I was Bone to be wild.

As the saying goes, Ghouls just wanna have fun.

Halloween drinks might not solve all your problems, but they’re worth a shot.

Sorry, too busy at Halloween shenanigans. Alcohol you later.

Looking for a bunny costume because it’s Hoppy hour.

Halloween Cocktail Puns

Looking to create a Halloween-themed cocktail menu? These Halloween cocktail puns make fun Halloweeny puns out of your favorite alcoholic mixed drinks. The only thing better than sipping a tasty cocktail is one with a wonderfully festive & on-theme name. Here are some ideas for you:

Gimlet: Grimlet

Gin and tonic: Grim and tonic

Mojito: Moan-jito

Long island iced tea: Long Eye-land Iced Tea

Manhattan: Man-haunt-tan

Daquiri: Dark-quiri

Margarita: Macabr-itas

Negroni: Ne-groan-i

Bloody Mary (lol this one is already halloween):

Cosmopolitan: Corpse-mopolitan

Tom Collins: Tomb Collins, Tom Crawl-ins

Moscow Mule: Mask-ow Mule

Screwdriver: Scaredriver

Hurricane: Horror-cane

Martini: Morgue-tini, (Night)Mare-tini

Old-Fashioned: Ghoul-d Fashioned

Tequila Sunrise: Tequil-ya Sunrise, Tequila Sun-RIP

Pimm’s Cup: Pimm’s Cauldron, Pimm’s Cape

Shirley Temple: Shirley Tomb-ple, Shadowy Temple. Spooky Temple

Mai Tai: Mai Tai-rantula, Mai Tai-rrify

Piña Colada: Piña Ghoul-ada

Sangria: Sang-creep-a

Photo by Edigar Furumericus on Unsplash

Halloween Liquor & Liqueur Puns

Looking to make your own Halloween alcohol puns or jokes? Here are some Halloween-themed liquor puns that you can easily add into different punchlines, punny cocktail names or just for fun.

Absinthe: Ab-Sin

Amaretto: Amaret-Toe

Baileys: Boo-leys, Bail-eyes

Bourbon: Boo-bon, Bour-boo-n

Brandy: Bran-die

Campari: Cat-pari, Candy-pari

Kahlua: Ka-boo-a, Howl-ua

Sambuca: Sam-boo-ca

Tequila: Tequil-ya (like to kill ya)

Vodka: Vod-cackle, Vodk-ah!, Vod-kauldron

Whiskey: Witch-sky, Whis-creep

Rum: Gru-rum (like gruesome). Red Rum (like in the Shining), Mummy Rummy

Halloween Beer & Wine Puns

Beer: Boooo-eer, Beer-ie (like eerie), Zom-beer

Bottle: Boo-tle, Blood-tle, Bot-troll

Cider: Sigh-der, Cry-der

Wine: Franken-wine

Bourdeaux: Boo-rdeaux

Cabernet Sauvignon: Cat-bernet Sauvignon

Chardonnay: Shadow-nay

Malbec: Maul-bec

Merlot: Morgue-low

Pinot Grigio: Pino Grave-gio, Pino Grieve-gio

Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon Blood

Syrah: Scare-ah, Sy-RIP

Halloween Alcohol Jokes

Alright, with all those Halloween alcohol puns out of the way, here are a few fun dad jokes that you won’t be able to resist busting out at your next Halloween party. The punchlines all make use of the puns provided above, but feel free to make them your own or put your own twist on them.

What does a drunk ghost say when they try to scare you?

How does the skeleton like his beers?
Chilled to the bone.

What is a ghost’s favorite part of a Halloween party?
The boos.

What did Jason order at the bar?
A te-killya sunrise.

What do ghosts like to drink when they’re on vacation?
Piña Ghouladas.

Besides blood, what do Italian vampires like to drink?

What is a zombie’s favorite cocktail?
A Corpse-mopolitan.

What is a ghost’s favorite whiskey?

Why did the ghost only drink vodka?
Because he didn’t like other spirits.

What happened at the ghosts’ Halloween party?
They all got sheet-faced.

Photo by Evan Dvorkin on Unsplash

Do you have any more Halloween alcohol puns or jokes we should add to our list?

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