20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Avocado Lovers (That’ll Guac Their World!)

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The humble avocado might have originated in Central America, but it has taken the world by storm, able to elevate even the simplest dishes into something mind-blowing!

From ‘smashed’ avocado on toast to the pièce de résistance of every party; guacamole, not only is the avocado delicious but it’s full of healthy fats and nutrients too. And did you know that technically (botanically) it’s classified as a berry?

While it’s definitely untrue that avocado on toast is the reason many young people can’t afford houses, it is true that some people are particularly passionate about their love for this creamy fruit!

If you know someone who absolutely can’t get enough of the yummy avocado then you will definitely want to check out this guide with all the best gifts for avocado lovers for a range of budgets.

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Best Avocado Gifts Under $20

These avocado gifts all cost less than $20 but will still ensure your gift recipient says ‘Bravocado’ on receiving one!

This Cute Avocado Necklace and Earrings Set

For the avocado lover who also enjoys wearing delicate jewelry, this set of earrings and necklace is affordable and adorable! We also love that the avocado pit is a heart. <3

05/21/2024 02:04 pm GMT
A Pair of Avocado Keychains

Photo via CutePawsGift on Etsy

If you and your bestie both love avocados this set of keychains would be an ideal friendship gift! Or you can gift them to a couple who both love their avocados.

This Avocado Obsession Recipe Book

Sure, we all know avocado is great on toast and the best part of guacamole, but if you know someone who's a fan of the fruit and cooking they'll love this recipe book packed with ideas!

05/21/2024 01:59 pm GMT
The Avocado Smash! Game

This cute card game would definitely make for a unique gift for someone who enjoys eating avocados and is also partial to game night! It's nice and portable as well as fun.

05/21/2024 02:09 pm GMT
A Beautiful Handmade Avocado Candle

Photo via MoshiMoshiUK on Etsy

A cute candle looks and smells nice in anyone's home but your avocado-loving gift recipient will especially enjoy this quirky avocado-shaped one, with a light scent.

Some Avocado 'Huggers'

Photo via UncommonGoods

Avocados are delicious but if you don't use the whole thing in one go they can spoil pretty quickly. Solve that problem for your recipient with this set of handy 'huggers' to keep them fresh!

A Pair of Pretty Avocado Toast Socks

Photo via UncommonGoods

These pretty and fluffy pink socks will keep the feet warm of someone who can't get enough avocado on toast, and the pattern will make them smile too!

This Handy Avocado Tool

Photo via UncommonGoods

Your avocado-loving friend will never struggle to use their avocados again with this handy all-in-one tool that pierces the skin, removes the pit and scoops out the yummy filling!

Avocado Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

If you don’t fancy any of the previous ideas, then perhaps these cool avocado gifts are a move in the ‘ripe’ direction instead!? While they cost more than $20 they still manage to stay under $50 and will make any avocado fan happy.

This Funny Avocado Coffee Thermos Cup

For the avocado and coffee-loving friend who's just a 'little extra' gift them this useful thermos that also pokes fun at the fact avocado (or guac) usually costs extra too!

05/20/2024 07:49 am GMT
An Avocado Microwavable Heating Pad

This adorable plush avocado would be cute just as a toy/pillow, but it's also one that can be heated in the microwave to help soothe aches and pains or just stay warm.

05/20/2024 08:59 am GMT
These Lovely Avocado Embroidery Towels

If your gift recipient prefers elegant and understated items with just a touch of cute, gift them this beautiful set of two towels in avocado green with tiny embroidered avocados on them.

A Stunning Avocado Tie

Photo via MakerV on Etsy

Men (and women or non-binary folks) who wear ties and enjoy an avocado will definitely appreciate this lovely necktie with an embroidered avocado pattern on it.

This Avocado Tree Sprouter Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

Avocados can be expensive but your gift recipient will always have their own supply after they grow their very own avocado tree using this sprouter kit! They might even give you some...

An Adorable Avocado and Toast Hoodie

Photo via TeeAtelier on Etsy

This cozy hoodie shows a cute cartoon of the iconic pairing of avocado and toast. If you know someone who is always eating this then they will love this hoodie that comes in a number of colors.

This Avocado Birdhouse

Photo via UncommonGoods

Even if they don't have their own avocado tree your gift recipient will be able to enjoy seeing birds nest in this adorable felt birdhouse that looks like an avocado!

A Fun Avocado Rug

Photo via MiqnaStudio on Etsy

You can help your avocado-lover ensure their home reflects their unique tastes with this fun and quirky rug in the shape of an avocado!

Avocado Gifts Between $50 – $100

Feeling like you’re stuck between a guac and a hard place? Check out these avocado merchandise ideas for some more inspiration! They cost more than $50 but less than $100 so you don’t need to be an avocado farmer to afford one.

This Vintage Avocado Guacamole Serving Dish

Photo via FreshtoDeathVintage on Etsy

Dating from the 80s, this vintage guacamole serving dish will make any avocado fan who's obsessed with the dip super happy. Or they can just keep it as a fun piece of decor!

A Cute Avocado Clock

Photo via PopcloxCollection on Etsy

What time is it? Time for avocado on toast, of course! Your avocado-loving friend will be sure to adore this adorably kitsch avocado clock.

This Stylish Avocado Art Print

Photo via TopPrintShop on Etsy

This lovely minimalist print of a perfectly ripe avocado would make a perfect housewarming gift for anyone who loves the fruit, or a great gift on any other occasion.

An Avocado Bedding Set

Photo via AmazingOnlineGifts on Etsy

For someone who is truly obsessed with the creamy avocado, give them the gift of sleeping surrounded by avocados with this bright and fun bedding set!

Presents for Avocado Lovers Over $100

For the ultimate avocado lovers gifts, these options cost more than $100 and are truly baller in more ways than one!

A Stunning Hand-Dyed Avocado Robe

Photo via UncommonGoods

This beautiful hand-dyed robe is made in Nigeria of super-soft cotton, with a bright pattern of avocados. It would make a wonderful gift for the fashion-minded avocado fan!

This Incredible Avocado Rhinestone Purse

Photo via Emmiepalooza on Etsy

Forget Carrie Bradshaw's swan purse, this sparkly rhinestone avocado purse will make any fan of the fruit (and fashion) ecstatic - plus it's one of a kind as well as gorgeous!

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