20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Hedgehog Lovers (That Are Spike-tacular!)

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Don’t ask us why a tiny animal covered in spikes can be considered adorable, it just is – we don’t make the rules!

Hedgehogs are small spiny mammals that are undeniably cute, even if they do resemble a boot-brush. They mostly eat insects, which means they keep pests under control and while it might be common to leave a saucer of milk out in the garden for them they’re actually lactose intolerant!

If you know someone who can’t get enough of these spiny critters, you might be wondering what on earth would make a good gift for them. But don’t worry, everything quill be all right since we have all the best hedgehog merchandise outlined for you in this guide.

No matter your budget, this list of hedgehog lovers’ gifts will ensure your special recipient will be thrilled by how well you know them!

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Best Hedgehog Gifts Under $20

Don’t be on ‘hedge’, these gifts for hedgehog lovers won’t see you needing to spend too much money as they all cost less than $20 but are still sure to be love at first spike!

This Hedgehog Coloring Book

Coloring-in is not just for kids anymore! This cute hedgehog coloring book is designed for adults who want to relax while coloring a variety of pretty hedgehog illustrations.

05/20/2024 05:59 pm GMT
An Adorable Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

A kitchen timer is always useful but that doesn't mean it can't also be cute! This sweet little hedgehog timer is perfect for a hedgehog fan who also enjoys cooking.

05/20/2024 08:44 pm GMT
A Pack of Cute Hedgehog Socks

This pretty pack of socks is ideal for someone who loves bright colors and hedgehogs with a new fun design for every day of the (work) week!

05/20/2024 08:49 pm GMT
These Sweet Hedgehog Earrings

Photo via bumblybijou on Etsy

If you know someone who loves hedgehogs and has their ears pierced then they will undoubtedly adore this precious pair of tiny hedgehog studs.

This Cute and Funny Hedgehog Mug

Photo via ionagiftstore on Etsy

This pretty mug is sure to delight fans of the humble hedgehog as it highlights both how cute they are but also the fact they have spikes!

A Pretty Hedgehog Necklace

Not only is this a lovely stainless steel pendant necklace featuring a hedgehog but it also comes on a card with a sweet sentiment for your gift recipient.

05/20/2024 08:54 pm GMT
This Hedgehog Heart Tumbler

An insulated tumbler like this can be used to keep water cold and coffee (or tea) hot while your hedgehog fan is going about their day and also features a pretty pattern showing their love.

05/20/2024 09:00 pm GMT
A Crochet Hedgehog Coin Purse

Photo via Allthatsknit on Etsy

This adorable crochet hedgehog might look like a sweet ornament but it's actually useful too since it can be used for coins or small knick-knacks!

Hedgehog Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

If none of those ideas strikes your fancy, check out these cool hedgehog gifts that cost more than $20 but still less than $50 and should definitely ‘spike’ your recipient’s interest.

This Hedgehog Felting Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

If your hedgehog fan is also quite crafty then they'll surely love this little kit which enables them to make their very own needle-felted hedgehog pals!

A Cozy Hedgehog Blanket

This super-soft blanket is covered in a sweet pattern of hedgehogs so it will look great in your recipient's home and, of course, will keep them lovely and warm.

05/20/2024 09:35 pm GMT
This Funny Hedgehog Sweater

Photo via LuckApparelUS on Etsy

Someone who adores hedgehogs will love this comfy sweater with a humorous anatomy of a hedgehog design on it. A variety of colors are available as well.

An Adorable Hedgehog Home Planter

This adorable planter is also a whimsical ornament showing a tiny hedgehog house and family living underneath! There are even some other hedgehog designs to choose from as well.

05/20/2024 09:40 pm GMT
These Wintry Hedgehog Ornaments

These hedgehogs covered in snow would make an ideal Christmas gift but they're not too obviously Christmassy, so would make a cute gift for a hedgehog fan at any time.

05/20/2024 09:44 pm GMT
This Pretty Hedgehog Solar Light

Ensure your lover of hedgehogs always has at least one in their garden with this cute decorative solar light! It's sure to make any garden parties extra pretty as well.

A Hedgehog Food Server

Photo via UncommonGoods

This spiky server will make your hedgehog fan's next dinner party very special. Instead of serving food flat on a plate (boring) they can serve it on the spikes of a hedgehog!

This Wooden Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Ideal for teachers or someone who loves coloring is this cute wooden pencil holder in the shape of a hedgehog. It would certainly make for a great display piece at home or in the office.

Hedgehog Gifts Between $50 – $100

Check out these hedgehog gifts that are more than $50 but stay under the $100 mark, so you don’t need to go totally overboard to make your hedgehog fan happy.

A Coconut Fiber Hedgehog Planter

Photo via UncommonGoods

For the hedgehog fan who also has a green thumb, this lovely coconut fiber planter will allow them to add to their plant collection and enjoy seeing the cute hedgehog face every day!

This Hand Painted Hedgehog Candle Holder

Photo via GlassTrappedDesigns on Etsy

This beautiful hand-painted glass candle holder features cute hedgehogs on the outside and throws pretty patterns on the walls when a lit tea light is placed inside.

A Wooden Hedgehog Lamp

Photo via KAYKOPL on Etsy

Any hedgehog lover is sure to be delighted by this pretty wooden lamp which looks like a sleeping hedgehog and contains soft LED lights.

This Precious Hedgehog in a Hat

Photo via GladOArt on Etsy

Your gift recipient is sure to think this exquisite hand-made hedgehog is real at first, but it's actually just an adorable woollen figure - complete with a little hat!

Presents for Hedgehog Lovers Over $100

If you’ve got a baller budget then we bet any hedgehog lover will be ecstatic to receive any of these gifts that cost more than $100!

This Hand-Carved Wooden Hedgehog Box

Photo via TheDavidsonWorkshop on Etsy

The best thing about this stunning hand-carved wooden box with a hedgehog on it is that it can be used however your recipient likes - and you can add a carved message inside too!

A Stunning Gold Hedgehog Ring

Photo via shopandjewelry on Etsy

For a very special person or occasion, you can't go past this exquisite 14-karat gold hedgehog ring. It can be made for many different ring sizes and is just so pretty!

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