20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Bath Lovers (That Are the Bomb)

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As Sylvia Plath wrote in The Bell Jar – “There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

Sinking into a tub of hot water, be it with bubbles, soap or a fancy bath bomb, takes away all the worries and stress of the day in a way nothing else will. Indeed, being immersed in hot water is healing as well as relaxing and one of the most popular forms of ‘self care’.

If you know someone who loves nothing better than a long luxurious bath and want to gift them something to help them relax, we have got you covered (in bubbles)!

We’ve rounded up all the best bath bombs, bubbles, milks and other bath merchandise that will pamper all the senses of your gift recipient – while also making you the best gift-giver ever.

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Best Bath Gifts Under $20

All these bath gifts are gentle on the bank, as they cost less than $20 but will still ensure a delightful bath time.

A Peppermint Mocha Frappe Bath Bomb

Photo via SweetSoakinShop on Etsy

Bath bombs are one of the coolest things to pop into a bath for a relaxing soak, and double points if they're a bit quirky like these Starbucks peppermint mocha frappe ones!

This Natural Milk Bath

Photo via EarthyQueens on Etsy

Another way to have a relaxing soak is with a milk bath, which is also very good for your skin. This natural one is inspired by Queen Cleopatra, who also enjoyed a good milk bath!

Some Oatmeal Milk and Honey Bubble Bath

Photo via ShopLeeBrick on Etsy

Bubble bath is not just for kids, but the young at heart will still love this cute bear-shaped bottle! Inside is some delicious-smelling oatmeal milk and honey bubble bath to enjoy.

These Personalized Bath Bomb Letters

Photo via TheRoxyGraceCompany on Etsy

If you know someone who adores a bath with bath bombs, then you can spell out their name with these cute bath bomb letters! It's also possible to get customised colors.

Some Whiskey Flavored Soaps

Photo via UncommonGoods

Baths are certainly not a gendered activity but they're definitely more associated with women. If you want to butch it up a little for a whiskey-drinking dude, get him some whiskey soaps! Of course, whiskey-loving ladies will also enjoy these.

These Pretty Microfiber Hair Towels

Anyone with long hair knows that it's kind of annoying trying to keep your locks dry during a luxurious bath. This set of two super-soft twist hair towels solves that problem in style!

05/21/2024 01:39 pm GMT
Some Bubble Bath Taffy

Photo via UncommonGoods

These adorable colorful little candies will provide plenty of fun baths for your gift recipient, especially if they like taffy. Just make sure they know these are bubble bath candies, not real candies!

Bath Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

For a little more cash you can easily find some divine gifts for bath lovers. These options cost between $20 and $50, plus they are sure to elevate bath time from ho-hum to ‘how amazing’!

This Luxury Bath Pillow

Having a bath is one of the most comfortable ways to relax, but not if your neck starts to get sore. Make sure your recipient never needs to worry with this comfy bath pillow.

05/20/2024 09:55 pm GMT
Some Ice Cream Bath Bombs

Photo via UncommonGoods

Bath bombs are always lovely, and these ones don't just look like scoops of ice cream but also smell like vanilla, raspberry, strawberry or mango pineapple. Just don't let them be eaten!

This Bath Bomb Making Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

If you know someone crafty who really likes baths and bath bombs then they'll probably also like being able to make their own! This kit also features all natural ingredients.

This Luxurious Spa Kit

This gift set is the ultimate pampering present for someone who loves baths! Not only is it filled with bath bombs, bubbles, lotions and more, but it comes in an adorable mini bathtub.

These Beautiful Geode Bath Bombs

Photo via UncommonGoods

For a little bit of glamor during bathtime, these bath bombs look like open geodes and even sparkle! Choose between a calming set of bath bombs or ones to focus and balance.

A Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Baths are lovely and relaxing, but if you know someone who gets bored when left alone with their thoughts - get them this bathtub caddy! There's space for anything they might need.

This Wineglass Holder for the Bath

Photo via UncommonGoods

Even if your gift recipient doesn't have the space for a whole bathtub caddy, it's still possible to turn bathtime into the ultimate relaxing experience with this wineglass holder!

This Eucalyptus Spa Gift Set

Photo via UncommonGoods

This lovely gift set includes a planter and seeds for the recipient to grow their own eucalyptus for the bathroom, as well as botanical bath salts along with a jute scrubber.

Bath Gifts Between $50 – $100

If you still haven’t quite found the ideal bath lovers gifts, check out these options which cost more than $50 but still don’t crack the $100 mark.

A Swivel Bath Tray

Photo via UncommonGoods

If you know someone who loves to relax in the bath but doesn't have the right type of bathtub for a caddy, get them this swivel tray that can sit on just one side.

This Luxurious Handwoven Turkish Bath Robe

Photo via UncommonGoods

Help your bath-loving gift recipient continue feeling pampered even when they get out of the bath with this beautiful (and soft) hand-woven Turkish bathrobe.

This Gorgeous Crystal Bath Bombs Set

Photo via UncommonGoods

This has got to be the most incredible bath bomb gift set ever! Inside all seven bath bombs is a different crystal chakra stone to keep after luxuriating in the essential oils.

Presents for Bath Lovers Over $100

You can also find some pretty incredible bath gifts that cost more than $100 and will elevate anyone’s next bath into a full-service spa experience.

This Epic Spa Gift Set

Photo via DancingTurtleShop on Etsy

For the ultimate pampering present, this spa gift set includes bath bombs, bath salts, soaps, body butter, lip balm, sponges and much more, to help your recipient totally relax.

An Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

Help your gift recipient turn an ordinary bath into a spa bath with this amazing bubble bath mat! It just plugs in and pumps bubbles to make any ordinary bath feel like a relaxing jacuzzi.

05/21/2024 06:14 am GMT
This Beautiful Stone Bath Mat

Photo via GaiasGround on Etsy

We know you probably don't think a bath mat made of stones would be comfortable, but these smooth stones actually are, plus they look stunning and can help with healing!

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