20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Cider Lovers (That They’ll Apple-solutely Love)

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As far as we are concerned cider is the best thing you can make with apples, although apple pie definitely comes a close second!

Made from the fermented juice of apples, this alcoholic drink is often associated with Fall (since that’s when apples are harvested) but the sweet sparkly beverage can be enjoyed at any time of year, of course.

If you’re looking for gifts for cider lovers you could always buy a few bottles of their favorite brand, but if you really want to impress someone with how well you know them, we suggest the ideas in this guide filled with cool cider merchandise.

No matter your budget, we are confident that this in-cider information will ensure you will be the apple of the eye of whomever you are buying for!

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Best Cider Gifts Under $20

It’s possible to find some great cider lovers’ gifts for less than $20, so check out these ideas if you are working with a limited budget but still want to spoil someone!

Some Personalized Cider Coasters

Photo via giftingmoon on Etsy

These lovely coasters can be personalized for different kinds of cider and glasses, plus the name of your recipient so they have the perfect coasters to use when drinking some cider.

These Cute Cider Earrings

Photo via mixedupdolly on Etsy

If your gift recipient is partial to some Hatcher's cider and has their ears pierced then they will adore these tiny bottles of cider earrings to show their preference!

Some Cider-Scented Soap

Made from all-natural ingredients, this hard cider soap makes a lovely little gift for someone who just loves their cider since they can even smell it when washing their hands!

05/19/2024 07:54 pm GMT
A Bag of Jelly Belly Hot Apple Cider Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly make some pretty amazing jelly bean flavors, including these hot apple cider ones. The only thing better than drinking apple cider is eating it!

05/19/2024 08:09 pm GMT
This Sweet Team Apple Cider Pin

Photo via R100red on Etsy

With this enamel pin your gift recipient will literally be able to show their love for apple cider on their sleeve (or elsewhere)! There's also a pumpkin spice one available.

A Cider Knowledge Art Piece

Photo via Jobenie on Etsy

Available as either a poster or canvas, this art piece will look great in an apple cider fan's home, plus it shows interesting information about apple cider.

This Metal Hard Cider Sign

Photo via LiztonSignShop on Etsy

This sign is a lovely piece of cider-themed art, with a vintage feel and made of metal. It will also look great in the home of someone who enjoys cider and vintage decor.

A Delicious-Looking Apple Cider Ornament

Photo via DaniMacVisions on Etsy

Hopefully, this resin model of a fancy glass of apple cider won't disappoint your recipient when they realise it's not real! But the pretty ornament will definitely look great on display.

Cider Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

These cool cider gifts cost between $20 and $50, for when you have a little more cash to work with, but don’t want to go into debt!

A Sweet-Smelling Apple Cider Candle

Photo via ConfettiCandleCo on Etsy

Even if they can't have apple cider whenever they want, your gift recipient will love this elegant candle that at least allows them to smell the aroma whenever they light it!

This Punny Cider T-Shirt

Photo via MoonlightMakers on Etsy

We love a good pun and if your cider fan does too then they will have a good chuckle at this soft t-shirt's message to always look on the bright 'cider' life!

A Hot Cider Diffuser Set

Another way to ensure your cider fan's house smells delicious is by gifting them this cider-scented diffuser set. You probably also won't want to leave once it's lit!

05/19/2024 10:04 pm GMT
The Big Book of Cidermaking

If you know someone who makes their own cider or has always wanted to, this book will make the ideal gift. It's filled with expert advice for making delicious home-brewed cider.

05/19/2024 10:09 pm GMT
This Apple Cider Cinnamon Tea Fairy

This beautiful statue of an apple cider cinnamon tea fairy will look delightful in the home of someone who adores apple cider. She's the ideal piece for a Fall display as well.

05/19/2024 10:15 pm GMT
A Custom Wooden Cider Chiller

Photo via UncommonGoods

You can help your cider drinker keep their drink cold with one of these beautiful drink holders carved from Vermont hardwood. Personalize it with their name and the image of an apple!

This Cozy Cider Sweater

Photo via SimpleWordsOnTees on Etsy

This cozy sweater is perfect for wearing during cider season, with a pretty autumn pattern and, of course, some words to show how much the wearer likes drinking cider!

A Hard Apple Cider Brewing Kit

Give the ultimate gift of cider with this brewing kit so your cider lover can start making their own! It comes with everything a beginner needs to start brewing their own hard apple cider.

Cider Gifts Between $50 – $100

If you still haven’t found the perfect cider gifts, these ideas cost between $50 and $100, plus they’ll ensure your recipient loves you to the core after receiving one!

This Ceramic Cider Tasting Mug

Photo via 33BooksCo on Etsy

Ceramic mugs are perfect for drinks that need to stay cold, and this one has been designed for any cider connoisseur to properly experience the aroma and taste of their drink.

An Angry Orchard LED Sign

Photo via kapellu2 on Etsy

This light-up sign is sure to be a hit with someone who loves the ciders made by Angry Orchard. The LED lights can be controlled via remote to whichever colour your recipient prefers.

This Rustic Cider Mills Orchard Sign

Photo via FarmhouseDecorArt on Etsy

If you know someone who loves the rustic farmhouse look and enjoys their cider, then they are sure to love this vintage orchard sign to display either inside or outdoors.

Presents for Cider Lovers Over $100

For those for who money is no object, you can breathe a cider relief when you see these amazing gift ideas that cost more than $100 and are sure to make your recipient overjoyed!

The Ultimate Apple Cider Gift Basket

This delightful gift basket comes in a vintage apple cider crate (which your recipient can keep to display) along with actual apple cider and all the best goodies to eat while having a glass!

This Beautiful Vintage Cider Jug with Mugs

Photo via twobulldogsvintage on Etsy

Cider aficionados will be over the moon to receive this vintage set of a cider jug with matching mugs made from wood and copper, especially if they like to entertain in style!

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