20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Bread Bakers (That’ll Bake Their Day)

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Are you bready for the best list of bread baker gifts you’ve ever seen? Stop loafing around and check out this guide!

Bread is one of the most satisfying things to bake, with so many different varieties and a bonus of always making the house smell nice. Humans have been making bread for centuries and there’s nothing like keeping a tradition going, or finding a new delicious base for a meal.

While we’ve already done a guide on gifts for general bakers, this one is entirely focused on gifts for bread bakers – none of that silly cake stuff here!

So if you know someone who is obsessed with sourdough, challah and baguettes, read on because we’ve got all the best bread baker merchandise for different budgets ready to go.

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Best Bread Baker Gifts Under $20

No need to crumble at the thought of spending lots of money, these cool bread baking gifts all cost less than $20 but the return on investment will probably be awesome once they gift you some fresh home-baked bread in return!

This Tiny "Pet" Loaf of Bread

Photo via NeatEats on Etsy

This absolutely precious tiny loaf of bread is made from polymer and sits in a miniature cloche. It would look adorable on the desk or in the home of your bread baker friend!

A Pretty and Reusable Bread Bag

Photo via StephanieJos on Etsy

A linen bread bag is the ideal way to store freshly made bread - keeping the crust crisp and inside soft. Choose from a variety of pretty patterns with this thoughtful gift.

Some Cute Bread Earrings

Photo via Cheri2hLittleThings on Etsy

These cute earrings come in four different varieties, so you can gift your bread baker their favorite from baguettes, pretzels, braided or a turtle loaf!

This Breads of the World Kitchen Towel

Photo via UncommonGoods

Help your baking friend keep their kitchen clean with this very on-brand tea towel! It features breads from all over the world and may even inspire them to try something new.

A Bread Lover's T-Shirt

Photo via oTZIshirts on Etsy

Any fan of bread baking is sure to appreciate this "celebrate diversity" t-shirt, with all sorts of diverse bread types on it! It's available in a variety of colors too.

This Pretty Bread Print

Photo via FatCatPablo on Etsy

This print will brighten up the home of someone who likes to bake bread! It features cute images of all sorts of different types of bread that your recipient probably loves.

A Salted Pretzel Ornament

Photo via UncommonGoods

While this felt salted pretzel ornament would make an ideal Christmas present for someone who loves baking their own pretzels, it would also be appreciated at any time of year!

This Bread Baker's Coffee Mug

Photo via DancingDolphinCrafts on Etsy

Fresh bread and coffee are the perfect morning combination, so if you know someone who loves both baking and drinking a brew they are sure to also love this themed coffee mug!

A Baking Bread Apron

Photo via GoodBoyDecals on Etsy

It's a pretty unique crossover niche of people who enjoy baking bread and also loved the TV show Breaking Bad, but if you know one then you've found the perfect gift for them!

Bread Baking Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

For a bit more dough you can bet you’ll find some excellent bread baking gifts if you haven’t already. These options cost more than $20 but less than $50, so no need to go broke – crust us!

This Beautiful Bread Baker's Handbook

Photo via UncommonGoods

This beautifully illustrated handbook would be very handy for someone who bakes a lot of bread. It includes tips and prompts for them to perfect their baking craft.

Some Homemade Bagel Molds

Photo via UncommonGoods

These homemade bagel-making molds will enable your gift recipient to make their own delicious bagels - and hopefully, they'll bake some for you too!

This Sourdough Cookbook

Photo via UncommonGoods

This excellent cookbook dispels the myth that baking sourdough bread is complicated, so it would make a great gift for someone who's always wanted to try making it.

A Focaccia Garden Art Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

This lovely kit doesn't just have the ingredients to make focaccia bread, it also includes instructions and ideas to inspire your recipient to make art on their bread!

This Swedish Cardamom Bread Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

Give the gift of fika (a Scandinavian coffee break) with this kit that will show your recipient how to make delicious Swedish braided cardamom bread. Includes a cute Swedish tea towel!

An Easy Sourdough Making Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

This DIY sourdough kit is perfect for the impatient baker, as it doesn't require days of waiting around for the dough to get ready. Also includes a recipe book for even more bread!

This Bread Maker's Seasoning Set

Photo via UncommonGoods

If you know a bread baker who's already got the main baking part down, help them elevate their loaves with this set of seasonings and recipes for 15 different delicious breads!

A Chocolate Babka Baking Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

Chocolate babkas are a delicious Mexican-Jewish fusion that you can usually only get at a bakery in Chicago. Or gift someone the official kit to make their own!

This Traditional Bread Warming Set

Photo via UncommonGoods

Someone who loves baking bread is sure to appreciate this traditional terracotta stone and natural grass basket to keep their fresh loaves warm.

Bread Baking Gifts Between $50 – $100

If you still haven’t found the perfect bread baking lovers gifts for your special someone, check out these ideas that cost more than $50 but still less than $100.

A Beautiful Bamboo Bread Box

This gorgeous bread box has lots of space with two different sections, both with clear lids so you can see what's inside. It would look great in the home of an avid bread baker!

This Personalized Foldable Bread Slicer

Photo via KozySweetHome on Etsy

The only problem with homemade bread is slicing it nicely, but that won't be a problem anymore with this foldable tray and slicer set that can be personalized with a sweet message!

An Actual Bread Maker Machine

Sure, baking bread in the oven is nice, but for someone who's serious about their bread baking (and looking for a bit more convenience) gift them a fancy bread-making machine!

Presents for Bread Bakers Over $100

If you’ve got the budget then why not treat someone to one of these baller gifts for bread bakers that cost more than $100?

An Emile Henry Baguette Baker

This beautiful, professional clay baguette baker from France will ensure your gift recipient can make the most delicious and authentic French baguettes ever! Recipe book included too.

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This Stunning Baguette Lamp

Photo via UncommonGoods

For someone who can't get enough baguettes, gift them this beautiful lamp that's made from an actual baguette and covered in resin to keep it from going bad!

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