20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Boba Lovers (That Are Totally Pearl-fect)

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Brought to America and the rest of the world from Taiwan, Boba has TRULY taken the globe by storm!

Boba (or Bubble Tea) is a tea-based drink that usually has chewy tapioca balls (often called pearls) within, but there are many delicious varieties to enjoy with all sorts of flavors, some made from milk and some without.

If you know someone who is basically obsessed with this drink, you might be thinking that they are difficult to buy a gift for. After all, a boba tea drink won’t keep for too long…

But don’t worry, because we have done the hard work and rounded up a wonderful varie-tea of boba merchandise that will ensure your gift recipient becomes (or remains) your best-tea for life!

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Best Boba Gifts Under $20

If your budget only stretches about as far as a couple of Boba Teas, then these cool boba gifts won’t break the bank and still be loved by your gift recipient.

This Massive Boba Stickers Pack
$5.59 ($0.05 / Count)

Boba lovers are sure to be thrilled with this massive sticker pack filled with cute boba-themed pictures! They can cover all their belongings to show how much they love the drink.

04/23/2024 04:15 pm GMT
Some Comfy Boba Socks

Gift someone who loves Boba tea this pair of socks so they can keep their feet warm. The cute pattern is sure to cause a smile anyone time they look at them!

04/23/2024 08:14 pm GMT
An Adorable Boba Plush

This adorable plush toy/pillow is sure to be appreciated by someone who likes their Boba tea! It's super cute, soft and will brighten up anyone's home or office in a fun way.

04/23/2024 09:49 pm GMT
This Cute Boba T-Shirt

Photo via CherryBlossomTee on Etsy

Should that be t-shirt or tea-shirt!? Either way, any fan of Boba tea is sure to think this colorful anime-style t-shirt design is adorable.

A Custom Boba Keychain

Photo via XSTPeach on Etsy

This beautiful little Boba tea keychain can be customized with a number of different colors/flavors and with or without a number of extra tassels as well.

Some Pretty Boba Earrings

Photo via londonfoglatte on Etsy

These precious Boba earrings come in a number of different colors/flavors so that you ensure you get your recipient their favorite Boba variety!

A Personalized Boba Mug

Photo via thebumblebreediaries on Etsy

This cute gift idea will give your Boba fan their own reusable Boba mug. Their name can be engraved on it and you can also choose to have a love-heart-shaped metal straw!

Boba Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

You can spread the positivi-tea with these gifts for boba lovers that cost more than $20 but still stay under the $50 mark and are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

These Pretty Reusable Boba Cups

If you know someone who has a Boba tea like every single day, get them this pack of two (beautiful) reusable cups so they won't have to go without when one is in the dishwasher!

04/23/2024 10:14 pm GMT
Some Fluffy Boba Slippers

Photo via PuffsAndFluffs on Etsy

How adorable are these Boba slippers?! We're confident your Boba-loving gift recipient will adore these fluffy slippers to keep their feet warm and cute.

A Stylish Boba Backpack

This backpack is lovely and gender-neutral, with cute little cups of Boba tea all over it. It will allow your Boba fan to carry everything they need and also show their love of Boba.

This Boba Tea Candle

Photo via CandleGardens on Etsy

Your Boba tea fan will be able to smell the intoxicating aroma of jasmine milk tea whenever they like with this cute candle. Just ensure they know it's a candle and not actually edible!

An Adorable Boba Tea Pencil Case

This retractable Boba tea pencil case is cute and useful! If your Boba-lover is a student, teacher or similar, they will love using this to carry all their pens and pencils around.

This Beautiful Boba Sweater

Photo via HollandDriveStudios on Etsy

Just because someone loves Boba doesn't mean they want everything to be cutesy. This understated sweater is an elegant and warm way to display a penchant for Boba tea!

A Sweet Boba Gift Box

Photo via VISParadiseGoods on Etsy

This pretty gift box contains a number of wonderful items for a Boba tea fan, with a special Boba straw, keychain and cup holder that can all be customized with favorite colors.

A DIY Boba Tea Kit

Photo via UncommonGoods

Let your gift recipient make their own Boba tea at home with this DIY kit which includes two different teas, two metal straws and tapioca balls to whip up a delicious batch.

Boba Gifts Between $50 – $100

If you haven’t found the perfect boba lovers gifts yet, check out these pearl-fect options which are a little more pricey but won’t blow your entire month’s budget.

This Pretty Boba Print

Photo via JenScribblesNY on Etsy

This colorful print of different Boba tea flavors available in New York City will brighten up the home of any Boba fan. It comes in three different sizes as well.

A Cozy Bubble Tea Throw

Photo via littlepaperies on Etsy

This beautifully soft sherpa fleece throw will look great as an accessory, but Boba drinkers are sure to also love snuggling up inside it when it's cold, perhaps with a hot Boba!

This Cool Boba Duffel Bag

Photo via BobaFairy on Etsy

For a gift that's both pretty and useful, you can't go past this duffel bag with a pattern of Boba tea on it. We're sure your recipient will love using it every day!

A Luxurious Set of Boba Candles

Photo via AsianBobaGirl on Etsy

You definitely need this full set of four to get your recipient the ultimate Boba tea candle experience! There are a variety of delicious scents to choose, from brown sugar to pistachio.

Presents for Boba Lovers Over $100

These Boba gifts cost more than $100 but are truly the bubble whammy of gift ideas for someone who loves Boba Tea!

This Epic Boba-Making Bundle

Photo via PearlyBubbleTea on Etsy

This fantastic Boba-making kit contains everything your Boba fan will need to make five different flavors of Boba as well as a cup with a straw, lid, straw cleaner, 2 spoons and ice trays!

This Boba Tea Comforter

Photo via OliviasPaperie on Etsy

Someone who truly lives and breathes Boba tea will love being able to sleep under this comfy blanket covered in a colorful pattern of different Boba drinks.

A Neon Boba Sign

Photo via SunnyBoutique85 on Etsy

This colorful neon "But first, Boba" sign would look great in a Boba shop, in a home bar setup or just on the bedroom wall of someone who's always drinking Boba.

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