Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom (That She’s Sure to Love!)

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This holiday season, make sure Mom feels extra special by putting some time (and a whole lot of love) into a DIY gift or two, handcrafted just for her!

From crafty Christmas gifts to make for mom, all the way to tasty edible treats, here are some nifty DIY Christmas gift ideas that are both cost-effective AND extra easy to whip together.

No doubt, you’re guaranteed to win Mom (or your mother-in-law) over with these creative gestures!

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Crafty DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom!

What type of Mom wouldn’t want a thoughtful DIY Christmas gift made with tons of love? We’ve broken down our DIY Christmas gift ideas for Mom in two categories for your viewing pleasure.

Looking for the craftiest DIY Christmas gifts for Mom? Read on!

Fabric-Covered Notebook

This fabric cover for a notebook or diary makes a great DIY Christmas gift for Mom! Plus, this is an easy way to personalize something simple and transform it into a stylish Christmas gift. Click here for the tutorial!

Oyster Shell Candles

These oyster shell candles make a lovely gift for any Mom this Christmas. They will add something special to any table decoration, especially ideal for Moms who entertain guests. Click here for the tutorial!

Oyster shell candles
Photo via Pillar Box Blue

Bath Tub Tray

This holiday season, make Mom a wooden tray to display all her bathtime essentials (especially that bottle of wine!). Bonus ideas for an at-home spa are also included in the article. Click here for the tutorial!

DIY bathtub tray
Photo via Craft + Sparkle

Self-Care Kit

Make a self-care kit for Mom this Christmas to remind her that she deserves to pamper herself every day! Fill it with all sorts of her favorite things, from wine to motivational books. Click here for the tutorial!

Rustic Wood Sign

This rustic wood sign is a great way to stylize and add extra Christmas cheer to Mom’s house – and it’s very budget-friendly. She’ll never believe that you made this (as opposed to buying it from Pottery Barn!). Click here for the tutorial!

Teapot Topiary

A sweet teapot topiary is the perfect DIY Christmas gift for Mom. You can even use an heirloom or keepsake teapot to make that much more meaningful! Click here for the tutorial!

teapot topiary
Photo via Our Crafty Mom

Faux Leather Earrings

Faux leather earrings are great DIY Christmas presents for Mom that won’t break the bank! Choose Mom’s favorite color or two and make her an assortment of earrings to brighten up her outfits. Click here for the tutorial!

Faux leather earrings
Photo via Rural Ruby

Custom Photo Ornament

What better way to decorate Mom’s Christmas tree than with an ornament that has a photo of a loved one in it? You can even personalize it further by adding a name and year on the back. Click here for the tutorial!

custom Christmas tree ornaments
Photo via Making of a Mom

Tallow Lip Balm

Lip balm may be small, but it’s perfect for Mom to keep in her purse at all times! With this Christmas gift, she can take quality, nourishing lip balm out on the go with her and never need to spend a dime on another one. Click here for the tutorial!

Woven Bookmark

It’s a known fact that Moms love reading. Why not make her a woven bookmark so she never loses her place in her books ever again? Click here for the tutorial, which also includes ideas for four other gift ideas!

Woven bookmark
Photos via Warped Fibers

Mug Rug

Make a “mug rug” for your mother using her favorite motif or colors. She’ll think of you every time she rests for a cup of coffee! Click here for the tutorial!

Necklace Pendant

Make a DIY necklace pendant out of brightly colored fabric samples for your mom – she’ll love that you crafted this with extra care! Use a color to represent each of her children to make the necklace pop even more. Click here for the tutorial!

Colorful necklace pendant
Photo via Upcycle My Stuff

Wooden Serving Tray

Mom will LOVE if you make her this homemade serving tray. She can use it as a cutting board or a tray to serve food. Plus, it’ll look beautiful in her kitchen. Click here for the tutorial!

DIY serving tray
Photo via Drugstore Divas

Explosion Box

This personalized “explosion box” is sure to make any mom’s Christmas! Help her relive all her favorite memories with this DIY pop-up origami project. Click here for the tutorial!

Upcycled Throw Pillow

Repurpose some of your old baby outfits into a throw pillow for Mom. This way, Mom can be reminded of those precious moments on a daily basis. Click here for the tutorial!

Cricut Earrings

Mom will LOVE these earrings made from a Cricut machine (yes, it’s easier than you think!) that are perfect as a personalized gift for the holidays. Click here for the tutorial!

No-Sew Braided Headband

Moms are always helping their daughters with their hair and making them look extra spiffy. This Christmas, help Mom feel special with this easy no-sew braided headband that you can make from an old t-shirt! Click here for the tutorial!

No sew headband
Photo via Happiest Camper

Rose Water Face Spray

Another great DIY Christmas gift for Mom is an all-natural rose water face spray and toner. Not only does it smell great, but it also soothes her skin! It’s also perfect to keep in the fridge for a hot summer pick-me-up. Click here for the tutorial!

rose water face spray
Photo via Pink Fortitude

Beef Tallow Moisturizer

Share this gift with Mom so she can have a spa day at home… anytime she desires! This moisturizer is the perfect remedy for the seasonal dry skin she might be battling this winter. Click here for the tutorial!

Lavender Soap

Treat Mom with a little spa TLC this holiday season with homemade lavender soap. The lavender scent is soothing and will be the perfect way for her to unwind. Click here for the tutorial!

Custom Tea Bags

This thoughtful DIY gift is perfect for Mom because you don’t need any special skills to make it – you only need a few items! You can also opt to glue these on cards and envelopes for an extra special touch. Click here for the tutorial!

Custom tea bags
Photo via B4 and Afters

Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf is a great, thoughtful gift for Mom that will keep her warm and cozy during the colder months of the holiday season. It sews together in just 15 minutes (so speedy!) with just a few straight stitches. Click here for the tutorial!

Via Hello Sewing

Japanese Knot Bag

Another great Christmas gift to make for Mom is a small tote bag with a twist. This Japanese knot bag is simple, fun, and incredibly useful. Unlike other tote bags, this one is always closed – so Mom never has to worry about anything precious falling out! Click here for the tutorial!

japanese knot bag
Photo via Hello Sewing

Mint Poppy Seed Soap

Not only does this mint poppy seed soap smell amazing, but it also looks beautiful! Mom will love how the poppy seeds help exfoliate her skin in time for the holiday season. Click here for the tutorial!

Wedding Invitation Ornament

Mom will love looking back on the memory of a family wedding with this DIY wedding invitation Christmas ornament. Click here for the tutorial!

Edible DIY CHRISTMAS Gifts for Mom!

If you’re not as crafty OR know that your mom has more of a thing for good food, check out this array of homemade recipes below! All of them would make perfect DIY presents for Mom this Christmas… and the best part is, they can all be shared with loved ones too.

White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

These crunchy biscuits will leave Mom speechless on Christmas Day! With a layer of melted white chocolate and filled with dried cranberries, pistachios, and white chocolate chips, Mom is bound to love these by themselves or dipped in coffee. Click here for the recipe!

White chocolate biscotti
Photo via Bake or Bust

Keto Sugar Cookies

Low-carb keto sugar cookies with coconut flour are perfect edible gifts for Mom! This 20-minute keto sugar cookie recipe also has sugar-free options for sprinkles and frosting. They’ll look better than any cookies you buy in the store! Click here for the recipe!

Sugar cookies
Photo via Wholesome You

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Apple butter makes an ideal spread or condiment for any dish and also serves as a thoughtful gift for Mom when presented in a mason jar. With just a few minutes of prep and then leaving it all to your handy crock pot for the rest, this is one of the most simple gifts to make that Mom will love! Click here for the recipe!

Photo via Bake or Bust

Spiced Vanilla Sugar

Spiced vanilla sugar with fragrant Indian spices turn ordinary coffee into an aromatic flavor explosion! Mom will love this for using in her tea, oatmeal, fruit, and baked goods. Click here for the tutorial!

Spiced vanilla sugar
Photo via This Old Gal

Cajun Seasoning

This delicious Cajun seasoning is a perfect gift for Mom! It takes a few minutes to make, and Mom will love this flavorful gift. Click here for the recipe!

cajun seasoning
Photo via Tasty Galaxy

Rainbow Chocolate Truffles

Moms love chocolate, and these truffles are a perfect gift for moms! They are so simple to make, and everyone will love them as gifts. Click here for the recipe!

Rainbow chocolate truffles
Photo via Tasty Galaxy

Heart-Shaped Brownies

Show Mom that you truly love her by baking her these extra special brownies! It’s also a fun way to turn your regular brownies into something far more unique and creative. Click here for the recipe!

heart brownies
Photo via Tasty Galaxy

Melted Snowman Cookies

These melted snowman cookies are absolutely adorable and the perfect gift for Mom this Christmas! They’re also super easy to make, since you only need six ingredients to bring them to life. Click here for the recipe!

Grinch Cookies

Looking for a fun way to get into the festive Christmas spirit? Try making these easy Grinch cookies for Mom! Click here for the recipe!

Vegan Carrot Pesto

Try this super easy vegan pesto recipe once, and you’ll want to make it every time you buy carrots with green tops! Mom is guaranteed to fall in love with it! Click here for the recipe!

Cranberry Chutney

Not only is cranberry chutney an iconic Christmas recipe, but it also doubles as a lovely Christmas gift for Mom! Click here for the recipe!

Christmas Spiced Chocolate Salami

This Christmas spiced chocolate salami not only looks amazing, but it also keeps beautifully in the fridge for at least a week. You can make, wrap, and store it ahead of time, so you won’t need to stress over gift wrapping for Mom when the big day draws closer! Click here for the recipe!

Spiced chocolate salami
Photo via A Mummy Too

Fruit Chutney

This fruit chutney recipe is sweet, rich, spicy, and utterly delicious. Mom is bound to love its perfectly balanced combination of apples, plums, spices, apple cider vinegar, fresh chilli, and raisins. Click here for the recipe!

Fruit chutney
Photo via A Mummy Too

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more homemade gift ideas that we should add to your list!

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