30 Awesome Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re looking for gift ideas “from the kids”, don’t overthink it! With young kids in tow, there is often nothing more special than receiving some homemade Father’s Day crafts as a gift.

After all, knowing that your child took the time to draw, make or build something for you is both special and heartwarming.

Contrary to popular belief though, DIY Father’s Day gifts from kids don’t have to be difficult or time consuming, and we’re here with plenty of ideas to help.

So, it’s time to raid your craft closest (or your pantry) because we’ve gathered up a list of some of the best Father’s Day craft gift ideas from across the internet. No doubt, there is something here that every father will cherish!

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Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Babies and toddlers may not be able to do much crafting on their own but with a little help you can craft a meaningful gift for dad that he will cherish for years to come.

1. Handprint Art

This handprint art is perfect for doing with babies and toddlers. Add those hand prints to a piece of art and never forget just how small those hands were!

Click here to learn more from The Country Chic Cottage.

Photo via Country Chic Cottage

2. Dad is Dino-mite

Is your toddler obsessed with dinosaurs? Help them make this fun dinosaur handprint card for Father’s Day!

Click here to learn more from Fun Handprint Blog.

Photo by Fun Handprint Blog

3. Handprint Canvas

Handprint gifts are perfect for Father’s Day. Look back later on to see how the kids have grown over the years. This fail-proof handprint heart canvas is a great way to get the kids involved with the gift making.

Click here to learn more from Julie Measures.

Photo via Julie Measures

4. Handprint Heart Card

This simple handprint heart card will be a sweet gift from baby to daddy.

Click here to learn more from All About Baby Blog.

Photo via All About Baby Blog

5. I Love Daddy Footprint Art

Spend some time with baby and make this precious gift for daddy that he can hang in his office or anywhere he spends a lot of time.

Click here to learn more from A Daily Dose of Mom.

Photo via A Daily Dose of Mom

Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Raid the craft stash and let the kids go wild. Most of these DIY Father’s Day crafts are perfect for older kids to complete with just a bit of help and direction from you. Dad is going to love these thoughtful gifts.

6. Rock Art for Dad

Collect some rocks and make a unique piece of art that will show dad that you think he totally rocks!

Click here to learn more from Get Your Holiday On.

Photo via Get Your Holiday On

7. Worlds Best Dad Trophy

Do you have a great dad in your life? How about the World’s Best Dad? If you do (or if your kid does), you’ll probably want to make this DIY World’s Best Dad Trophy.

Click here to learn more from Drug Store Divas.

Photo via Drug Store Divas

8. Tape Resist Art For Dad

This fun and colorful keepsake for dad is also a great way to practice fine motor skills with kids.

Click here to learn more from Active Littles.

Photo via Active Littles

9. Grillin & Chillin Sign

You and your child can work together to make this fun sign for dad to hang up in the back yard. He will be reminded of how much he’s loved every time he sees it.

Click here to learn more from The Cagle Diaries.

Photo via The Cagle Diaries

10. Dad’s Stache Jar

Make a jar full of dad’s favorite goodies that are just for him!

Click here to learn more from OHMY! Creative.

Photo via OHMY! Creative

11. Candy Bar Card

This fun necktie card lets you show dad all the things you love about him while you give him his favorite candy as well. Dads will love this gift.

Click here to learn more from Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Photo via Artsy Fartsy Mama

12. Lawn Mower Krispie Treats

These rice krispie lawn mowers are easy to make and stand out on any party display. They’re perfect to make for Father’s Day!

Click here to learn more from In The Kids Kitchen.

Photo via In The Kids Kitchen

13. Melted Crayon Rocks

Use old crayons odds and ends to make gorgeous Rock Paper Weights for Dad. Bright, colourful, easy AND practical. A fun gift to make and give.

Click here to learn more from Red Ted Art.

Photo via Red Red Art

Functional and Useful Gifts For Dad

Surprise dad with a gift that’s not only handmade but super useful as well. Some of these DIY Father’s day gifts form kids are a little more involved but they will be all the more special because of it.

14. Simple Upcycled Map Coasters

These thoughtful coasters have maps superimposed on them. Choose maps are of locations that dad has been to, so the gift has special meaning for him. 

Click here to learn more from The Boondocks Blog.

Photo via The Boondocks Blog

15. Dad Rocks Paper Weight

If you are looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift your kids can make, this simple Dad Rocks Paperweight is it! It’s fun to make, uses very few supplies.

Click here to learn more from Crafts by Amanda.

Photo via Crafts by Amanda

16. Father’s Day Candy Tackle Box

Are you looking for a creative homemade gift for dad this Father’s Day? You can make this adorable Candy Tackle Box for dad or grandpa! 

Click here to learn more from Coffee Pancakes and Dreams.

Photo via Coffee Pancakes and Dreams

17. Personalized Fishing Lure

This personalized fishing lure is just the thing for dads that love to fish.

Click here to learn more from Reuse Grow Enjoy.

Photo via Reuse Grow Enjoy

18. Wrapped Walking Stick

If dad loves to hike, he’s going to love this yarn wrapped walking stick.

Click here to learn more from Imaginative Homeschool.

Photo via Imaginative Homeschool

19. Gilling Spice Rubs

This simple DIY Father’s Day gift is perfect for the dad that loves to grill meat! It’s so simple that even that kids can make this gift for Dad!

Click here to learn more from Making Manzanita.

Photo via Making Manzanita

20. Handprint Grill Apron

This DIY handprint BBQ apron gift is perfect Father’s Day, Christmas gift or birthday gift for the Dad or Grandpa who likes to grill. He will love this sweet lion handprint on this “King Of The Grill” apron. This is a DIY craft that kids and preschoolers can make themselves, and Dad (or Grandpa) will love looking back on how small the kid’s hands were!

Click here to learn more from On My Kids Plate.

Photo via On My Kids Plate

21. Personalized Hammer

If you are looking for an awesome DIY Father’s Day gift, this Personalized DIY Father’s Day Hammer can be made at home with the help of the kids and makes an awesome personalized Father’s Day gift.

Click here to learn more from The Best Kids Crafts and Activities.

Photo via The Best Kids Crafts & Activities

22. Painted Father’s Day DIY Mug

These DIY Painted Father’s Day Mugs are cute and simple Father’s’ Day crafts to make that will put a smile on your dad or grandpa’s face this Father’s Day.

Click here to learn more from This Ole Mom.

Photo via This Ole Mom

23. DIY Keychain for Dad

Use shrinky dinks and pony beads to make this fun and colorful keychain for dad.

Click here to learn more from Projects with Kids.

Photo via Projects with Kids

24. Washi Tape Bookmarks

If Dad is a reader, make him some bookmarks using washi tape and craft sticks. These are durable and fun to make!

Click here to learn more from Moms Collab.

Photo via Mom’s Collab

25. Nightstand Organizer

The upcycled Fathers day gift is made from mainly scraps, so it costs almost nothing to make. It is also very simple and relatively quick to make.

Click here to learn more from Pillar Box Blue.

Photo via Pillar Box Blue

Last Minute Crafty Gifts for Dad

Even when you have the best intentions, life with little makes for busy schedules and kids whose moods don’t coincide with craft time. When things don’t go as planned, check out on of these simple last minute DIY Father’s Day crafts ideas.

26. Baseball Glove Card

A home-run hit! Dad will LOVE this kid-made baseball glove Father’s Day card! The perfect keepsake for the sports-loving dad! 

Click here to learn more from The Soccer Mom Blog.

Photo via The Soccer Mom Blog

27. Number 1 Dad

This last minute #1 Dad Award is simple to make in just a few minutes with supplies you have on hand.

Click here to learn more from One Crazy Mom.

Photo via One Crazy Mom

28. Father’s Day Tie Card

Make this tie card in just 15 minutes. Add it to a gift or write a nice message inside and give it to dad to let him know you appreciate him.

Click here to learn more from The Gingerbread House.

Photo via The Gingerbread House

29. Father’s Day Coupon Book

These printable Father’s Day coupons are the perfect gift to give to Dad from kids, teens, or even a spouse.

Click here to learn more from The Keele Deal.

Photo via The Keele Deal

30. Father’s Day Breakfast Kit

Give dad a surprise on Father’s Day with a breakfast in bed that he will never forget! Use this printable breakfast kit specially designed to make this morning easier.

Click here to learn more from Printables Fairy.

Photo via Printables Fairy

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of Father’s Day craft ideas for kids!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more ideas to share.

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