30 Awesome Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

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Macaroni necklaces have been treasured by mothers everywhere for decades, but it’s time to break away and make something mom will not only treasure but find useful as well.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and odds are, you have kids who want to make mom something beautiful.

So, we’ve gathered up 30 Awesome Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids that we think you are going to love.

We’ve include gifts simple enough for toddlers, ideas for older kids, a selection of gifts mom can use every day, and even a few last-minute ideas just in case procrastination gets the best of you.

Gather up the craft supplies and surprise mom with a beautiful handmade gift this Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Handprint and paper plate crafts are so fun and easy to make, and you probably already have most of the supplies in your craft closet. These simple Mother’s Day crafts are simple and perfect for toddlers.

1. Salt Dough Handprint

Mom is going to love having this salt dough handprint to see how much you have grown. Add a string to hang it or a little stand to display it.

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Photo via Tadpoles and Mud Puddles

2. Handprint Flowers

Easily make these Mother’s Day handprint flowers that Mom or Grandma will love!

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Photo via Get Your Holiday On

3. Cactus Handprint Card

This cute little cactus card paired with a plant would make a wonderful handmade addition to a gift for mom.

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Photo via Simple Everyday Mom

4. Bottlecap Necklace

Make moms, aunts, and grandmothers a Mother’s Day Gift they are sure to love! These custom keychains necklaces are easy to make for toddlers and older kids.

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Photo via Artsy Fartsy Mama

5. Heart Footprint Keepsake

Toddler and Baby Keepsakes are something mom will treasure forever. Help her to remember how tiny her children once were with this lovely gift.

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Photo via Red Ted Art

6. Hand Print Tree of Love

Mother’s Day crafts like this Tree of Love are so much fun to make and they create such beautiful memories. 

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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

As kids get a little older, they can do more on their own. This is the perfect time to introduce a project, set out supplies, and let your older children take their own creative journey to make the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day.

7. Popsicle Stick Photo Frame

Are you ready for a totally adorable kids-made Mother’s Day craft? These popsicle sticks photo frame magnets are simple to make and a keepsake Mom will love.

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Photo via Craft Rocker

8. Coffee Filter Flowers

Flowers are always a popular Mother’s Day gift, which is why I love these adorable coffee filter flowers! They’re a fun DIY mother’s day gift your kids can make themselves. These cool paper flowers are pretty enough to display in your home and last a lot longer than real flowers, too!

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Photo via Hunny I’m Home DIY

9. Heart String Art

This simple beginner string art project would be a perfect to complete with Dad for beautiful Mother’s Day gift.

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10. Watercolor Heart Art

Create this fun and easy watercolor painting with your children this year for the special women in their lives.

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Photo via The DIY Nuts

11. Mother’s Day Card

Just in time to show Mom how much you care, this 3D Mother’s Day card craft will bring a smile to her face. Nothing will tell Mom how special you think she is than a hand made card.

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Photo via Easy Crafts for Kids

12. Q-Tip Flower Art Card

Give Mom this Q-tip Flower Art Mother’s Day Card as a lovely surprise! Easy to make and completely unique – perfect for kids of all ages!

Click here to learn more from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

Photo via Artsy Craftsy Mom

13. My Mom Rocks Frame

MY MOM ROCKS! is a fun Mother’s Day kid – parent craft that makes a lovely keepsake. The best part? It is ready in two easy steps.

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14. Fingerprint Rocks

Kids will love making this painted rock craft for Mother’s Day! This craft is easily adaptable to kids of all ages. It’s easy enough for younger kids to make although preschoolers might need some assistance with the printing. Plus it’s great for older kids who want to add in more detail and designs with some paint pens. 

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15. 3D Heart Flower Card

Kids can show mom how much they love her with this beautiful 3D Heart Flower Card.

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Photo via Mombrite

16. Heart Pinch Pot

Mom is going to love this sweet heart shaped pinch pot. It’s perfect for storing change, jewelry or other small items. It’s also really simple to make with air dry clay from the craft store.

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Photo via Red Ted Art

Functional and Useful DIY Gifts for Mom

Mom loves cards, keepsakes and tiny treasures but she will also love something she can use on a daily basis. You’re going to love these Mother’s Day Craft Ideas.

17. Footprint Towels

Mom or Grandma will smile every time they use these sweet butterfly and bumblebee hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Photo via Creative Green Living

18. Sharpie Mug

This Mother’s Day handmade sharpie mug is perfect for kids of all ages to make (with a little adult help) and is the perfect gift to show mom how much she means to you. All you need is a plain white coffee mug, some oil based sharpies and a stencil.

Click here to learn more from The Faithful Helpmeet.

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19. Fingerprint Flower Pot

This sweet fingerprint flower pot can be made with supplies you probably have on hand. This project will easily engage kids from 3-10 years old with a lot of creative steps and makes a perfect project for Mother’s Day.

Click here to learn more from Crafts by Amanda.

Photo via Crafts by Amanda

20. Family Map Art

This beautiful work of art will celebrate family near and far this Mother’s Day.

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21. DIY Glass Magnets

Give mom the gift of handmade magnets so she can hang all of your beautiful artwork on her fridge all year long.

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Photo via Family Focus Blog

22. Twig Wrapped Flower Pots

Sticks and twigs are just brilliant for crafting, and this little project turns them into a lovely homemade gift.  All you need is a plant pot, some string, and a little plant to pop in when you’re finished.

Click here to learn more from Growing Family.

Photo via Growing Family

23. Farmer’s Market Tote

If mom loves going to the Farmer’s Market she is going to love these handmade totes.

Click here to learn more from Barley and Birch.

Photo via Barley and Birch

24. Handprint Watering Can

Add handprint flowers to a watering can and make the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea.

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Photo via Country Chic Cottage

25. Thumbprint Candle Holder

In need of a last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea to make with your child? This super simple mason jar craft would make a great kid-made gift—and all you’ll need to make it are a few basic supplies! Mom and Grandma will forever cherish this lovely DIY keepsake that’s covered with little thumbprints!

Click here to learn more from the Craft At Home Family.

Photo via Craft At Home Family

26. DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mug

Easy DIY marbled nail polish mugs make the perfect homemade gift! This simple craft can be completed in a few minutes and it looks like it took hours of work!

Click here to learn more from Strength & Sunshine.

Photo via Strength & Sunshine

27. Rainbow Flower Pots

Mother’s Day is coming up and this is a simple and fun craft to make for all the special women in your life. These Rainbow Flower Pots are sure to brighten their day.

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Photo via The Farmwife Crafts

Last Minute Crafty gifts for Mom

Did you forget Mother’s Day? Life gets busy and you may have missed all the hints that mom’s been dropping for the last few weeks. Redeem yourself and try one of these easy last minute crafty Mother’s Day Gift.

28. Print and Color Mother’s Day Cards

Looking for some printable Mother’s Day cards to color? Download these cute FREE printable cards and get everyone busy coloring. Easy to make and the perfect last-minute gift.

Click here to learn more from Rediscover Families.

29. Printable Mom Coupons

These printable coupons are easily customizable and will be a great gift for your mom or wife! If you’re either looking for a last-minute gift or just a nice and funny additional gift to make your mom laugh. Just download, customize, print, and assemble!

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30. Flower Pot Card

A free printable for a beautiful, durable, personalized homemade flower pot for Mom! Print in color or black and white to color yourself! 

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