20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Fish Lovers (That Are Fin-Tastic)

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Shopping for fish themed gifts? This list is here to help!

There’s just something meditative about watching fish swimming in a tank – whether it’s a bowl with a single goldfish or an entire fish-filled aquarium.

Fish make great pets if you can’t have a larger animal due to time, space or allergy constraints, plus they’re so pretty to look at!

Whether you know someone who has whole aquariums full of fish, a pond of koi or a couple of Betta fish in tiny tanks, chances are you’ve wondered what on earth to buy them as a present.

But fear not, even if you haven’t the first clue about keeping fish, we have rounded up a variety of fabulous fish merchandise for all sorts of varieties and at different price points so that you can find the perfect gifts for fish lovers.

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Best Fish Gifts Under $20

In this section, we have a whole bunch of excellent fish lovers’ gifts that won’t cost much more than a single goldfish in a plastic bag from a carnival!

A Tiny Goldfish Jar Keychain

Photo via ABungalowInEuphoria on Etsy

This tiny goldfish in a jar keychain is perfect for someone who loves keeping fish and wants to take one with them everywhere. Of course, there's no real water or fish in it!

This Beautiful Goldfish Infinity Scarf

Photo via ionnass on Etsy

This beautiful infinity scarf features a bright pattern of orange goldfish so it will look stunning and get bonus points with someone who is passionate about their fish.

A Ceramic Japanese Koi Coffee Mug

Japanese koi are gorgeous fish and if you know a fan who also drinks coffee (or tea) then they are sure to enjoy this ceramic mug showing different varieties of the fish.

Some Adorable Fish-in-a-Bag Earrings

Photo via 8SunRays on Etsy

Anyone who's ever had a goldfish knows the iconic image of them floating in a plastic bag for transport! Gift your fish fan some cute earrings with a hint of this nostalgia.

These Cute Clownfish Socks

Photo via SwolePanda on Etsy

Even before the release of Finding Nemo, clownfish were popular with fish enthusiasts. If you know someone who loves them they are sure to also love these cute and comfy socks!

A Pretty Swimming Fish Ring

Photo via AikaAika on Etsy

This lovely silver ring is both sturdy and cute with its depiction of a school of fish. It can be adjusted to fit different sizes so will please any fish fan!

This Goldfish Tumbler

While no goldfish lover would ever want to swallow their fish, this cute tumbler would still be a quirky gift for someone who loves their fish as it looks like they are swimming inside!

05/21/2024 07:04 am GMT
Some Colorful Fish Wall Art

Photo via RMountainMetalDecor on Etsy

This school of swimming fish is made from metal and is sure to brighten up the home of any fish fan. It can be ordered in a variety of pretty colors and different sizes too.

This Classic Dr. Seuss Fish T-Shirt

We bet any person who loves keeping fish probably loved the Dr. Seuss book "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" as a kid and would also love this t-shirt showing the fish!

05/21/2024 07:35 am GMT

Fish Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

Here are some more cool fish gifts if you haven’t found just the right one yet. They cost more than $20 but still stay under $50 so you don’t need to bust open your piggy bank!

A Beautiful Clownfish Necklace

Photo via annieandsistershop on Etsy

Here's another one for the Nemo fans, a delicate silver and quartz necklace with a charm of the popular clownfish. Any admirer of tropical fish is sure to love it!

This Solid Copper Koi Fish Figurine

If you know someone who loves koi then we're sure they would adore this beautiful copper koi figurine which would make a wonderful paperweight, or just a decoration.

05/21/2024 08:44 am GMT
Some Swimming Koi Garden Sculptures

Photo via UncommonGoods

Yes, this idea is also a koi sculpture, but these ones will look stunning in the garden of your fish-lover. They also come in different sizes and color options.

This Beautiful Fishbowl Lamp

Photo via austerolights on Etsy

This delightful lamp shows a minimal fishbowl with goldfish swimming inside and can be personalized with the names of your recipients. It's perfect for a couple who love their fish!

A Pretty Swimming Fish Bracelet

Photo via VillaSorgenfrei on Etsy

This dainty bracelet is ideal for someone who loves fish as well as beautiful and delicate jewellery. And, of course, one little fish is swimming bravely against the current!

This Gorgeous and Useful Fish Dish

Photo via UncommonGoods

Not only does this stoneware fish dish look stunning but it can be used for a variety of things in the kitchen or just displayed as art by someone who loves fish.

A Betta Fish Plushie

Photo via DustyLionCrafts on Etsy

Betta fish (or Siamese Fighting Fish) are beautiful and popular with fish-keepers, so if you know someone who loves them you can gift them their very own plushie! Many colors available.

This Lovely Fish Jug/Vase

Photo via GlugGlugShop on Etsy

Known as a gluggle jug for the gurgling noise they make when filled with water, this beautiful and quirky fish jug can be used for water, as a vase or just decor for someone who loves fish.

A Beautiful Koi Pond Mug

Photo via UncommonGoods

This wheel-thrown mug features the soothing ripples of a koi pond and is sure to make tea or coffee-time a little moment of peace for your fish-loving gift recipient.

Fish Gifts Between $50 – $100

Still haven’t found the right fish-themed present? Check out these ideas which are starting to get a little pricier, but include some gorgeous fish decor for the home!

This Stained Glass Fish Suncatcher

Photo via VitrageArtSouvenirs on Etsy

If you know someone who loves their Betta fish then they will probably also enjoy this beautiful stained-glass suncatcher. Two different designs are available or you can get the pair.

A Quirky Goldfish Art Print

Photo via UncommonGoods

It's well-known that goldfish owners often spend time gazing at the fish as they swim around. If you know a goldfish owner they are sure to enjoy this quirky art print which flips the idea!

This Stunning Koi Pond Rug

Photo via EKBows on Etsy

Bring the koi pond indoors with this gorgeous colorful rug! We bet anyone who loves koi ponds (whether they have their own or not) will adore having this version on the floor of their home.

Presents for Fish Lovers Over $100

These fish gifts are truly baller but if you’ve got the cash we can pretty much guarantee your recipient will be thrilled to receive any of them.

This Amazing Tiny Aquarium Ring

Photo via GeschmeideUnterTeck on Etsy

This incredible ring is made from resin and comes complete with tiny fish, stones and seaweed for one of the most unique jewellery pieces we've ever seen.

A Quirky Anglerfish Sculpture

Photo via UncommonGoods

Anyone who likes fish even a little thinks Anglerfish are awesome, so we are very confident a true fish fan will adore this amazing sculpture made from recycled metal parts!

This Incredible Koi Pond Coffee Table

Photo via TvWoodResin on Etsy

We're confident even people who aren't fussed about fish would be wowed by this stunning coffee table and if they already love koi then they will be over the moon to receive it!

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