20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers (That Are S’Pet-acular!)

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Shopping for guinea pig themed gifts? This list is here to help!

The cute guinea pig (or cavy) doesn’t come from Guinea nor is it related in any way to pigs, but that doesn’t stop it from being the most popular pet after cats and dogs.

These docile and friendly rodents are great pets for those with limited space, time or money for something larger like a dog, plus they’re totally adorable!

If you know someone who has guinea pigs and/or loves the little critters then you might be wondering what kind of guinea pig merchandise would make a nice gift.

Don’t worry though, we’ve rounded up all the best guinea pig lovers gifts in this post so you can get something they’re guaranteed to love, no matter your budget.

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Best Guinea Pig Gifts Under $20

You won’t need to spend a fortune to find some cool guinea pig gifts, as evidenced by these options that all come in under $20!

This Pack of Cute Guinea Pig Stickers
$39.98 ($5.00 / Ounce)

Someone who loves guinea pigs is sure to also love this bumper pack of adorable guinea pig stickers which they can plaster everywhere to show their love!

05/20/2024 09:35 am GMT
An Adorable Guinea Pig Bag

Cute little pouches can be useful for storing any number of things. A guinea pig fan is sure to appreciate the image on this one which labels guinea pig body parts in a humorous way!

05/21/2024 12:39 pm GMT
Some Cozy Guinea Pig Socks

Cute socks always make a useful and fun gift, so get your guinea pig lover this set which features adorable fluffy guinea pigs in a number of colours.

These Sweet Guinea Pig Earrings

Photo via WilderMindsDesignCo on Etsy

If you know someone who loves guinea pigs and has their ears pierced then you could get them these adorable earrings, with options for stud or dangle varieties and different fur designs!

A Precious Tiny Guinea Pig in a Matchbox

Photo via TheOrangeCorner on Etsy

This would be a great gift for someone who loves guinea pigs but can't have one, but even those with the cute pets are also sure to be enchanted by this teeny tiny pig in a matchbox!

This Cute Guinea Pig in Pocket T-Shirt

Photo via nfiniti on Etsy

This cute t-shirt is available in a range of colors (and sizes). It's perfect for guinea pig fans who wish they could carry theirs everywhere!

This Awesome Guinea Pig Coloring Book

Photo via GoofyGuineas on Etsy

Coloring books are not just for kids and any guinea pig fan is sure to love this one featuring adorable characters in funny situations!

A Huge Guinea Pig Plush Pillow

The only thing better than a real guinea pig is a giant plush one! This cute pig is part stuffed toy and part cushion, so it will be loved by adult and child guinea pig fans alike.

05/20/2024 02:39 pm GMT

Guinea Pig Themed Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

If you’re looking for more gifts for guinea pig lovers, check out these excellent options which cost more than $20 but still won’t break the bank as they stay under the $50 mark.

A Cute Pom Pom Beanie with Guinea Pigs

Photo via BellaandJakeHQ on Etsy

Help your guinea pig fan stay warm in the winter with this adorable pom pom beanie and some sweet embroidered pigs! It's available in a variety of different colors too.

This Sterling Silver Guinea Pig Necklace

Photo via IvyByDesign on Etsy

This sweet sterling silver necklace shows a guinea pig silhouette with a love heart, and can also be personalized to include the name of a beloved pig, along with different hair types.

A Sweet Guinea Pig Tote

This embroidered cotton tote bag is useful and pretty, with two little guinea pigs to show how much your gift recipient loves the critters! It's also very spacious and durable for a tote bag.

This Guinea Pig Knowledge Poster

Photo via BenitaRudmansd on Etsy

This poster is not only a sweet way to display someone's love for guinea pigs, but it also features useful information about the animal and their care.

An Adorable Merry Pigmas Christmas Sweater

If you're specifically looking for a Christmas present for someone who loves guinea pigs then this sweater is ideal! Available in a variety of colors it's sure to make your recipient very merry.

05/21/2024 01:09 pm GMT
This Personalized Guinea Pigs Cutting Board

Photo via RabbitPrint on Etsy

What do you get the couple who has everything and loves guinea pigs? How about a personalized cutting board with two sweet guinea pigs! Perfect for a wedding or housewarming gift.

A Personalized Guinea Pig Tumbler

Photo via ThePersonalizeShopWA on Etsy

A tumbler to ensure drinks stay cold is always a useful item to have. This one can have your recipient's name along with the cute guinea pig image and comes in several colors.

Guinea Pig Gifts Between $50 – $100

Still haven’t found the perfect gifts for guinea pig lovers? These options are a bit more pricey since they’re between $50 and $100, but your guinea pig fan is sure to love them.

This Gorgeous Guinea Pig Backpack

Photo via 4PawsCuddleCo on Etsy

This backpack with guinea pigs is absolutely beautiful! The pretty pattern will delight any guinea pig fan who also likes flowers and they can carry all their things within.

A Personalized Guinea Pig Metal Sign

Photo via CratifyCreations on Etsy

This metal guinea pig sign will look striking on any guinea pig fan's wall, and it can be personalized with their name as well as optional LED lights.

This Stunning Hand Blown Glass Guinea Pig

Photo via ProchaskaGallery on Etsy

For something extremely elegant, gift your guinea pig lover beautiful this hand-blown glass guinea pig! A rainbow of colors can be seen when it's looked at from different angles.

Presents for Guinea Pig Lovers Over $100

If money is truly no object these baller guinea pig gifts that cost more than $100 are sure to make any cavy fan over the moon!

This Guinea Pigs Bedding Set

If you know someone who absolutely lives and breathes guinea pigs then they will be sure to adore this bedding set of pillowcases and a quilt cover with cute guinea pigs on it!

A Personalized Guinea Pig Portrait

Photo via PawPrintsPetArt on Etsy

Let your gift recipient remember their beloved guinea pig (or pigs) forever by getting them a personalized portrait painted from a photo. It will make a wonderful art piece for their home!

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