Funny Father’s Day Memes to Share for an Instant Laugh

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Is laughter your love language? Good news – there are plenty of wonderful Father’s Day memes out there that will help you spread some joy and laughter this Father’s Day!

From relatable memes about Father’s Day to more general memes about the wonders of fatherhood, the following memes are perfect for sharing on social media, sending to the dads in your life, or just for your own cackly persual.

We hope you enjoy them!

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1. This meme that shows things could be worse

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but wow, the pure emotion in this meme gets us every time.


2. This fatherhood meme that will get you an instant laugh

I mean, we’ve all had these kinds of moments…


3. This very true Father’s Day meme that every dad will agree with

Gotta love those Target cargo shorts though…


4. This meme tribute to the classic milkman dad joke

Also appropriate for any dads out there who do indeed happen to be milkmen.


5. This horrifying Father’s Day meme that every dad will feel

Just looking at this hurts us.


6. This perfect Michael Jordan meme

Perfect to accompany jokes about how there’s no need for a Father’s Day dinner and “there’s food at home”.


7. This meme ode to a very common dad trait

Genuinely though: why is this such a common thing?!


8. This Ron Swanson meme that is all too accurate

To be fair, many dads love busting out the grill.


9. This “too real” tweet about the Father’s Day experience

Sounds about right, TBH.


10. This hilarious meme about the “World’s Best Dad” trope

Ouch. True, but ouch. 4 year olds can be so savage…


11. This meme about why dads are the best

I mean, “ask your dad” can really backfire sometimes, wow.

12. This meme that showcases one’s Father’s Day priorities

BBQ. Beer. BBQ & Beer. Otherwise, please leave.

13. This amazing meme that is the definition of fatherly pride

I mean… he’s not wrong.

14. This meme-y ode to the almighty dad joke

Yes dad, you’re super hilarious… now can I please have some money…?

15. This too-true meme about who’s really paying for Father’s Day gifts

It’s the thought that counts, right?

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