The Best Funny Happy Father’s Day Memes & Ecards: 10 Memes to Send ASAP!

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Struggling to find the best way to send Happy Father’s Day wishes? Well, as we at Thoughtful Gift Club always believe, where there’s a meme, there’s a way.

Below you’ll find a selection of funny Happy Father’s Day memes and e-cards that will help you express exactly what you meme 😉 We hope you find what you’re looking for!

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1. This funny tongue-in-cheek e-card about life pre-kids

All in good fun though…. kids are a blessing. Total blessing. * eye twitch *


2. This punny Happy Father’s Day meme ft. the Rock

Simple, but effective.


3. This morbidly funny Star Wars Happy Father’s Day meme

Of course, make sure your dad is actually a Star Wars fan so he doesn’t think that you want to murder him. That would be ideal.

4. This Happy Father’s Day greeting that’s perfect for those with self-deprecating humour

Awkward moment when your dad laughs too hard at this one.


5. This awesome Happy Father’s Day greeting that is a bit crass, but true

Where’s the lie though?


6. This bluntly honest Father’s Day greeting

Totally the best dad………. that we’ve had.


7. This fun Despicable Me inspired greeting

A perfect “Happy Father’s Day” message if you ask us. * evil cackle *


8. This e-card that is perfect for tech-illiterate dads

The card is in the computer! Of course!


9. This funny Game of Thrones Father’s Day meme

… Needless to say, spoilers below:


10. Lastly, this Father’s Day meme that you can literally hear in your head right now

Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. DAD. DAD. DAD!


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