20 Funny Happy Birthday Memes to Send ASAP

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If your quest around the Internet has brought you to this roundup of funny Happy Birthday memes, then odds are you’re having trouble finding the right thing to say!

Well – don’t worry, where words fail, memes are always around to save the day, so if you want a quick and easy way to make somebody smile on their birthday, just pick something from this list and you’re covered.

The following Happy birthday memes are funny, clever, and the odd one provides enough sass to give a birthday greeting without being overly sentimental. We hope you enjoy this roundup, and feel free to let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any of your favourites.

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1. This wonderful Happy Birthday meme that focuses on what truly matters

“Can I have one alcohol, please?”


2. This birthday message filled with infinite wisdom

Some things will never change.


3. This fancy Happy Birthday meme for only your most distinguished of birthday celebrators

Mayeth your dayeth be-eth the best-eth.


4. This simple but wonderfully creepy Happy Birthday meme for your precious

One meme to rule them all…


5. This perfect Happy Birthday meme for trolling your bday person

But hey at least the cake would be as fresh as possible, no?


6. This classic Happy Birthday meme for the most interesting people in your life

Maybe also gift them a nice bottle of Dos Equis? Or is that too on the nose?


7. This perfect Happy Birthday meme for cowbell lovers

I got a fever… and the only prescription is more cowbell.


8. This birthday meme for those with amazingly embarrassing old haircuts

Better yet if you recreate this meme with an old photo of them!


9. This classic fake-out Happy Birthday meme

Because who needs to actually be nice to someone on their birthday?


10. This weirdly soothing Bob Ross birthday wish

I feel more zen just reading this, honestly.


11. … And a bonus Bob Ross meme just because

There truly is apparently a Bob Ross meme for every occasion and we are not mad about that in the slightest.


12. This wonderfully punny elephant birthday meme

“Finding the perfect meme for you was a tough tusk but I think I managed”


13. The perfect Happy Birthday meme for your most scandalous friends

Or drunk aunt. That works too.


14. This meme for your favourite drinking buddy

“I only drink twice a year: on my birthday, and when it’s not my birthday”.


15. This wonderful ode to make believe

Savage Mr. Rogers…


16. The perfect Happy Birthday meme for your older friends and family

Cheers to your lifelong right to always be the cuter one.


17. This wonderful birthday toast

This has cat to be the cutest birthday toast ever.


18. This very accurate Morgan Freeman birthday wish

I mean, he does have the best voice.


19. This perfectly strange Will Ferrell birthday wish

I mean, he looks good?


20. Lastly, this irresistibly adorable Happy Birthday meme

Okay it’s not laugh out loud funny, BUT LOOK AT THAT FACE.


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