100+ Funny Skeleton Names That Were Bone to Be Used

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If you’re on the hunt for fun skeleton name puns to use, we’re going to assume you’re either putting up Halloween decorations… or perhaps that we might need to call the police.

BUT, regardless of the reason, we’ve taken the time to compile some of the best punny skeleton names for you, from classics like “Napoleon Bone-apart” to some modern and unique ones like “Talus Swift”.

… Yes, this is the kind of quality content you can expect.

Anyways, we’ve broken the skeleton name puns below for you by category, so we hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!

… Bone appetit?

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Funny Skeleton Names for Men

Need a fun punny name for your new skele-bro? Here are some ideas for you, but of course remember you can adapt many of these puns to any first/last names you choose!

James Boned… as in, “the name is Boned. James Boned”

Captain Jack Marrow

Boney Depp

Arnold Skull-zenegger

Leonardo DiClavicle

Pelvis Presley

Pelvis Costello

Brad Pitt-ella

Jon Bone Jovi

Sylvester Stal-bone

Napoleon Bone-apart

Nicholas Ribcage

The Big Le-Bone-Ski

Skele-Tom Cruise, Hanks, Hardy (any famous Tom)

Rib-ert De Niro

Ro-bone Downey Jr, Robert Boney Jr

Russell Crow-nium, Rus-skull Crowe

Liam Knee-son

Jaw-kie Chan

Indiana Bones

Sir Ian McSkullen

Kill-anu Reeves

Boo’s Willis

Tommy Lee Bones

James Early Bones

An-bone-io Banderas

Den-skull Washington

Shia LaBone-f

Ro-bone Williams

Macaulay Skull-kin

Jake Gyllen-skull

Bone Affleck

Skele-Tony Soprano

Jughead Bones

Bone Iver

Skull-fred Hitchcock

Frasier Cranium

Bill Femur-ray

Rib James

Alan Rib-man

Scary Houdini

Scary the Cable Guy

Drew Scary

Howard Sternum

John Marrow-man

Vertebrae-dley Cooper

Skelet-Alfred Hitchcock

Quincy Bones

Humerus Simpson

Channing Ta-Tomb

Woody Marrow-son

Bone Kingsley

Albus Dumblegore

Tomb Hanks

Rib-ert Patella-inson

Andrew Gore-field

Bone-edict Cumberbatch

Bony Montana

Leonardo DiCartillage

Nelson Mandible

Rocky Boneboa

Chris Spine

Chuck Noribs

Boney Stark

Heel Armstrong

Davy Bones

Albert Spine-stein

Skeleton Name Puns for Women

Trying to name a femur-l skeleton? The choices for female bone name puns is endless. Here are some of our favorites:

Bone-a Lisa

Emma Wats-bone

Ulna Thurman

Bet-teeth White

Skelly Clarkson

Gwen Stiff-ani

Scare-lett Johannson

Kei-rib Knightley

Halle Scary

Catherine Zeta Bones

January Bones

Bone-ifer Anniston

Sandra Boo-lock

Emma Bone (like Emma Stone)

Tibia Swinton

Bone-atella Versace

O-rib-ia Wilde

O-rib-ia Newton John

Bone-thany Frankel


Tibia-lor Swift

Ashley Bone-son

Jenni-Fibula Lopez, Boo-nifer Lopez

Zoe Skull-dana

HumeReese Witherspoon

Bone Rivers

Bone of Arc

Femur Buffay

Patella Fitzgerald

Mariah Scarey

Paula Ab-Ghoul

Grace Skully


Clavicle-lista Flockhart

Clavicle-bie Smulders

Hermione Danger

Kate Beckin-skull

Bridget Bones

Helena Bone-ham Carter

Queen La-Tibia

Nicole Killman

Sigourney Reaper

Jessica Bones

Reese Withersoon

Rib-a McIntyre

Marrow Poppins

Marrow Robbie

Eye-la Fischer

Rosar-marrow Dawson

Talus Swift

Marie Ant-bone-ette

Regina Phalange (for all FRIENDS fans out there!)

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Other Fun Skeleton Name Puns

Did none of the funny skeleton names cut it for you? Here are some final ideas!

Bugs Boney



Optimus Spine

Helter Skeletor

Skele-tor de France

Bone-ald Duck


Share your own funny skeleton names below!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of skeleton name puns, and that you found what you’ve bone looking for. Have any more ideas we should add to our list? Shoot your shot in the comments!

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