20+ Funny Teacher Gifts (That Will Make Any Teacher Laugh!)

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Teaching is a profession that pretty much requires a good sense of humor.

Teachers also work hard, so if you’re looking for a great gift for one (or all) of your teachers to show you appreciate all their hard work, why not get them something to make them laugh?!

We’ve compiled this hilarious list of gag gifts for teachers, including some of the best funny teacher mugs and great gifts for sarcastic teachers to help you out.

Forget soap and chocolate, get your teacher a gift they’ll actually want and that will keep them chuckling even through exam season.

No matter your budget, you’ll be able to find something perfect for that teacher who always made you laugh (even if it was just on the inside).

Here are our top ideas.

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Best Funny Gifts for Teachers Under $20

Even on a tight budget you can find some excellent funny teacher presents that they’ll really appreciate. Here are the best funny teacher appreciation gifts for less than $20.

A Teacher Swear Word Coloring Book

Ok, we'd only recommend giving this to a teacher who you KNOW has a good sense of humor, and who also likes coloring in! There are plenty of sayings in here that aren't rude either.

05/19/2024 02:49 pm GMT
This Hilarious Wrong Answers Book

Photo via Uncommon Goods

If your teacher has ever been exasperated with the really bad answer you gave on a test... gift them this book and say, "Look: it could have been worse!"

Some Funny Socks

Socks may seem boring as a gift but what's boring about something useful and comfy that's also funny? You can choose from a variety of subjects or interests to personalize it for your teacher as well!

This Funny Teachers Pen Set

Photo via Shop Fun Club on Etsy

Show your teacher you understand their job can be hard with this pen set! Each pen features an amusing saying about the teacher life.

This Cute and Funny Soy Candle

Photo via Logan and Co Candles on Etsy

A sweet smelling candle is a lovely gift, and you can make your teacher chuckle as well with this one. If they often say you're "getting on my last nerve" they will love this soy candle. You can even choose the scent from 14 varieties!

A Student Tears Mug

Perfect for a teacher that's really strict but still knows how to have a laugh, is this mug filled with 'student tears'. Nobody needs to know it's actually just coffee.

This Funny Math T-Shirt

Perfect for a mathematics teacher (or any teacher really) this t-shirt makes for a great gift if they work at a school with a fairly casual clothing policy.

05/19/2024 02:14 pm GMT
A Dammit Doll

For when teacher life is getting stressful, this doll is perfect for squeezing, banging on the desk and yelling 'dammit'! Any teacher will love one of these funny and colorful dolls!

05/20/2024 08:24 pm GMT
This Funny Punctuation Shirt

Photo via Seremlal Boutique on Etsy

This t-shirt makes a great gift for an English teacher or an elementary teacher, as it perfectly illustrates the importance of correct punctuation!

Funny Teacher Gifts from Students Between $20-50

For a bit more money, you can find some more amazing teacher gifts to make them chuckle. These funny presents for teachers cost more than $20 but still less than $50.

The "Things They Don't Teach You in School" Game

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Show your teacher that they don't know everything just because they're a teacher with this fun (and funny) card game they can play in their free time!

This Literary Insults Chart

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Whether they choose to display it at home, in the office or their classroom, any English teacher will love this chart full of funny insults from famous books. You can also get a Shakespearian insults version!

This Funny Tumbler

Any teacher knows that things often don't go according to plan in the classroom. Get them a useful water tumbler so they can stay hydrated, with a humorous message included.

05/19/2024 05:50 pm GMT
This Elf Teacher Christmas Sweatshirt

Photo via The Teacher Shirt Shop on Etsy

For the teacher who loves their job (and also loves the movie Elf) this teacher-themed Christmas sweatshirt makes a fantastic teacher Christmas gift!

A Clever Periodic Table Engraved Cutting Board

Show your science teacher you care, while also making them chuckle, with this periodic table cutting board. It's useful and elegant as well as quite clever!

05/21/2024 08:49 am GMT
This Clock with Mathematical Equations

Any math teacher will love this quirky and clever clock, which displays mathematical equations instead of each number. Perfect for at home or in the classroom!

A Funny Teacher Definition Print

For a teacher with a good sense of humor, you could get them this rather sarcastic teacher definition print!

05/20/2024 12:44 pm GMT
This F-Bomb Paperweight

Photo via Uncommon Goods

This gift is both functional and a little edgy. Give your teacher this F-bomb paperweight to hold down their papers and show that you know they sometimes wish they could drop one for real...

Funny Teacher Gifts Between $50 – $100

If you’ve got the means to go all out then why not? Your teacher will definitely appreciate these funny gifts that cost more than $50 but are still under the $100 mark.

A Custom Wall Print of A Funny Student Quote

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Help your teacher forever remember the most ridiculous and/or hilarious thing a student said with one of these custom quote prints! Nine background colors available.

This English Teacher Warning Sign

This aluminium classroom sign works on two different levels: both warning students about swearing and reminding them that word use matters in the English classroom!

05/20/2024 09:04 pm GMT

Best Funny Gift Ideas for Teachers Over $100

For those with cash to spare, or perhaps if you’re teaming up with your whole class to get the best funny teacher gift, these are the most baller gifts for a teacher that cost more than $100!

A Custom Teacher Bobble Head

Photo via Minibobbleheads on Etsy

Any teacher would love to have a silly bobblehead version of themselves to display on their desks! You will need a photo of your teacher to get this made, of course.

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