20+ Thoughtful Male Teacher Gifts They’ll Actually Want

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Getting a gift to show your appreciation for a great teacher is a wonderful thing to do, but it can be difficult knowing what to buy a male teacher, as the default choices are often rather girly.

While there is usually a higher percentage of female teachers than male in any school (either elementary or secondary) there are still many wonderful male teachers who can (and do) have a positive influence on their students.

We’ve rounded up all the best gift ideas for male teachers here to save you the headache of trying to figure out what to buy your favorite male teacher.

Be it a teacher’s day gift for male teachers or just a heartfelt Christmas present – these ideas will ensure your teacher feels seen and appreciated!

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Best Gifts for Male Teachers Under $20

Here are some great teacher gifts for men that are super-affordable. Heartfelt gift ideas for male teachers from students definitely don’t need to break the bank to be perfect.

Some Funny Socks

Socks may seem boring as a gift but what's boring about something useful and comfy that's also funny? You can choose from a variety of subjects or interests to personalize it for your teacher as well!

This Teacher Appreciation Oven/BBQ Mitt

Pretty much all teachers enjoy a good pun, and your male teacher will also find this oven mitt useful if he likes to bake or just grill. Plus the message is heartfelt as well as humorous.

05/20/2024 10:54 am GMT
A Mathematical Formulas Neck Tie

The perfect gift for male math teacher (at least, if he works at a school with a fairly formal dress code) is this tie covered in mathematical formulas!

05/19/2024 03:44 pm GMT
A Personalised World Domination Notebook

Photo via Stickerscape on Etsy

A notebook is also a useful gift for a teacher, and this leather-bound personalized one is very cool, as well as being great for a male teacher with a good sense of humor.

This Custom Apple Tie Clip

Photo via Dame Creation Designs on Etsy

If your teacher wears a tie to work then a personalized tie clip is a lovely thoughtful gift. Have their name engraved along with an apple - the worldwide symbol of teaching!

This Funny Math T-Shirt

Perfect for a mathematics teacher (or any teacher really) this t-shirt makes for a great gift if they work at a school with a fairly casual clothing policy.

05/19/2024 02:14 pm GMT
This Bearded Teacher Mug

Photo via The Step Gifts on Etsy

Mugs for teachers are always useful, whether it's for drinking a beverage or just storing pens. Show a teacher with a beard that you think he's cool with this mug.

A Custom Teacher Desk Nameplate

Photo via Dr Molly Crafts on Etsy

A cute desk nameplate makes for a lovely gift for a teacher, and it's particularly thoughtful if you get it customized with their name on it.

Male Teacher Gifts from Students Between $20-50

For a little bit more money you can find the perfect teacher’s day gift for a male teacher, no matter which subject he teaches.

This Teacher Superhero Mug

We've already mentioned that mugs are great gifts for teachers, and this one is especially perfect for a male teacher who's into superheroes!

05/19/2024 07:15 pm GMT
A Cork Rocket Desk Organizer

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Some teachers don't like their pens and other clutter on display, so you could get them this cute organizer to keep the contents out of sight. And it's a rocket, so it's perfect for any teachers into space etc!

This Quirky Blacksmith's Brainteaser

Photo via Uncommon Goods

This intermediate level handmade puzzle by blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky would make a great and unique gift for a workshop teacher - or just any teacher who enjoys a good brainteaser!

This Guitar Compendium Print

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Show your appreciation for your music teacher (or just a teacher who likes to rock out) with this art print that displays 64 different guitars from rock history.

A Stylish Paperweight

Photo via Uncommon Goods

This stylish paperweight is great for keeping papers on a teacher's desk organized. As a bonus, it has Albert Einstein's imagination quote on it, so you can show your teacher you think he's as smart as Einstein!

A Personalized Teacher Definition Sign

Photo via Spelled with Love Craft on Etsy

This sign can be personalized with your teacher's name and makes a really thoughtful gift to show how much you appreciate them.

A Music Lover Gift Set

Photo via Uncommon Goods

For a cool music teacher (or just a teacher you know likes to rock out) this musical gift set features guitar socks, a bottle opener made from a record, famous musician playing cards and a handmade guitar pick.

This Vintage Messenger Bag

Another useful gift is a vintage messenger bag so your male teacher has something to transport all those papers in. Plus, it's very stylish!

05/20/2024 01:20 pm GMT

Male Teacher Gifts Between $50 – $100

If you really want to wow a male teacher who had an impact on your life, these unique gifts for male teachers will definitely hit the spot.

A Constitution Tie

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Here's a very niche (and therefore very special) gift for a male teacher who's into history and wears a tie to school. This tie features text from the US Constitution, so it's nerdy and cool!

A JS Bach Music Tie

We also found this beautiful silk tie featuring music by JS Bach, which would be ideal for a male music teacher, or a teacher who just really loves Bach.

This Kinetic Gears DIY Sculpture

Photo via Uncommon Goods

This is another great gift that your teacher can spend hours putting together (without needing glue or tools of any kind) and then display at home or in the classroom. Perfect for science, woodworking or engineering teachers.

Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers Over $100

Ok, Mr Moneybags, if you can afford to spend more than $100 then here are some epic presents for male teachers that come with a big price tag!

The Best Alarm Clock Ever

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Waking up super early is one of the hardest things about being a teacher, but if you gift your teacher this amazing gentle wake-up alarm clock, they will love you forever. It also provides special before-sleep features so a good night's sleep is guaranteed.

A Smart Phone Compatible Projector

For the teacher who loves using tech to show slides at school (or vacation photos at home) this projector makes for a truly epic gift! It's also smart phone compatible which makes it even more convenient and useful.

Did We Miss Any of Your Favorite Male Teacher Gift Ideas?

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