20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Gamers That Are Just Play-n Perfect

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Gone are the days when everyone bemoaned that “video games make people violent”. We now know that video games can often improve people’s leadership skills, reduce stress, help people make social connections and lots of other benefits.

For those who aren’t already onboard with video games, it can be difficult to know what kinds of gifts a gamer will love.

But don’t worry, because we’re here to help you find the perfect gamer gifts, no matter their preferred mode of playing!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s crucial that you know which platform your gaming fan likes to use, so that you don’t accidentally make a PlayStation pro weep because you got them an Xbox gift. Whether you’re shopping for your gamer boyfriend, a gamer girl or even a streamer, this distinction is important to know!

Now, read on to discover the best gamer gifts for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion.

The Best Gifts for PC Gamers

PC gamers are the ones who primarily play video games on their personal computer, or PC. Here you can find some unique gifts for gamers that prefer to use their computer instead of a console.

This PC Gaming Zone Wall Decal

Photo via Video Game Wall Decals on Etsy

This game zone wall decal features a keyboard, so it's perfect for decorating the gaming zone of a PC gamer! You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors as well.

A Handy Little Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Nothing is more annoying for gamers than having to spend time cleaning between the keys of their keyboard. This handy little vacuum is the perfect useful gift to make cleaning them a breeze!

This Useful Gaming Chair Caddy

Photo via Gaddygear on Etsy

While console gamers often sit on the couch, a PC gamer usually needs a computer chair in order to sit comfortably at the PC. They'll love this useful little caddy that drapes over the chair and can hold all the essentials!

This Funny PC Gamer T-shirt

Photo via GAMERD by Charmaine on Etsy

Any PC gamer will love this cute and funny t-shirt, since it features a play on words that only people who've played video games using a keyboard will get!

A Personalized Gaming Light Sign

Photo via Illuminated Dreamz on Etsy

Any gamer will love this light sign, which can be personalized to have a variety of messages or names in the text area. It also comes with a remote with multiple lighting features!

Epic Gifts for Xbox Gamers

No, it’s not a naughty euphemism – an Xbox is a video game console owned by Microsoft that allows for multiple people to game together using up to eight controllers! Here are some awesome gifts for a gamer that prefers to play on Xbox.

These Do Not Disturb Gaming Xbox Socks

Photo via Torinscraft on Etsy

Socks are always useful for getting cozy, but these funny ones for Xbox gamers will be particularly loved!

A Personalized Sleeve Hoodie or T-shirt

Photo via Magic V Prints on Etsy

If your gamer loves Xbox you can get their name put on their own cute t-shirt or hoodie with a minimalistic Xbox controller.

A Vertical Cooling Stand and Controller Charging Dock

Any Xbox gamer will love this useful gift, which provides a dock for both charging and cooling Xbox controllers.

A Personalized Gaming Controller & Headset Stand

Photo via Fifth and Riley on Etsy

Another lovely customizable gift is this Xbox controller and headset stand. You can choose the text and images on the stand to ensure your gamer loves it.

This Groovy Neon Xbox Sign

Photo via CAC Neon Sign World on Etsy

Perfect for a gaming room (or just a bedroom if that's where the gaming happens) this neon sign with an Xbox controller can have the colors customized.

Top Gift Ideas for PlayStation Gamers

Produced by Sony, the PlayStation console is similar to Xbox, but you definitely don’t want to get the two mixed up when buying gifts for gamers! Here are the best presents for gamers who love their PlayStation.

A Cute PlayStation Controller Keychain

Photo via Harmons Workshop on Etsy

One of these PlayStation controller keychains make for a cute little gift and you can choose between a few different colors as well!

These PlayStation Metal Drink Coasters

For a gamer that loves playing on PlayStation, ensure they don't leave drink rings with some PlayStation coasters! Perfect for a gaming room.

05/21/2024 01:34 pm GMT
Art Showing the Evolution of PlayStation Controllers

Photo via Kaynock Design on Etsy

Wall art is always a great gift, and this print showing the evolution of PlayStation controllers will be loved by long-time PlayStation fans!

This PlayStation Icons Light

Some colorful lights can liven up any space, and for PlayStation gamers these ones in the shapes of PlayStation buttons will be especially cute!

05/20/2024 02:04 pm GMT
A Personalized PlayStation Hoodie

Photo via Backyard Peaks on Etsy

We love a personalized hoodie, and with this one you just choose your recipient's birth year (or the year they got their first PlayStation maybe?) and then they can enjoy this cozy piece of clothing with the PlayStation controller symbols.

Gifts for Gamers Who Love Nintendo

Nintendo has produced a lot of different gaming consoles over the years, from the Game Boy to the Wii, the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64 and the currently hugely popular Nintendo Switch. We’ve included some generic gifts for Nintendo fans as well as two specifically for the Switch since it’s dominating the gaming market at the moment.

Some Custom Grips for Nintendo Switch

Photo via Apella Gaming on Etsy

The Nintendo Switch is a very popular gaming device, so some customized grips make an excellent small and affordable gift. Plus, there are a LOT of options!

This Nintendo Evolution Poster

Photo via Oh Olli Shop on Etsy

Just like Playstation, Nintendo game systems have changed a lot over the years. Get your Nintendo fan this cute print of the Nintendo evolution for their walls.

A Custom Mario Style Name Plate

Photo via The 4th Slice on Etsy

If your Nintendo fan also loves Super Mario Bros (or just grew up playing it) then they will surely also love their own name in the Mario style as a funky piece of décor.

A Nintendo eShop Gift Card

It's hard getting gifts for gamers if you have no idea which games they like or already have. Take out the guesswork with a gift card so they can choose something they will definitely love!

This Accessories Kit for Nintendo Switch

If your gift recipient has a Nintendo Switch then they will be over the moon with this accessories set that includes a carrying case, controller charging dock, play stand and more!

05/20/2024 01:10 pm GMT

The Best Gamer Gifts for Retro Gaming Fans

Sure, the younger gamers these days are all about the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo devices, but what about your loved ones who grew up playing Atari, Pac-Man or other more retro games? We’ve included these excellent gamers gifts that focus on the more nostalgic games that those who are 30 and above will remember with fondness!

These Retro Arcade Games Coasters

Photo via Eliza Janes Creations on Etsy

Gamers who grew up visiting arcades will love these drinks coasters that bring back classic memories with every sip.

A Vintage Atari Logo T-shirt

Photo via Arcade Shirts on Etsy

Truly old-school gamers grew up playing Atari, so they will surely enjoy this comfy and soft cotton tee featuring the Atari logo.

This Oregon Trail 3D Art Print

Photo via Popsic Art on Etsy

Is there any game more retro than the Oregon Trail? If your gamer grew up playing this they will surely find the "You have died of dysentery" screen as a 3D print hilarious!

This Pac-Man Shadowbox Art

Photo via Artovision 3D on Etsy

If dying of dysentery on the walls isn't quite their style, this shadowbox of Pac-Man is also a fabulous piece of retro gaming art! The shop also has lots of other games to choose from.

A Classic Nintendo Entertainment System

For the ultimate retro gaming gift (if you have the budget) get the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It even comes loaded with classic games!

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