20+ Thoughtful Gifts for Streamers That Will Make Them Twitch With Joy

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Looking for awesome streamer gifts at every price point? We’ve got you, with this list of the best gifts for streamers.

No, we don’t mean gifts for people who use streaming services to watch movies or television shows, but the people who live stream on Twitch or YouTube when they are playing video games or doing other activities.

The most common type of streamers are definitely gaming streamers, and yes, lots of people enjoy watching someone else play a video game!

If you have a friend or family member who likes to stream, and you don’t know that much about it yourself, then it might be hard to find good gift ideas for them. Even if you do know all the ins and outs of streaming, it’s still not the easiest niche to shop for…

But don’t worry, because we have rounded up all the best gifts that streamers would love to receive right here!

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Best Gifts for Streamers Under $20

Yes, it is possible to get thoughtful gifts for streamers on a tight budget! We’ve found plenty of excellent twitch streamer gifts (and other platforms) for less than $20.

Custom Twitch Channel Name Stickers

Photo via Maria BITKINA on Etsy

Even on a tiny budget you can get a gift they'll love with these customizable Twitch channel name stickers. Gift them to your streamer and they can decorate whatever they like! You can also get Youtube versions here.

A Cute Twitch Desk Ornament

Photo via BC Make Stuff on Etsy

If you know they stream using Twitch, then this cute little Twitch logo ornament will look great on their desk! Or on a display behind them so viewers can see it while they stream.

A Colorful Stream Deck Cover

Photo via Ves Designs and Prints on Etsy

Many streamers use the Elgato Stream Deck (see later in this post) so if they already have one you can get a custom colorful cover for it. Thoughtful AND super-affordable!

This Cute Wooden Hanging Sign

Photo via Presents Made Personal on Etsy

Any streamer will appreciate a sign to show other household members that they are streaming live so don't come in and interrupt! This one is perfect for YouTube streamers.

This Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Photo via Burnt Offerings Shop on Etsy

If you don't want your recipient needing to hang their sign, then you can also get a traditional door knob hanger so they can still let others know they're streaming.

Some Demon Horns for Headphones

Photo via Gears Creations on Etsy

Everyone has cat ears on their headsets lately, be different and get your gamer some attachable demon horns instead! This shop also makes bunny, cat or bear ears as well.

This Custom Twitch Channel Name Mug

Photo via Maria BITKINA on Etsy

If you know their Twitch streamer name then a personalized mug makes for a super-special gift! All streamers need coffee or tea and will love drinking it from their own mug. Or get them a Youtube channel version here.

Twitch Streamer Gifts Between $20-50

For a little bit more money you can certainly track down the best gift for a streamer online, and be sure that your streamer will be overjoyed! Here are our favorite gifts for game streamers for a more moderate budget.

A Comfy Twitch Glitch Pillow

Streaming means sitting in front of a computer for long periods, so a cushion for back support is a useful gift. Make it extra special for your Twitch streamer with this logo cushion! (Or get a Youtube play button cushion here)

05/20/2024 07:49 pm GMT
A Custom Twitch Username T-shirt

Photo via Maria BITKINA on Etsy

The next step up from a mug is a T-shirt with their Twitch username on it! This way they can also show their channel name when they're away from the computer. You can also get a Youtube version here!

This Pop-Up Green Screen

Photo via Echo Lighting on Etsy

Green screens are always useful for streamers but they usually take up a lot of space. This pop-up one is easy to use and store when not streaming, so it's the perfect streamer gift!

A Disco USB Light

Photo via Uncommon Goods

This cute little light plugs into a USB slot and provides a disco light show! Streamers will love using it to add a little extra color, and fun, to their stream.

This Adorable Streamer Door Sign

Photo via Type Caps on Etsy

This cute little sign can be customized for Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming streamers and has a slider to go from offline to online. A really thoughtful gift streamers will love.

A Streaming Selfie Light and Stand

Photo via Uncommon Goods

Not everyone streams video games via Twitch and YouTube so this gift would be perfect for someone who uses their phone to stream or vlog on the go!

A Professional Studio Microphone

If you know your streamer is still using their webcam microphone or a headset to stream then you can bet they will go wild over this studio-quality professional microphone set!

05/21/2024 07:30 am GMT

Streamer Gifts Between $50 – $100

Streaming requires some pretty high-tech equipment, but you can still find excellent gift ideas for game streamers without totally blowing your budget! Here are some great gift ideas for twitch streamers and more.

This 4K Webcam with Microphone and Tripod

Another way to help your streamer go pro is with this fantastic 4K webcam which also comes with a microphone, privacy cover AND tripod! Any streamer would be ecstatic to receive this gift.

05/19/2024 02:59 pm GMT
A Neon Gamer Tag Sign

Photo via Grenadin Store on Etsy

Most streamers would love to have their name up in lights on the wall behind them. This neon LED light sign can be personalized with their tag name and a variety of platform logos (not just Twitch)!

A Streaming Desktop Light

Lighting is key for streamers who show their face on camera. Buy them a useful gift with this desktop light so they can make their videos more professional.

05/21/2024 09:19 am GMT
The Elgato Stream Deck Mini

The Elgato Stream Deck is a super-useful piece of gear for streamers, but if it's beyond your budget you can still make them happy with this mini version!

05/20/2024 11:09 am GMT

Best Gifts for Streamers Over $100

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for a streamer? If you’ve got the budget then these super exciting items will make any streamer over the moon!

A Huge Custom Neon Sign

Photo via Neon Craftsman on Etsy

For the ultimate in baller customized gifts, you can get a huge neon wall sign/light with their gamer tag for them to display. Choose from multiple fonts and colors as well!

The Elgato Stream Deck

The original full-size Elgato stream deck has so many tools for streamers to use, making this one of the ultimate gifts you could possibly buy a streamer!

05/19/2024 09:44 pm GMT
A Twitch Logo Neon Light

Photo via Fan Fit Gaming on Etsy

If you know your streamer is all about Twitch and you've got the cash, then this Twitch logo neon light would look fabulous among any gaming setup.

A Really Good Gaming Chair

Streamers spend hours sitting in front of their computer, which isn't always good for their backs. Show how much you care about them with a really, really good ergonomic gaming chair like this one.

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