50+ Beer Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions That Are Lager Than Life

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Searching for a few good beer puns to heal your ale-ments? We’ve got a good num-beer of em’ ready below.

Whether you are looking to share a good time, the perfect pint or are simply an eternal hoptimist, we’ve got the perfect collection of beer puns, jokes & Instagram captions to fit ale your needs.

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General Beer Puns & Wordplay for Instagram Captions

In need of a cute punny caption for you posing with some brews or just a glorious snap of your beers on their own? Here are some options that will make the rest pale ale in comparison.

Wish you were beer!

Smooth operator

Beer-ly beloved, we are gathered here today

To beer, or not to beer

Deja brew

Why be salty when you can be malty?

The beer necessities

Oh, hoppy day!

Love is ale we need

Beers here, alcohol you later

Oh beer, are you okay?

Take pitcher, it’ll last longer

Things are about to go beer-serk

Brew can do it!

I a-brew-ve these beverage decisions

Lager than life

Back to booze-ics

Love & Hoppiness

Time to Hop to it

Working on my six pack

Now watch, as I make this drink disa-beer

What’s up brew

Bad and brewsy

As the old saying goes, rain-booze always come after the rain

I’m a hop-timist

Ale yeah!

Brewsness as usual

Don’t worry, be hoppy

IPA lot when I drink beer

Time to hop to it

Everything looking pitcher perfect

Arts and craft beer

Just trying to seize the hop-portunity

Drinking beer ale day, everyday

Sorry I can’t come, today is a really booze-y day

Beer is always good for what ales you

Life, liberty and the pursuit of hoppiness

Punny Messages for Gifting Beer-Related Gifts

If you’re looking for a cute beer pun to add to a card/note attached to some beer-related gifts, here are some ideas that will have them Hopping with joy.

You make my heart malt

Hey there, hop stuff

You’re speci-ale to me

Cheers to a brew-tiful friendship

Happy Beer-thday!

You’re un-beer-lievable

Photo by Jouwen Wang on Unsplash

Punny Beer Jokes

Last but not least, if you’re in need of a fun beer themed dad joke to bust out, here are a few that are unbeerlievably clever.

Why do they never serve beer at a math party? Because you can’t drink and derive

What is a pint’s favorite month? Novembeer

What do you call a fancy beer maker? A Beer-ista

What did the bottle write on the postcard? Wish you were beer!

What is the similarity between a beer and a kangaroo? They’re both hoppy

What do Germans do when they run out of beer? They wine

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Did we miss any of your favorite Beer Puns?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more to our list!

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