30 Fun Ideas for Wrapping Gift Cards to Try ASAP

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When hand-picking a gift, it can be challenging to find the perfect thing, but gift cards have made gift giving so much easier.

Sometimes though, a gift card can feel a little impersonal, and you may be looking for some gift card wrap ideas to dress it up a bit.

Whether you are looking for creative ways to wrap gift cards, funny ways to wrap a gift card, or you’re just looking for general gift card wrapping ideas; you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve searched the internet and found this great list of ideas for wrapping gift cards. We know you are going to love it! Be sure to bookmark or pin this page to use as a reference next time you are wrapping gift cards and want to make sure it’s extra special.

PS: If you’re considering gifting cash as well, be sure to check out our roundup of fun and creative ways to give money as a gift.

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1. DIY Printable Gift Card Boxes

Many times a gift card is truly the best option when selecting a gift. But giving a gift card can still be special when you wrap it in this printable gift card box.

Click here to learn more from Sustain My Craft Habit.

2. Luxury Gift Card Holder

Everyone loves a little luxury, and this gift card holder is a great way to share the feeling without breaking the bank! Whether someone needs a pick-me-up or you need a birthday, teacher, or Christmas gift, this gift card holder is a perfect way to personalize a gift card.

Click here to learn more from Fleece Fun.

Photo via Fleece Fun

3. Washi Tape Gift Card Holder

Make a simple but beautiful gift card holder using a paper tube and a selection of Washi tape. This card holder could be customized to fit any holiday or occasion.

Click here to learn more from Confessions of an Overworked Mom.

4. Candy Jar Gift Card Wrap Idea

Fill a mason jar with candy and a gift card and top it off with a handmade crocheted bow to make it even more special.

Click here to learn more from Julie Measures.

Photo via Julie Measures

5. Comic Strip Bag

Turn a page from a comic book or comic magazine into a little bag that is just perfect for giving a gift card. They also double as a perfect party favor bag.

Click here to learn more from Red Ted Art.

Photo via Red Ted Art

6. DIY Starbucks Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

Turn your coffee shop gift card into a complete gift by sticking it inside of a cup from your favorite coffee shop. This Starbucks gift card idea is perfect for any coffee lover.

Click here to learn more from Drug Store Divas.

7. Mini Stocking Gift Card Holder

Spruce up a holiday gift card with this handmade mini Christmas stocking with hand-embroidered accents. It’s easier than you may think.

Click here to learn more from Happiest Camper.

Photo via Happiest Camper

8. DIY Card Wallet

See how to make a card holder wallet from faux leather, vinyl, or faux suede. It is a super popular trend for men’s wallets, and it can be used as a minimalist front pocket wallet for men or women and makes a great holder for a gift card.

Click here to learn more from Apple Green Cottage.

9. Upcycled Holiday Card Gift Card Holder

When giving a gift card, you may want to dress it up a bit and add a handmade touch. Making these DIY gift card holders from recycled Christmas cards is the perfect handmade touch. Oh, and they’re frugal and earth-friendly, too.

Click here to learn more from Organized 31.

Photo via Organized 31

10. Origami Gift Card Holder

Make your next gift card gift a little more personal and try this origami gift card holder. It’s easy to make and personalize with pretty paper.

Click here to learn more from Gathering Beauty.

11. DIY Waxed Canvas Gift Pouch

Waxed canvas gift pouches are a quick and easy project. They are just the right size to wrap gift cards or jewelry. You’ll want to make several of these to keep on hand.

Click here to learn more from Radiant Home Studio.

12. DIY Card Envelopes

Making your own cute gift card envelopes is easy and you can whip them up in an hour to have them ready for whenever you need them. 

Click here to learn more from Andrea’s Notebook.

13. Gift Card Roulette

Not only is this Gift Card Roulette Wreath funny when the receiver opens it, but it continues to be funny as they call the number on the back of every card searching for the one gift card that has money on it. If you are looking for funny ways to wrap a gift card, this one should top your list.

Click here to learn more from Down Redbud Drive.

14. Cup of Coffee Gift Card Holder

People love their coffee, don’t they?  Giving a gift of a coffee gift card is probably the easiest and most universally loved gift.But if you’re like me, simply handing someone a gift card (or leaving it anonymously!) by itself isn’t very fun.  I have to dress it up and make a boring gift card look a little cuter.  Get both a printable design template and a free SVG cut file.

Click here to learn more from Leap of Faith Crafting.

15. Amazon Gift Card Printable

Gift cards are easy to give but seem a little impersonal. Taking the time to add a clever package shows that you cared and put some thought into the gift. This Amazon gift card printable is perfect for giving someone who needs a little thanks.

Click here to learn more from Mission to Save.

Photo via Mission to Save

16. Pretty Paper Gift Tag holder

Grab some pretty paper from your stash and get folding. This simple origami gift card holder is beautiful and functional and adds a nice touch to a gift card.

Click here to learn more from Skip to My Lou.

Photo via Skip to My Lou

17. Pop Up Gift Card Holder

This fun pop up gift card holder is easy to make and fun to give. Use craft paper and stamps to make it fit any occassion.

Click here to learn more from Kristy Coromandel.

18. Fabric Gift Card Holder

This gorgeous fabric gift card holder is a gift itself. Adding a gift card takes it over the top and will be loved by whomever receives it. It’s also a handy place to store all of your gift cards.

Click here to learn more from JMB Handmade.

Photo via JMB Handmade

19. Chick-Fil-A Gift Card holder

All of the cool chicks in your life are going to love getting a Chick-Fil-A gift card in this fun card holder.

Click here to learn more from Glue Sticks Blog.

Photo via Gluesticks Blog

20. Monster Gift Card

This Monster gift card holder is perfect for giving gift cards to kids. Your favorite kiddo can take it to the store and choose what they really want.

Click here to learn more from Polka Dot Chair.

Photo via Polka Dot Chair

21. Toolbelt

For a true guys-guy a gift card to a home improvement store is the perfect gift. And what better way to present that than in this fun tool belt card.

Click here to learn more from The Examined Life.

22. Gift Card Wreath

Gift cards are easy to give and fun to receive. To make it even more fun, we’ve got a gift card wreath for you that is easy to put together and looks so cute when it’s all done!

Click here to learn more from Fun Squared.

Photo via Fun Squared

22. Gift Card-igans

If you know how to knit, these gift card-igans are a super fun way yo give a gift card while also showing off your knitting skills.

Click here to learn more from Simply Notable.

Photo via Simply Notable

23. Deck of Gift Cards

Slip a couple gift cards into a box of playing cards for ultimate laughs! You can snag playing cards cheap at any dollar store.

Click here to learn more from Smart Fun DIY.

Photo via Smart Fun DIY

24. Snow Globes

If you’re looking for a creative way to give gift cards this year, try making these easy DIY gift card snow globes! What a fun and festive presentation!

Click here to learn more from Hip 2 Save.

Photo via Hip 2 Save

25. Gift Card Bouquet

A gift card bouquet is great for several people who are giving a gift together. Parents can each contribute to a teacher gift, family members can contribute for a graduation gift or friends for a wedding gift.

Click here to learn more from Sippy Cup Mom.

Photo via Sippy Cup Mom

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