50+ Owl Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions That Are H-Owlarious

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Trying to wing it and come up with a good owl pun? No need to fly so hard, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our lists of owl puns, jokes and Instagram captions for all your content needs. These owl-some options are sure to be a hoot!

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General Owl Puns & Wordplay for Instagram Captions

In need of a cute punny caption for an owl-related photo, whether you’re showing off a cool costume or a cute owl in the wild? Here are some that are a total hoot:

Trying to get a good owl pun? First step is to lean the bird-nacular

Talk birdy to me

What an im-peck-able look

Owl by myself

New phone, hoo dis?

You know what they say, it’s owl in a day’s work

Wing around the rosie

Without feather ado

Everything’s gonna be owl-right

Like feather, like son

Time to take it to the nest level

Well, Owl be a monkey’s uncle

Bird on the street is you like owl puns…

Hoo cares?

Owl good things must come to an end

It was a complete free for owl

After owl is said and done


Keep talking, I’m owl ears

If you like it then you need to put a wing on it

Owl you need is love

Care for a little sneak beak?

I’m talon you, It wasn’t me

I’ve been put through the wing-er

This is a great plan for owl seasons

You are such a know it owl

Anyone have a good owl-ternative?

What a hoo-tenanny

Give me time, owl have a think about it…

Always remember to be owl-some

Guess hoo came up with a great pun

He is a bit of a jack of owl trades

Owls well that ends well

That’s owl for now

Punny Messages for Gifting Owl-Related Gifts

If you’re looking for a cute owl pun to add to a card/note attached to some potato-related gifts, here are some ideas to fry out on owl your friends:

You’re owl I’m looking for and more

Happy bird-day to you

Owl love you forever and ever

Time with you is always a hoot

You’re a chirp off the old block

I’m hooting for ya

Guess Hooo loves you?

You may need this feather down the road

You are so hoo-tiful

Photo by pure julia on Unsplash

Punny Owl Jokes

Last but not least, if you’re in need of a fun owl themed dad joke to bust out, here are some ideas that are pretty owl-right:

A bird’s best subject? Owlgebra

What do baby owls learn in pre-school? The owl-phabet

What do you call an owl magician? Hoooooo-dini

What is an owls favorite book? Horton hears a w-hoo-t

What do you call a baby owl swimming? A moist-owlette

Why did the Owl invite his friends over? He didn’t want to be Owl by himself

What do you get when you cross a cat and an owl? Meowls

What’s more amazing than a talking Owl? A spelling bee

Why did the owl, owl? Because the woodpecker would peck ‘er

Did we miss any of your favorite Owl Puns?

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