50+ Saint Patrick’s Day Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions

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Looking to get the Paddy started with some awesome Saint Patrick’s Day puns and jokes?

Well, armed with our signature Leprechaun-do attitudes, we’re here to help!

Below, we’ve put together an epic list of Saint Patrick’s Day puns and Instagram caption ideas that glitter more than a pot of gold.

Whether you need them for Instagram captions, greeting cards, messages or whatever else, these St Paddy’s puns are guaranteed to go Clover amazingly with all your friends, family and followers. We hope you find them useful!

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General Saint Patrick’s Day Puns and Instagram Captions

Let’s start with some classic St Patrick’s Day puns that lend themselves perfectly to IG captions.

Irish you were here!

Look at me – always life of the Paddy.

Eat, drink, and be Irish.

Keep calm and leprechaun.

The paddy don’t start til I walk in.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with my favorite paddies.

Best St Patrick’s Day with my lucky charms.

Wanted to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day properly this year, but let’s face it – I’m a big pot of Old.

St Paddy’s Day – the one day where it is indeed easy being green.

I love Saint Patrick’s Day! Do you see what I green?

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day again? What the luck? Where did time go…

Keep calm and Paddy on.

Who else thinks Saint Patrick’s Day is Clover-rated?

A few pints down and I’ll be Lepre-gone.

I really Lepre-can’t even.

Queen of Green.

I think Saint Patrick’s Day the best holiday of the year… do you aGreen?

Lean, green, Guinness-drinking machine.

Saint Patrick’s Day Clover Puns

Looking for shamrock or clover puns to add to your St Patrick’s Day caption? Here are some ideas:

St Patrick’s Day is Sham-Rocking my world.

Sham-rocking’ and rollin’ for St Paddy’s Day today!

St Patrick’s Day again already? I’m still not Clover my hangover from last year’s…

I can’t be-Leaf how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

Well, better enjoy this St Paddy’s Day! It’d be a Sham….rock not to.

Tonight, my cup runneth Clover.

One year at Saint Patrick’s Day, I forgot to wear green and I never got Clover it.

Somewhere, clover the rainbow…. pots of gold!

Was gonna dress up more this Saint Patrick’s Day but was scared that’d be Clover the top.

Head Clover Heels in love with today’s St Paddy’s Day celebrations!

Plenty of pitchers to be drunk tonight, and all I can say is… ooof: Game Clover.

Bracing myself for a hangover tomorrow after all that… Clover-consumption.

Lost track of how many drinks I’ve had for St Paddy’s Day already… guess I’ll have to start my count Clover.

Did you hear about how much fun my Saint Patrick’s Day party was? Yup, it was a Clover-night sensation!

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Saint Patrick’s Day Beer Puns for Instagram Captions

Of course, it’s not Saint Patrick’s Day without some drinks! Here are some beer-themed Saint Patrick’s Day puns that your friends and family won’t beer-lieve you came up with.

Let the St Paddy’s festivities be-Guinness!

You can definitely say my St Patrick’s Day was Pitcher perfect.

You don’t think I can drink that much beer? I assure you, I Lepre-can.

I can’t Lepre-chauntinue without another beer!

Take a Pitcher… it’ll last longer.

I wanna ask for a refill but I don’t wanna seem Green-dy.

How was my St Patrick’s Day? Oof, I don’t even know where to be-Guinness…

Who needs a pot of gold when you’ve got a Pint of gold right here?

Irish you were Beer!

Think I’m having too many beers? I don’t give a Luck! It’s Saint Paddy’s Day!

Funny St Patrick’s Day Jokes

Last but not least, we have some cheesy Saint Patrick’s Day jokes for you to steal. Enjoy!

What genre of music do clovers prefer?

Why did the man with a wheelbarrow full of four leaf clovers need to be careful?
Because he was pushing his luck.

Why did the bartender take a photo of his beer on St Paddy’s Day?
It was Pitcher perfect.

Why should you never iron a four leaf clover?
You don’t want to press your luck.

Why do people wear Shamrocks on St Patrick’s day?
Real rocks would be too heavy.

Why do leprechauns love to recycle?
Because they love to go green.

What do you call a fake rock in Ireland?
A Shamrock.

Why should you never lend money to a leprechaun?
They’re always a little short.

What do you call a little Irish scam?
A Lepre-con.

Did we miss any of your favorite Saint Patrick’s Day puns?

Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for more Clover puns to add to our list.

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