The 30+ Best Santa Puns for You to Sink Your Claus Into

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Our obsession with puns is certainly a Claus for concern, but if you’re here right now looking for the best Santa puns & wordplay on the Internet, well, we’d venture to guess you’re looking to sleigh your next Instagram caption or Christmas card.

Well, luckily for you, we’ve done all the ho ho homework so you don’t have to! Below, you’ll find a collection of clever Santa-themed puns, wordplay and jokes to sprinkle liberally wherever you see fit.

So, without further ado, here are some fun Santa-themed puns for your to sink your Claus into…

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General Santa Puns & Wordplay for Fun Instagram Captions

Whether you need a fun caption for your photo as Santa, with Santa, or of Santa, here are some fun punny caption ideas that revolve plenty of Santa Claus puns and wordplay!

Sorry if I’m being a bit emotional – Christmas always makes me a little Santa-mental.

Throw a little tinsel on me because let’s face it, I love being the Santa of attention.

Always nice to see some festive repre-Santa-tion around the holidays!

I’ve been eating a lot of milk and cookies this month, but don’t worry, it’s no Claus for concern.

You know what they say – keep your friends Claus and your enemies closer…

Sorry, you won’t see me near Santa this year. I’ve developed some severe Claus-trophobia.

Oh you know me, always keen to Claus a stir 😉

Since it’s Christmas, I found it most appropriate for me to be taking Santa stage this year…

Have any of you seen Santa lately? Without him I’m just a rebel without a Claus.

Someone please take my credit card away – I’ve been spending money left, right and Santa.

Can someone please tell Santa to hurry up? I can’t be Saint Nick-less this year.

I ho ho hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Cute Santa Claus Puns for Gift Tags & Cards

Looking for the perfect witty thing to write inside a Christmas card or gift tag? Here are some cute Santa-themed ideas that are just as punny and clever as they are (admittedly) cheesy.

Special delivery! I hope you don’t mind that I Santa you something special this year. Merry Christmas!

I ho ho hope you have the best Christmas ever!

Happy ho ho ho-lidays!

All the best from my ho ho Home to yours.

I know you hate being the Santa of attention, but I hope you enjoy this gift from me to you.

I hope this gift hits Claus to home… Merry Christmas!

I don’t usually like to be Santa-mental, but I’m so happy with what Claus friends we’ve become. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Blow ho ho’ing you lots of kisses this Christmas – hope you have a wonderful day!

I Santa few gifts as a token of my appreciation, but just know that having you in my life is the greatest gift of all!

Cheesy Santa-Themed Dad Jokes

Looking for a corny Santa themed joke to tell at the Christmas dinner table, to include in an Instagram caption or write in a card? Here are some options:

What is Santa’s favorite part of baking cookies?
Rolling out the dough-ho-ho!

How did Santa do on the runway?
He absolutely sleighed it.

Why did Mrs Claus give up trying to find Santa?
He was a lost Claus.

What is Santa’s favorite kind of wine?
Bordeaux ho ho.

What do they call rules in the North Pole?
Santa C’Laws.

Why doesn’t Kris Kingle believe in Santa?
He thinks it’s all a Ho Ho Hoax.

Why doesn’t Santa have to pay for parking his sleigh?
Because it’s on the house.

What do you call someone who is deeply afraid of Santa?

Why do some people think Santa is a ghost?
Because he only reveals his presents once a year.

What do you call it when Santa takes a break?
A Santa Pause.

Why did Santa need to get change for the parking meter?
Because he was Saint Nickel-less.

Did we miss any of your favorite Santa puns?

Let us know in the comments if we missed any punny Santa Claus wordplay that you think we should include. We ho ho hope you found this article helpful – have a great holiday season!

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