50+ Christmas Tree Puns Fir Instagram that are Too Clever to Be-Leaf

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If you’re currently hunting fir the perfect Christmas tree pun to spruce up a caption, card or joke, we have you covered.

After all, we here at Thoughtful Gift Club love a good play on words, especially when festive cheer is involved.

So, if you love wordplay as much as we do, you’re in for a real tree-t. Below, you’ll find a collection of geniusly cheesy Christmas tree puns, including a list of punny Christmas tree names, for you to steal this year for all your caption & greeting needs.

We hope you’ll enjoy them just pine.

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General Christmas Tree Puns & Wordplay for Instagram Captions

Whether you need the perfect Christmas tree pun for a cute caption ft. your Christmas tree, or just a beautifully decked out tree in general, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these ideas:

So thankful fir this beautiful tree!

Can you be-leaf this awesome tree?

They say that Christmas is a time to “tree-t” yourself, so I took that pretty literally.

My tree this year is pretty fa-la-la-la-lit.

This year’s tree decorating experience was a bit of a Tree for all.

I wasn’t sure if this photo was cheesy enough so I tree-cided to add a punny caption Fir good measure.

Who needs trips when you can have tree-ps?

You know we’re pretty picky with our decor, so we decided to go for something that was compliment-Tree to our aesthetic.

Tree so fine I can’t help but Pine fir it.

Decorating this bad boy was pure Poe-Tree.

Decorating this year was such a Tree-t.

I think we have pretty good chemis-Tree, what do you think?

You know what they say – two’s company…… tree’s a crowd.

I almost Fir-got how much fun it was to decorate a Christmas tree!

Oh darling, you’re so Pine, you’re so Pine you blow my mind.

Feeling tree-mendously happy these days.

One of the best Christmas trees I’ve ever had….. fir sure.

Took “Spruce”ing up the place a little too literally this year. What do you think?

You Cedar tree over there? That one’s mine!

I was going to make a joke about our decorations, but that would be Tinsel-ting.

Gar-landed us one of the best trees around. What do you think?

This is Bauble-bly the most wonderful tree I’ve ever decorated!

I wanted to decorate the tree myself but decided that the holidays aren’t a time to be tinSel-fish…

Punny Christmas Tree Names

Into naming your Christmas tree? Don’t worry – us too. If you want some clever Christmas tree names that are ultra punny and wonderful here are some options for you, ft. some famous celebrity names you probably already now…

Spruce Wayne

Fir-eddie Mercur-Tree

Chris Pine (maybe too easy)

Spruce Willis

Spruce Lee [or Bruce Leaf]

Fir-rest Gump

Fir-ances McDormand

Fir-ank Sinatra

Fir-nando Alonso

Franz Fir-dinand

Fir-ah Fawcett

Fir-ell Williams

Spruce Springsteen

Tree Diddy

Queen La-Treefah

Keanu Treeves

Tree-twood Mac

Justin Timber-lake

Au-Tree Hepburn

Tree-na Turner

Tree-na Fey

Ka-Tree Holmes

Fir-lock Holmes

Fir-yl Crow

Fir Ian McKellen [This will work with anybody who is knighted]

Fir-licia Day

Tree Larson

Leaf Schreiber

Did we miss any of your favorite Christmas tree puns?

Let us know in the comments if we missed any punny Christmas tree wordplay that you think we should include. We hope you found this article helpful, and be sure to Tree-t yourself this year!

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