50+ Sushi Puns & Jokes for Instagram Captions That Are Oh Soy Good

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Trying to come up with a good sushi pun but not getting soy many?
You’re in luck! We’ve got some lists below are pretty rice.

Whether you need a good sushi pun, Instagram caption or joke to maki the perfect post, these will get you rolling.

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General Sushi Puns & Wordplay for Instagram Captions

In need of a cute punny caption for a sushi photo, whether you’re showing off your latest splurge or homemade creation? Here are some that will help you rice to the occasion:

Wassab, bae?

Rice, rice baby

Sashimi rolling, they hating

Never soy never

Rice and shine

Please control your tempura

Let’s grab sushi, just for the halibut

I’m on a roll

We rice by lifting others

When you fish upon a star

Soy, you think I can’t make a good sushi pun do ya?

Alas it was only tempura-ry

Sushi puns are of-fish-ially the best

Sometimes, the best thing to say is nori

My sushi puns are so good, I’m basically an a-fish-onado

Rice to meet you

The last time I had sushi was a pretty long tamago

Salmon had to say it

I love sushi soy much

Alright…no more Mr. Rice guy

Go ahead, maki my day

Soy what!?

Oh nori you didn’t

Dressed to k-eel

Rollin with the homies

I hope salmon here likes my sushi puns

I’m soy thankful for everything

This is gonna be one rice day

Hmm..something seems pretty fishy here…

As cold as rice

I’m ‘eelin great

Just roll with it

Of rice and men

R-eel-ax man, take it easy

This makes miso happy

I feel so riceless, what should I do today?

Punny Messages for Gifting Sushi-Related Gifts

f you’re looking for a cute sushi pun to add to a card/note attached to some sushi-related gifts, here are some raw-some ideas:

You maki me so happy

I’m soy into you

Let’s make this o-fish-all

Sup-rice! Happy Birthday!

Eel always be there for you

Best fishes for your big day!

You are shrimply amazing

You maki me proud

You are my soy mate

A little something to say thanks, for being so rice to me

Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

Punny Sushi Jokes

Last but not least, if you’re in need of a fun sushi themed dad joke, here are some to roll out:

What do you call a sick fish? Eel

What do you call a sushi chef’s assistant? A Sous-shi chef

What do you call a fish in a bow tie? So-fish-ticated

At what age did the world’s greatest sushi chef begin his training? Tuna half

Did you hear the buzzing noise? Turns out it wasabi

Why was the sushi arrested? He seemed a little fishy

Did we miss any of your favorite Sushi Puns?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more to our list!

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