40+ Turkey Puns & Jokes for Plucking Hilarious Instagram Captions

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Whether you’re hunting for the perfect turkey pun for Instagram or simply in need of a good cheesy turkey joke, this list has you covered.

From general turkey puns and wordplay to specific puns related to carving, stuffing, basting, and gobbling, we’re confident this post has exactly what you’re looking for! Enjoy.

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gENERAL turkey Puns & Wordplay for Caption Ideas

Looking for a punny turkey caption to pair with your perfect dinner spread? Here are some turk-easy ideas that we’re sure you’ll love.

This kind of meal is definitely the tur-Key to my heart.

Is dinner ready yet or am I just being too… Tur-Keen?

I told myself I wouldn’t overindulge this year but come on I can’t quit cold turkey.

I tried to buy a frozen turkey this year but I knew that wouldn’t fly.

Hey could you pass the turkey? I want to see some Poultry in motion.

The best part about turkey is when I get to turk-eat.

The turkey was so suspiciously delicious that I had to suspect… Fowl play.

I hope the main course is served piping hot tonight because I quit cold turkey.

Nope – this is definitely not too much food. I’ll eat it with turk-Ease for sure.

Sorry – sometimes when I have food this good, I get a little turk-Emotional.

I guess you can say I’m in a Fowl mood today.

I can’t help Fowl-ing in live with food….

Think I’m eating too much? I don’t give a pluck.

Mmm it’s always a plucking good time when turkey’s on the menu.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tur-Keen to gobble this up!

I’ve been very into fitness lately. Fitness this whole turkey in my mouth.

Forever hounding for leftovers to tur-Keep for later…

Gotta make sure I get to the turkey first because you know as they say, finders turKeepers.

Hey, what did the suspicious turkey suspect?
Fowl play.

Why did a turkey go to the fancy conference?
He was tur-Keynote speaker.

Stuffing Themed Puns and Caption Ideas

This may be a controversial statement, but many consider stuffing to be the best part of a turkey meal. If you’re hoping to give everybody stuffin’ to talk about, here are some stuffing-themed caption ideas that are of course very punny.

Call me turkey because I’m stuffed!

Tonight there was much ado about Stuffing.

Let’s be honest, I’ve got Stuffin’ to worry about.

Stuffin’ compares to a great meal prepared with love!

Usually “stud muffins” are my type, but stuffins will do just fine.

I’m going through a bit of a fitness phase right now… Fitness all this stuffing in my belly, that is.

It’s leg day, baby. Turkey legs count, right?

When it comes to turkey, I like to keep abreast of the latest updates.

So obsessed with turkey drumsticks I think I might need to join a band.

Why couldn’t the turkey handle any more food?
He was stuffed!

Basting Puns & Wordplay for Fun IG Captions

When it comes to turkey, we’re all about that Baste. If you’re looking for a clever play on words related to basting that special turkey, here are some fun ideas.

Good turkey is never a baste of time.

Beauty and the Baste!

Tried to live that zero baste lifestyle, but failed…

This caption is Baste on a true story…

All your Baste belong to us.

This was Baste-ically the best meal I’ve ever eaten.

My favourite part about meals like these is we get SO basted.

Can you stop basting my time and finish the turkey please?

Fantastic Bastes and where to find them…

Carving Puns & Wordplay for Captions

Carving a turkey? Looking for the perfect caption to pair with your carving pic or story? We’ve got you. Here are some turkey carving puns for you!

It has been a busy few weeks but I’m sure I can Carve a little time out for this spread…

When it comes to turkey, I’m always way ahead of the Carve.

Making turkey is usually a pretty steep learning Carve but I think I managed it just fine.

Knowing how to carve well is tur-Key to a great meal.

Gobble Puns & jokes

Gobble gobble gobble – gobble til you wobble! Here are some punny captions that your loved ones are sure to… gobble up.

It may not be Halloween, but I’m a gobblin’.

If I’m having wine with turkey, I insist I drink it out of a gobble-t.

Once I start eating, I’m practically unst-gobble-ble.

What does a drunk turkey say?
Wobble, wobble, wobble.

Looking for more Thanksgiving themed puns and captions?

Here is a full list of fun Thanksgiving wordplay we think you’ll love. We hope you enjoyed this list of turkey puns and find it helpful for all your turkey pun, joke and captioning needs! Let us know in the comments if you have any more we should add to the list.

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