12 Funny Groomsmen Gifts (That Aren’t Too Cheesy!)

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Looking to spoil your groomsmen ahead of your wedding?

Sometimes, the bond between bros is based on jokes and mutual mockery, rather than sentimentality. And if that’s the case for you and your groomsmen – don’t worry!

Not all groomsmen gifts need to be sappy, which is why we’ve collected an epic list of funny groomsmen gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit. As a bonus, many of them are actually practical and have use past your big day.

So, keep scrolling for a list of the best (hilarious) groomsmen gifts that we’re sure your groomsmen will love.

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These Epic Customized Face Bottle Openers

Photo via Uniquebobbleheads on Etsy

There's nothing better than cracking open a beer among bros... except maybe using your bros' faces to crack open said beers? These funny groomsmen gifts are sure to be a hit.

These Hilarious Customizable Face Flasks

Photo via FancyFannyShop on Etsy

Let's face the facts - you won't be able to make it on your big day without your best friends on your side, so mark the occasion with these epic face flasks that they'll be able to use forever!

This Badass Customizable Growler

If your groomsmen like craft beer, this customizable growler would make THE best gift. BONUS: Turn this into a funny groomsman gift by getting an embarrassing nickname/inside joke engraved on it.

Photo via Uncommon Goods
This Funny Tuxedo Groomsmen Set

A fancy glow-up for you, the boys & their beers... all with one convenient bundle! If you want to get all your shopping done for groomsmen gifts in one go, this package is a must.

08/14/2022 05:31 am GMT
These Hilarious "F*ck" My Liver Flasks

Straight and to the point - just as the perfect funny groomsmen gift should be! This bad boy is guaranteed to get plenty of use throughout Bachelor party shenanigans and (probably) for years after.

08/14/2022 05:01 am GMT
These Awesome 'Circle Game' Socks

If you grew up playing the Circle Game, you'll know just how satisfying it will be when your groomsmen open up these gifts to find they've lost.

08/14/2022 12:16 am GMT
These Customized Groomsmen Bobbleheads

Photo via GoMiniMe on Etsy

Honor your favorite superheroes (your buddies of course) with these awesome customized groomsmen bobbleheads that will take a proud place on any mantle.

These Funny Groomsmen Cards for the Wedding

Okay, honestly, these helpful cards are more practical than they are funny, but we're sure your groomsmen will appreciate them for the big day!

08/14/2022 12:13 am GMT
These Fun Golf Ball Shot Glasses

If golf is an activity that you and your groomsmen bond over, then these awesome golf ball shot glasses are a no-brainer gift to get them! Not only are they fun, they'll have practical use for years.

08/14/2022 12:13 am GMT
These Awesome Groomsmen Proposal Cards

If you and your groomsmen have a chill and laidback bond, they'll appreciate this funny Groomsman "proposal" card for sure.

08/14/2022 12:13 am GMT
These Awesome Stones That Re-Foam Beer

These beer stones will make your groomsmen laugh... from sheer joy! Like magic, these stones re-fizz and re-foam your beer so it tastes good as new.

Photo via Uncommon Goods
This Amazing Groomsmen Custom Caricature

Photo via ZKPortraitsWorkshop on Etsy

For an unforgettable (and hilarious) groomsmen gift, consider getting a custom caricature made to commemorate your special day. Guaranteed this would get way more love than a regular photo!

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