30+ Personalized Star Wars Gifts: Custom Star Wars Gifts (For Every Budget!)

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You know how the saying goes – it ain’t yours until your name is emblazoned on it proudly.

Okay, maybe there’s no such saying. But STILL – what’s better than a regular Star Wars gift? A personalized Star Wars gift, duh!

So, whether you’re thinking of gifting an extra special custom gift for a loved one or yourself,we’ve compiled a few of our favorite personalized Star Wars gifts in the galaxy – everything from embroidered to engraved to unique gifts that all display your name in a pretty font. They’re the perfect stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, OR birthday gifts!

Best of all, these personalized gifts come in a range of prices. Whether your budget is $10 or $50, we’ve listed something crafty for everyone to love. Enjoy!

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Personalized Star Wars Gifts Under $10

From personalized Star Wars ornaments to unique Star Wars merchandise for anyone’s Christmas stocking, we’ve got all the best and most affordable gifts below. You can even bundle a few of these together to make the perfect gift for someone in the family!

1. These Star Wars Glass Mugs

KickAssGifts runs a shop that says it all in just their name – they design pretty darn cool gifts for just about any Jedi! These 16 oz. glass tumbler mugs are personalized with your recipient’s name, and are even dishwasher safe.

With an array of designs to choose from (everything from characters to X-wings), this affordable gift is bound to please a Youngling or Jedi Knight in any capacity.

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Star Wars personalized mugs
Photo via KickAssGifts on Etsy

2. These Engraved Wooden Notebooks

The Wright Memories designs beautiful, classic engraved wooden cover notebooks with designs ranging from Rebel Alliance to anything Mando-related. You can even state the type of wood you’d like (maple, cherry, walnut, or “seller’s choice,” which is the the type of wood most in stock – at a discounted price!).

These vertical-lined spiral notebooks are the perfect gifts for anyone who loves journaling and staying organized while still proudly showing their devotion to the Star Wars fandom. Names and messages can be engraved in the bottom right corner (or another spot of your choice).

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Personalized wood notebooks
Photo via The Wright Memories on Etsy

3. These Galaxy-esque Hexagonal Coasters

Maison Creation Shop designs these high-quality wooden hexagonal coasters that feature various Star Wars characters. You can purchase anywhere from 1-6 coasters, all of which have the option of a personalized message.

Each coaster is hand-finished and coated with protective varnish that shields against spills and stains – talk about being strong with the Force! These are a perfect fit for adding some subtle geeky flair to one’s living space.

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Star Wars hexagonal coasters
Photo via Maison Creation Shop on Etsy

4. This Acrylic Baby Yoda Ornament

CS Creations by Carol designs these classy, clear acrylic ornaments that are irresistibly cute (duh, who can resist anything with Baby Yoda?). You can choose between red or black plaid as the ribbon, and your recipient’s name is written out in high-quality adhesive vinyl.

After all, don’t we all need a little bit of Mando goodness on our Christmas trees this year? This gift is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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Can’t get enough of Baby Yoda and Mando? Check out our themed gift guide here!

Acrylic Christmas ornament
Photo via CS Creations by Carol on Etsy

5. This Rebel/Imperial Keychain

Showcase your allegiance to a particular side with this clean-cut keychain from Erista Crafts. Along with the personalization, you can also choose the logo color and symbol (Resistance or Imperial).

Keychains always make nifty gifts that can be hung almost anywhere with pride (even on your dashboard mirror, next to Han’s dice, because why not?). This is also an ideal stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift!

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Star Wars keychain
Photo via Erista Crafts on Etsy

6. These Personalized Wooden Ornaments

JakeLayFlurrie designs these detailed wooden ornaments that proudly carve out your recipient’s name on the bottom. They’re highly affordable, so it’s easy to purchase a set of one or four for a family (and just determine which family member is designated for which character).

These are also great for sticking on the bow of someone’s gift as that final (geeky) touch!

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Personalized wooden ornament
Photo via Jake Lay Flurrie on Etsy

Personalized Star Wars Gifts Under $20

Here are some of the best personalized Star Wars gifts for under $20 (still not breaking the bank!) that are high-quality and will actually be useful and cherished by any geek. From personalized jewelry to laser-engraved cutlery (and yes, you need it all), we’ve got you covered.

7. This Personalized Aurebesh Necklace

The Pixie Dusted Mouse designs gorgeous fandom creations such as this personalized Aurebesh necklace. Just indicate which name or word you’d like engraved, and the shop translates it into Aurebesh. Talk about the BEST gift for a true geek!

The necklace is made out of aluminum and is available in either small or large (with adjustable chain lengths for both) and comes in gold or silver. If anyone is truly strong with the Force, they’ll love this gift!

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Aurebesh necklace
Photo via The Pixie Dusted Mouse on Etsy

8. This Jedi Couple Ornament

Owl Top That makes this sophisticated, silhouetted ornament of a Jedi couple – and it’s made even more special with their names (and year) on the bottom.

The ornament is laser-engraved from thick birch wood and serves as the coolest gift in the galaxy for anyone who wants to showcase their love on a Christmas tree. What better way is there to seal one’s love than with a personalized Jedi ornament, right?

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Star Wars cake topper
Photo via Owl Top That on Etsy

9. This Adorable BB-8 Ornament

For those who can’t get enough of BB-8 (myself included!), Gingerbread Dreams 4U makes this adorable ornament that can be hung anywhere on your tree with care.

You can personalize the ornament on the back with your recipient’s name as well as the year, so they’ll commemorate the gift forever. No happy beeps included, but this ornament is cute enough to not require sounds!

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BB-8 ornament
Photo via Gingerbread Dreams 4U on Etsy

10. This Laser-Engraved Spoon

Sammy Me Gifts makes this beautiful laser-engraved spoon in a variety of different customizations and characters (ranging from Chewie to Vader and original phrases, or one’s name). You can even choose the metal color of the spoon!

Additionally, you can personalize it even further with writing on the handle (i.e. “John’s Special Spoon”). All spoons are made out of high-quality stainless steel, and the engraving is timeless.

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Laser engraved spoon
Photo via Sammy Me Gifts on Etsy

Or, if you want to go the more traditional punny “May the fork be with you” route, gift someone this laser-engraved fork set, also from Sammy Me Gifts:

Custom forks
Photo via Sammy Me Gifts on Etsy

11. This Pop-Up Box Card

Mel Crafts Treasures makes these unique birthday pop-up box cards with full personalization. The design features multiple Star Wars characters as well as the iconic Death Star, with as Stormtrooper on the outside of the box.

This is one card that definitely won’t get tossed in the bin! It’ll be the perfect keepsake, and it flattens out nicely if anyone ever needs to move.

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Pop-up card
Photo via Mel Craft Treasures on Etsy

12. This LED Stormtrooper Night Light

Illuminated Edge makes awesome personalized LED Stormtrooper night lights that are bound to impress any little dude. The font even looks like it was taken straight from the Imperial base!

The light projects and changes to seven different colors, and there’s also a fading color mode. This is one heck of a futuristic night light!

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Personalized night light
Photo via Illuminated Edge on Etsy

13. These Customized Baby Yoda Holiday Socks

If you know anyone who adores Baby Yoda, these customized Baby Yoda socks from Ekbgiftstore are perfect to stuff in their stocking.

Socks are unisex and made from high-quality polyester, assuring ultra comfort and soft feel. Baby Yoda even holds a little gift in his hands – how could you ever say no to that face?

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Baby Yoda socks
Photo via Ekbgiftstore on Etsy

14. This Personalized Mandalorian Pillowcase

Decor Home Fabric designs personalized Mandalorian pillowcases (with Baby Yoda peeping in as well) made out of microfiber and/or cotton. The pillowcases come in six different sizes and are great for when a Youngling has a sleepover at someone’s house and wants to identify his pillowcase (I mean, they’ll always have the coolest pillow with this gift).

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Star Wars personalized Mandalorian pillowcase
Photo via Decor Home Fabric on Etsy

15. This Stormtrooper Mug

Js Craft Dallas makes personalized Stormtrooper ceramic mugs for that person who always has a cup of Joe with them at all times of the day. The recipient’s name will be displayed in large lettering on the handle, so no one will EVER forget which mug is which.

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Stormtrooper mug
Photo via Js Crafts Dallas on Etsy

16. This Glitter Leia Tumbler

Feeling the Craftyness makes these gorgeous personalized tumblers (name is featured in large Star Wars font on the opposite side) with glitter and an adorable Princess Leia decal. The customized Contigo tumbler is available in two sizes (22 and 24 oz.) and makes the perfect gift for a little princess who loves glitter.

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Glitter Leia tumbler
Photo via Feeling the Craftyness on Etsy

17. This Personalized Memo Pad with Quotes

Geekery by ICCT makes these beautiful Rebel Alliance personalized memo pads that come in three dimensions and are customizable by 50-100 pages.

Choose from a listing of six different Star Wars quotes (or give your own), and customize the top of the memo pad to read someone’s name or “Jenna’s Plans (or Notes),” as shown. You also choose the color for the name and logo.

The lightsaber pencil is not included, but you can always add on a beautiful lightsaber pen from 3D Cauldron here.

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Memo pad
Photo by Geekery by ICCT on Etsy

Personalized Star Wars Gifts under $30

From a personalized Star Wars docking station to a custom lightsaber blanket, here are a few custom Star Wars gift ideas under $30 that might tickle your recipient’s fancy.

18. This Personalized Docking Station

Tonya Woodworks designs personalized docking stations that make a beautiful gift for the organized guy (or gal!) in your life.

All docking stations come in either dark or natural alder wood, and your recipient’s name is engraved on a brass plaque (along with a logo, image, initials, or anything else you wish). This makes an excellent gift to organize one’s phone (it even hides the charging cord!), watch, keys, sunglasses, and general knick-knacks.

Who knew that a space organizer could be so functional AND geeky-cool?

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Personalized docking station
Photo via TonyaWoodworks on Etsy

19. This Custom Lightsaber Blanket

PersonalizedCornerUS makes personalized fleece and sherpa blankets in a variety of sizes… with the coolest lightsaber design. Regardless of the side your recipient is devoted to, this ultra-soft blanket is bound to be a priceless gift that is great for those Star Wars and Mando marathons.

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Lightsaber blanket
Photo via Personalized Corner US on Etsy

Custom Star Wars Gifts Under $40

With a higher budget in mind, here are some of our picks for the coolest personalized Star Wars themed gifts that will make any fan feel like royalty. We hope this list inspires you – we’ve listed everything from personalized name signs to geekified pet portraits!

20. This Mandalorian Whiskey Gift Set

This gorgeous personalized whiskey gift set is the perfect gift for any dude who wants to be a high-class drinker when watching the next Mando episodes. It comes in light and dark oak, and the whiskey glass as WELL as the gift box is personalized with your recipient’s name.

There are even several fonts to choose from, and the set includes three whiskey stones and a Mando-clad leather coaster. You can choose whether to personalize it with your recipient’s name or initials.

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Mandalorian whiskey gift set
Photo via Best Wedding Decor on Etsy

The shop also designs this gift set with several other characters, including Vader (pictured below). Click here to check prices of this set:

Darth Vader whiskey set
Photo via BestWeddingDecor on Etsy

21. This X-Wing Family Name Sign

Is someone you know (or an entire family) an expert at flying X-Wings? If so, this wooden name sign by Silver Wordz is an ideal gift that showcases allegiance to the Rebellion.

You can either personalize this with one’s first name or family name, and it comes in a variety of different finishes (from obsidian to gold!). This will go great in any household (not to mention it serves as a great background accessory for all those Zoom calls).

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Star Wars name sign
Photo via Silver Wordz on Etsy

22. This Leia Pet Portrait

Doggovinci makes these doggone cute Leia portraits with your pooch’s face. How could you possibly resist giving your pet a special place on the wall (and in Star Wars fashion, no less)? The portrait comes in four different sizes.

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Dog leia poster
Photo via Doggovinci on Etsy

23. These Jedi Hooded Towels

Melissas Stitches personalizes these ultra-cool Jedi hooded towels, so your little ones will NEVER argue about bath time ever again. You can choose from brown, beige, white, or black.

The color of the thread and font is fully customizable, and the front of the towel is held together by a button. These are fully realistic and much more useful (and affordable) than an actual Jedi robe!

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Jedi hooded towel
Photo via Melissas Stitches on Etsy

Personalized Star Wars Gifts under $50

Looking for fancier customizable Star Wars gifts under $50? Check out some of these gifts below that include personalization, customization, and involve a variety of creativity to showcase your love and appreciation for someone.

24. This LEGO Mini Figure Shadowbox

Blocks in a Box makes these personalized LEGO mini figure shadowboxes with character descriptives. It’s great for any occasion (not just the holidays), and can be customized to your specific requirements.

The frame comes in oak or white and features a glossy Star Wars comic background. It’s a must-have gift for the most special Jedi in the galaxy!

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Star Wars shadowbox
Photo via Blocks in a Box on Etsy

25. This Stormtrooper Stein

Mad Mugs Co designs this awesome Stormtrooper stein that can be personalized with an engraved saying (as pictured) or one’s name. The beer-opener ring (as shown below) is an optional add-on for this set.

High-quality glass is used for the stein, and the personalized label is made of copper. The stein holds 22 oz. worth of beer, so your recipient will always be refreshed in prime geek fashion. Additionally, designs can be customizable at no extra charge (i.e. with initials or a corporate logo rather than the Stormtrooper).

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If you’re shopping for a beer aficionado, check out this article on the best gifts for beer lovers!

Stormtrooper stein
Photo via Mad Mugs Co on Etsy

Epic Custom Star Wars Gifts Under $100

If you’ve got plenty of cash to spare and a huge heart, we have a few very special gifts for the Jedi Master and Sith Lord who you’re looking to truly “wow” this Christmas. Whether your recipient loves puns, portraits, or shadowboxes (or all of the the above), these are sure to delight them.

26. This Engraved, Punny Grill Set

Alastair Gray Gift Co makes this gift punny AND Force strong– so, naturally, we can’t recommend this gift enough. This brilliant 3-piece grill set can be engraved with Star Wars puns or personalized with anything you wish.

If you choose the Star Wars messages, the following will be engraved on the tools: May the Fork Be With You; A Tong Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away; and Jedi Burger Flip. Any man in your family is bound to love these if he’s a Star Wars fan!

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Star Wars grill set
Photo via Alastair Gray Gift Co on Etsy

27. This Customized Star Wars Cartoon Family Portrait

Tuesday Memories makes adorable cartoon portraits of families – Star Wars style! It’s the cutest way to turn any geeky family into actual characters (and creatures, like Baby Yoda!) from the galaxy.

Artwork is available in a variety of sizes, in both digital print and canvas options (personally, we love the canvas – nothing is more personal of a gift than something a loved one can hang on the wall proudly). Plus, the artist gives you the opportunity to make revisions before the final product is sent – now that’s customer service that even Vader would approve of!

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Star Wars family portrait
Photo via Tuesday Memories on Etsy

Also, check out this amazing option with more detail in the background:

Family portrait
Photo via Tuesday Memories on Etsy

For a similar type of portrait, but from a back view, check out this custom illustration from AMA Designs Studio LLC.

Family backside portrait
Photo via AMA Designs Studio LLC on Etsy

28. This Gorgeous Paper Art Shadowbox

Paint and Paper Craft designs adorable paper art in shadowboxes with full personalization of a couple’s name. This gift is meant specifically for the holidays and showcases Han and Leia’s outfits in a true display of love.

Each of these art pieces is handcrafted with love out of origami paper and cardstock.

Click here to check prices and reviews

Star Wars paper craft
Photo via Paint and Paper Craft on Etsy

29. This Star Wars Font Block Letter Decor

3D Pilot makes the most epic gift in the galaxy – nameplate/block letter decor for your office or room! Your recipient will feel like they’re getting the full Star Wars treatment with this gift, especially with the almost exact carbon-copy of the renowned font.

The decor is 3D printed and made specifically for the Jedi Master or Sith Lord in mind.

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Personalized Star Wars nameplate
Photo via 3D Pilot on Etsy

30. This Engraved Leather Mandalorian Journal

Forget Moleskine, it’s all about this beautiful engraved leather journal from Something For Keeps AU, complete with a Mandalorian design. You can choose if you want 1-4 different spots of engraving and personalization, and you even have a choice with the material of the paper inside (squared, lined, blank, or dotted).

This is one of the most beautiful gifts for any Mando fan, especially if they’re frequent journalers.

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Mandalorian leather journal
Photo via Something For Keeps AU on Etsy

We Hope You Enjoyed our list of the best personalized star wars gifts!

Let us know in the comments if you make any personalized Star Wars gifts that you’d like for us to include in this article! After all, don’t we all LOVE it when things are clearly marked as our own (forever)?

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